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    Posted on Jan 9, 2018

    Shania Twain Just Roasted Meghan Trainor And I'm Honestly Jealous

    How can I get Shania to insult me?

    Shania Twain is up against Meghan Trainor on a new episode of Drop the Mic tonight, and by the looks of the preview, it's lookin' like Shania will cancel Meghan by the end of the show!

    I'm on @DropTheMicTBS tonight, tune in from 10/9c on TBS. @Meghan_Trainor, bring it on girl!

    In the teaser, Shania starts off holding NOTHING back...


    "I don't need to bow down to come out on top. Your lips are moving, well, I wish they'd stop!"

    Gets a little cute...


    "You call your fans Megatrons, and that's fine. I'm about to transform them into fans of mine."

    Then, the music Legend™ pulls out the receipts and absolutely CANCELS Meghan's entire (two-year) career:


    "I sold a hundred-million albums in my career but I'm super proud of you Meghan, you've had a couple fun years."

    But, honestly, I don't feel bad for Megs! I'm actually jealous! Like, this is actually unfair. DRAG ME IN THE COMMENT SECTION, SHANIA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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