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January 9, 2018

Ricardo Anaya llevó a su hijo a la escuela y México se conmocionó por su hazaña

Bueno, quizás no todo México. Nunca faltan los envidiosos.

The Trump Administration Agreed To Pay More Than $3 Million In Legal Fees To Settle Contraception Mandate Lawsuits

Jones Day, a Trump-connected law firm that represented dozens of groups that sued the Obama administration over the contraception mandate, originally asked for $29 million in fees, according to an administration official.

Let's Fight About Whether It's OK To Dip These Foods In Chocolate

Warning: Chocolate-covered pickles ahead.

Rose McGowan Does Not Believe The System Can Change From Within

On Time's Up, McGowan told reporters on Tuesday, "I know the people that are behind this. ... No, I do not forgive."

Straight Women: We Want To Hear Your Same Sex Hookup Stories

We want to hear from straight (and straight-ish) women who have hooked up with other women.

Hold On To Your Butts, Switzerland: Donald Trump Is Heading To Davos

The World Economic Forum in Davos is hoping the US president can provide its wealthy and/or powerful attendees "a direct perspective on US political and economic priorities."

25 Songs From 2008 That’ll Make You Say “How The Fuck Were These All Released In The Same Year?!?!”

I don't care how much you hate Taylor Swift, "Love Story" will ALWAYS be a banger.

It Snowed In The Sahara And The Photos Are Breathtaking

This is the third time in 40 years the Sahara has seen snow.

Trump Wobbles On Central Campaign Themes, Riling His Far-Right Base

In a meeting with members of Congress from both parties, the president suggested he was, among other things, open to “comprehensive immigration reform.”

Blackface: un conductor de TV se pintó de negro para ser el Rey Mago Baltasar y la gente no lo ve racista

La población afrodescendiente ha sido ignorada históricamente en México. El racismo puede no ser intencional, pero en un país desigual, el entretenimiento no es inocente.

Ashley Graham Opened Up About Being Sexual Harassed At The Start Of Her Modeling Career

"He lured me into this hallway, pushed me into a closet, and he exposed himself."

Steve Bannon Is Out At Breitbart

Under pressure, the president's former chief strategist is leaving the site he once called his “killing machine."

Trump Accidentally Agreed To Support A "Clean DACA Bill" Before Republicans Stopped Him

Conservatives in the room shouted "no" and tried to explain to Trump what he had just agreed to.

Trump Says He Can Beat Oprah In 2020

Oprah Winfrey's Golden Globes speech set off speculation that she could run for president in 2020.



19 Life-Changing Sex Toys You Can Get On Sale Right Now

The best sale = a sex toy sale. (FYI, this is a post from 2018; check out our 2019 updated version of sex-toy sales here!)

Delator da Odebrecht detalha pedido de propina por chefe de estatal do governo tucano em SP

Caso envolve Paulo Vieira de Souza, o Paulo Preto, que chefiava a Dersa (estatal de obras) durante o governo José Serra (PSDB). Suspeito diz que delator mente.

Items Around $35 (And Under) To Keep Your Kitchen Clean In 2018

A place for everything and everything in its place.

Is Nicki Minaj Doing An Ad For Mattresses Here?

After BuzzFeed News asked if this was an ad, Minaj deleted the caption on her Instagram.

Você teria sobrevivido à puberdade sendo uma mulher nascida no século 19?

Menstruação, histeria, masturbação — a adolescência no século 19 tinha tudo isso.

23 erros comuns que as pessoas cometem quando começam a sair com alguém

Falamos com três terapeutas para dicas de como reconhecer e parar com esses erros.

Taraji P. Henson Gets Real About Hollywood's Treatment Of Women Over 40

"We see men of all ages always get these heroic roles."

Arma un outfit de Cuidado con el Perro y te diremos cuándo y dónde vas a encontrar el amor

¿En la escuela, en una fiesta aburridísima o en la fila de las tortillas? :O

Kassab pediu propina para cooptar 50 deputados para o PSD, disse delator

Kassab disse que precisava comprar cinco dezenas de deputados para ser "respeitado pelo governo federal", afirmou ex-presidente da Construtora Norberto Odebrecht.

