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This Was Jennifer Lawrence's Face When Emma Stone Decided Not To Go To Any Golden Globe Afterparties

These two and their hijinks!!

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As you may or may not know, America's two most relatable sweethearts are really good friends.

How friendly? Well, Jennifer Lawrence uploaded this video to her ~official~ Facebook page. Emma Stone is there but you don't see her because she's the voice behind the camera. Anyway, it begins with Emma asking Jennifer what happened that night.

She explains that she was going to go to Golden Globes afterparties with Emma.

But somewhere in between Oprah's speech and Natalie Portman's burn, Emma changed her mind and didn't want to go out anymore. Meanwhilst, Jennifer was in the midst of gettin' ready.

So then this happened.

Jennifer Lawrence literally sent her makeup team home with only one side of her face done, and now she's the villian in the next Batman movie.

JK, BUT I lol'd.

In the end, two-face Jennifer and Emma had a nice night in.

GOALS amirite?

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