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    This Song From "SNL" About Stanley Tucci Will Have You Saying, "Tucci Gang" Nonstop

    Tucci gang Tucci gang Tucci gang.

    Stanley Tucci. YOU KNOW HIM. He is in everything! Edit: he is the BEST in everything.

    Rachel Murray / Getty Images

    Hello, Devil Wears Prada!

    20th Century Fox

    Hello, Easy A!

    Screen Gems

    Hello, Oscar-nominated performance in Lovely Bones that scared the shit out of me!


    So basically, Stanley is the best. And to celebrate that, Saturday Night Live made a whole song and music video about the Tooch.

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    Set to the tune of "Gucci Gang," it stars Pete Davidson as Lil' Pump and Sam Rockwell as Stanley.

    As Pete/Lil' Pump says, "The Devil Wears Prada was sick / If you don't like Stan you're a dick / He adds value to your flick."

    NBC / Via

    V v v true.

    Honestly, I vote we create a holiday in the Tooch's honor.

    NBC / Via

    Stanley forever.

    NBC / Via

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