Are You An Elf, An Orc, Or A Human?

Who would you be in the Bright universe?

Dossier Author Alleged The FBI Had A Corroborating Source Within Trump’s Orbit, Fusion Head Told Senate Investigators

Sen. Dianne Feinstein, the top Democrat on the Judiciary Committee, released a lengthy transcript of committee investigators' August interview with the founder of Fusion GPS, which commissioned the dossier, on Tuesday.

El Gobierno federal entregó apoyos ganaderos por $2 millones a un operador del PRI que está encarcelado

Alejandro Gutiérrez Gutiérrez fue arrestado por presuntamente operar desvíos de dinero público en Chihuahua.

Qual morte bizarra você teria em "Black Mirror"?

Um teste que faz jus à série.

17 Cosas que aprendí en mi segundo trimestre de embarazo

Y yo que pensaba que esto se iba a poner cada vez más fácil.

Vi "Friends" de novo e percebi que o namoro da Monica e do Richard era bem nada a ver

Não vamos esquecer que Richard conheceu a Monica QUANDO ELA ERA UM BEBÊ.

Aquí te decimos dónde puedes ver las series nominadas en esta temporada de premios

¿No sabes dónde ver This Is Us, Big Little Lies o The Handmaid’s Tale?

19 Ways To Make 2018 Infinitely Better Than 2017

Please join me in resolving to make 2018 actually great.

Activists Who Attended The Golden Globes Say Women In Hollywood “Are Trying To Learn From Us"

"This isn't a moment," said the cofounder of the National Farmworker Women's Alliance. "This is a movement.”

Trump Said He Would Beat Oprah If She Runs For President And People Have Thoughts

"I don't want either of them in the Whitehouse, but c'mon!"

15 coadjuvantes que são muito melhores que os protagonistas

Esperando ansiosamente por uma série só com o Barney de "How I Met Your Mother".

Quantas séries você já viu na Netflix?

O seu programa perfeito é Netflix, um lanche e a sua cama?

Another Defendant In A Guevara Case Is Vindicated After Two Decades

Thomas Sierra, one of more than 50 defendants who say retired Chicago detective Reynaldo Guevara framed them for murders they did not commit, spent 22 years behind bars.

A Teacher Was Handcuffed After Questioning The Superintendent’s Pay Raise At A School Board Meeting

Video showed Deyshia Hargrave being handcuffed and escorted out of a meeting where she said the superintendent's pay raise was a "slap in the face to all the teachers."

The White House Won't Say If Trump Plans To Renominate Two Of His Contested Federal Court Nominees

Two of Trump's expired judicial nominees from last year haven't been renominated. One of them told BuzzFeed News that it was his understanding the White House would prioritize other nominees for now.

29 coisas que as pessoas querem que você saiba sobre suas estrias

"Elas se parecem com relâmpagos; uma prova de como sou iluminada."

The Feds Are Still Unsure Why 24 Cuban Diplomats Suddenly Came Down With Concussions

Medical tests showing concussion-like symptoms, ranging from recurring headaches to lost hearing and balance, “suggest this is not an episode of mass hysteria,” a State Department official said.

Marie-Ève Malouines candidate à sa succession à la tête de LCP

Info BuzzFeed News - Alors que la décision de réintégrer le journaliste Frédéric Haziza suscite de nombreuses réactions en interne, la patronne de LCP a envoyé un mail lundi à ses salariés pour annoncer qu'elle souhaitait de nouveau briguer la présidence de la chaîne.

Trump Says He Can Beat Oprah In A Presidential Race

Oprah's Golden Globes speech set off speculation that she could run for president in 2020.

16 Weird Things You Won't Believe People Used To Believe, Believe Me

Witches used to steal men's penises and keep them as pets, apparently.

This Quiz Will Tell You Where You Need To Go On Holiday

We're all sick of winter now and need some sunshine.

Frat Members Convicted Over Hazing Death

Four fraternity members pleaded guilty to felony charges of being accomplices to voluntary manslaughter and were sentenced Monday afternoon at a range from time served to up to two years in prison.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on velvet dining chairs, foot massagers, adult coloring books, and more!

People Are Pushing Back After Instagram Started Showing Random Posts In Their Feeds

Have you noticed posts from accounts you don't follow in your feed? Here is why it's happening.

Tessa Thompson Walked Back Her Criticism Of Lena Dunham And People Aren't Happy

"The one who eternally lacks finesse is Lena," one person responded. "We know the jig."

15 Cosas que pasaron en 'Shrek' que definitivamente no eran para niños

Como cuando Lord Farquaad hace una tapete con la Mamá Oso de Ricitos de Oro.

8 notícias que provam que o Brasil é o país da contradição

Aqui o diretor do Detran tem 120 pontos na carteira e a ministra do trabalho dívidas trabalhistas.

Here’s How This College Student Escaped After She Was Allegedly Kidnapped And Raped

Jaila Gladden somehow convinced her kidnapper to hand over her phone.

Muitos casais LGBTQ da Austrália finalmente puderam se casar esta semana

Congresso aprovou lei no ano passado, após uma consulta popular em que 61% da população votou a favor.

You Can Only Eat Bread If You Pass This Spelling Test

Play close attention to these carbs.

Former Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio Says He's Running For Senate

The controversial former sheriff, who received a presidential pardon last year, says he's running "to support the agenda and policies of President Donald Trump in his mission to Make America Great Again."

17 Server Horror Stories That'll Make You Cringe So Hard

"One time a guy ordered hot chocolate and I asked 'still or sparkling?'"

14 fantastische Aufnahmen der Erde aus dem Weltraum, die du so noch nie gesehen hast

Wetten, du hast nicht gewusst, wie die Erde vom Saturn aus aussieht?

18 Pop Artists You'll Stan In 2018 (If You Don't Already)

Here are your standidates for 2018 in no particular order.

17 Reasons Shower People Are Right And Bath People Are Wrong

No matter how many bath bombs you throw in a vat of lukewarm water, you're still sitting in a stew of your own dirt.

Así se masturbaron los mexicanos en 2017

Cada visita a Pornhub que realiza un mexicano dura un promedio de 9 minutos y 38 segundos.

Councils That Ban Rough Sleeping Say Guidance Not To Target Homeless People Doesn't Apply To Them

Exclusive: New Home Office guidance says councils should not use civil powers to target homeless people, but every council BuzzFeed News spoke to with public spaces protection orders explicitly banning rough sleeping said the update does not apply to them.

Le magazine «Causette» à nouveau condamné pour harcèlement moral

Au total, quatre anciens employés ont entamé des procédures contre la société éditrice du magazine.

“America’s Next Top Model” Is A Prisoner Of Its Own Premise

The reality TV show is positioning itself as a leading force in changing social norms, but it's still rooted in a toxic industry that promotes the exact opposite.

Rapist John Worboys Should Be Banned From Greater London, An MP Has Said

Former minister Anna Soubry said his many victims were "very frightened of this man".

Answer 12 "Yes Or No" Questions And We'll Guess If You're An Only Child

I'm an only child, but my brothers and sister don't see it that way.

Student Representatives Really Don't Like The Office For Students But There's A Call For The NUS To Be On It

MPs are banging the drum for the NUS president to sit on the board of the Office for Students, but she and other student representatives have expressed misgivings about the regulator.

How Well Do You Know "Glee"?

It's your favorite show!

21 Tweets For Anyone That Has A Sister

"Mood: picking up my drunk sister from a party and her seeing that i was wearing her pajama pants which caused her to hysterically cry and tell me how much she loves me."

11 Actually Helpful Tips For Sticking To A New Habit

Listen, there’s no magic strategy that will solve all your problems, but these things might help.

Here's What People Are Buying On Amazon Right Now

Movers and Shakers is a list of products on Amazon that are currently rising in the ranking. This week: an eco-friendly makeup brush cleaner, a set of Rick and Morty stickers, a unicorn tape dispenser, and more!

From Gunshots To Alleged Rapes, A Toxic Legacy Of Police Relations On A Wisconsin Reservation

I went to Wisconsin’s Bad River Reservation to find out why 14-year-old Jason Pero was shot dead by a sheriff’s deputy. But tribal members didn’t only want to talk about the shooting: “You’ve heard about the women, right?”

The Weeknd Says He Won't Work With H&M After It Used A Black Child To Model A Jumper With “Monkey” Written On It

H&M told BuzzFeed News: "We completely understand and agree with his reaction to the image."

19 Tweets That Become Truer The More You Read Them

"home is where u can look ugly & enjoy it"

30 Dinge, von denen du dachtest, dass nur du sie machst

Du zählst beim Treppensteigen die Stufen.

The New Culture Secretary Says The BBC Could Cut Male Reporters' Pay To Achieve Gender Equality

The cabinet minister called for "much more action" from the BBC to address the "crisis" laid out in Carrie Gracie's resignation letter.

17 Pictures That Will Be Impossible Not To Smile At

Let's all collectively say "awwwwwww."

Faites ce test pour découvrir avec quel Vincent célèbre vous allez faire votre vie

Il y a un Vincent qui sommeille dans le cœur de chacun de nous.

Aqui estão 8 dicas para as mulheres se sentirem mais seguras usando o celular

"Quanto menos informação você oferecer, mais segura vai se sentir".

17 Pop Culture Moments That Turn 20 Years Old In 2018, But Are Still Frikkin' Iconic

The debut of CID, Sachin's Desert Storm, "Kallu Mama"... Ae khatam nahi hua, *******!

European Diplomats Say The G20 Will Gloss Over Climate Change Because Argentina Doesn't Want To Upset Trump

European officials tell BuzzFeed News they fear Argentina, host of the next G20 meeting, would have the group sidestep difficult issues on climate change and trade to appease the US.

Justiça brasileira nega pedido de Neymar e Espanha poderá usar investigação sobre Barcelona e Santos

No apagar das luzes de 2017, a Justiça de São Paulo negou pedido do jogador para barrar o envio de documentos para a Espanha sobre a negociação entre os dois times.

28 Things That Will Finally Get You To Be Productive In 2018

Stop procrastinating and start getting shit done! 💪

This Couple's Pre-Wedding Photo Shoot Is Them Hogging Food Because That's The Ideal Marriage

After all, isn't marriage just choosing a person to eat with forever?

Bolsonaro quer criar um falso verniz de liberalismo, diz presidente do Livres

"Mas, quando você cava um pouquinho, vê o nacional-desenvolvimentismo da ditadura", diz Paulo Gontijo, representante do grupo que saiu do PSL após a entrada do deputado presidenciável.

36 Sweaters That'll Make Your Winter Wardrobe More Interesting




North Korea Is Going To The Winter Olympics. Here's Why That Matters.

The decision is a tentative signal of lowering tensions after months of nuclear and ballistic missile tests that have provoked sanctions and condemnation from the international community.

This Michaela Coel Scene From "Black Mirror" Has Become A Meme And People Are Living For It

"BITCH OMFG I HAVE SUM TEA FOR YOU!!!" (No major spoilers.)

What's The Most Ridiculous Assumption You've Ever Heard About The Female Body?

Guys, you can't "hold in" your period like you can with pee.

18 personajes secundarios que, sinceramente, son mucho mejor que los principales

Lo único que queremos es una serie web de el blog sobre leyes de Bob Loblaw.

39 Products That A Unicorn Probably Puked Up

BLEEUUURGHH *sparkle* *sparkle*

18 Geheimnisse, die dir niemand über das Zusammenziehen mit deinem Schatz verrät

Manchmal ist es unerträglich. Aber manchmal ist es auch das beste.

19 Facts About The People Of "MTV Roadies" That You've Always Sorta Secretly Wanted To Know

IRL sperm donations — check. AAP members — check. Leak of compromising MMS — check.

12 Eierkoch-Tricks, die ich in der Kochschule gelernt habe

Eiertag: Der am meisten gefürchtete Tag in der Kochschule.


"スマートロック”はこんなに便利! スマホで玄関の鍵を自動ロックすることができる。普段持ち歩いているスマートフォンでドアロックができるようになると、閉め忘れても大丈夫。携帯が鍵になるってこんなに最高なのか!

18 ehrliche Geständnisse eines Kreuzfahrtschiff-Angestellten

Leute, wir haben's kapiert, ihr seid krank, aber bitte hört auf, in die Flure zu kacken.

【ランキング】Tasty Japan 12月に最も見られた動画は…


17 fotos desternillantes que harán que cualquier amante del maquillaje que tenga perro diga "Yep, exacto"

"Así que vas a tener que coger tu pata y tocar ligeramente la base de sombras así..."

Edward Snowden Tweeted Support For A Journalist Who Exposed A Breach In India's Controversial Biometric Program

The US NSA whistleblower said the Indian government agency responsible for the country's controversial Aadhaar program should be held responsible for putting the privacy of more than a billion Indians at risk.

Here Are The Nominations For The 2018 British Academy Film Awards

The Shape of Water leads the nominations, with 12. Darkest Hour and Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri are next with nine nominations each. Joanna Lumley will host the awards.

Toby Young Has Quit The Universities Regulator And Opposition MPs Want Answers

The right-wing journalist announced his resignation from the new role just over a week after being appointed, following news that he had deleted tens of thousands of tweets.

Dieses Dokument zeigt: Das BKA hilft beim Aufbau einer Datenbank zur Gesichtserkennung

Interpol wird eine Datenbank zur Gesichtserkennung aufbauen. Ob sich auch Deutschland daran beteiligt, war bislang offen. Nun ist klar: das BKA macht mit.

21 Things You May Or May Not Know About Blake Lively And Ryan Reynolds' Relationship

They're a private couple, but we do know a few things!

Alabama Defeats Georgia In Overtime To Win National Championship

A dramatic comeback led by a backup quarterback gave the Crimson Tide their fifth title in nine years.

SpaceX May Have Lost A Super-Expensive And Classified US Spy Satellite

Elon Musk's company said its rocket had performed as expected — but would not confirm the mission to launch a classified government satellite had been a success.

18 Hidden Beaches In Sydney That'll Make You Feel Like You're On Your Own Private Island

Escape the chaos of the big beaches and explore these secret little hideaways.

こんなにある改姓の不便 夫婦別姓を選べるよう、国を提訴


Are These Men's Deodorants Or Action Movies?

Ah... fragile masculinity...

16 Razones por las que el conflicto del Gobierno de Chihuahua con el PRI te hará enojar

Al parecer, los priistas y el Gobierno federal están enojados con el gobernador porque destapó un caso de corrupción que llega hasta las altas esferas.

We'll Give You A Book To Read Based On The Disney Princess Outfit You Design

All of these books have Belle's stamp of approval!

Los partidos podrán entregar tarjetas a cambio de votos en estas elecciones. Aquí te explicamos por qué

El Tribunal Electoral consideró que no es ilegal mientras se registre como gasto de campaña.

How Well Do You Know These Famous Duos?

Friendship goals galore.

These Transgender Teenagers Are Excited To Have Their Own Float At Mardi Gras

"You get to really be proud of yourself for this one day of the year."

This Is What The World Was Like In 1998

It was the epic year that gave us Auto-Tune, Titanic-mania, Britney, and the comeback of Apple.

22 Things Literally Only People Who Wear Glasses Have To Deal With

Once you get a smudge on your lenses you may as well throw them out and start again.

¿Qué personaje de 'Una película de huevos' es igualito a ti?

¿Eres aliviando como Confi o desmadroso como Willy?

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