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Here's An Explainer On Meghan Trainor And Chris Olsen's Relationship, In Case You're Also Curious Why They Post So Much Together

Chris joked in a recent TikTok, "Because I'm hired, as soon as we're done with our work, she stops speaking to me. She won't say a word. I'm actually not allowed to make eye contact once I clock out for the day."

You may have noticed that TikToker Chris Olsen and singer Meghan Trainor make a LOT of content together. Like, in the past week, 10 out of 12 of Chris's TikToks on his main account feature Meghan in some capacity. Hell, he's even credited as "icon and bestie" in the music video for Meghan's song "Mother."

So, how did this all come to be? What is the nature of their relationship? Why does this interest me, a simple moron scrolling slack-jawed through TikTok so much? All excellent questions, so let's dive in.

Chris Olsen and Meghan Trainor

Let's begin with the start. Chris and Meghan met for the first time in April 2022, when he appeared on Meghan's podcast. You may have been under the impression that they knew each other for longer, based on this TikTok where Chris said that they'd been "best friends since childhood."


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But, to be clear, the picture used was photoshopped. In August, Chris told Entertainment Tonight, "The first video we made together was pretending we were friends from childhood. We're not friends from childhood. We did fool the world doing that, but we will continue to say that we are because we think what a fun little joke that is." However, he said that their relationship was personal regardless, explaining, "We have really become so close. I love hanging out with her, she's one of my closest friends."

So, how did they actually cross paths? In November, when Chris and Meghan attended the AMAs together, he explained, "I posted her on my story one night, I was just in bed one night and said, 'Thinking about Meghan Trainor.' We started texting, and then I came over, and I did her podcast, and the rest is history."

Chris Olsen and Meghan Trainor

Meghan herself then added, "He did like eight TikToks in my face, and I was like, 'We should do this more, we would crush.' And now, we do TikToks all the time."

Chris Olsen and Meghan Trainor

But, a question still on your mind might be: Is Chris paid by Meghan? After all, he even poked fun at the speculation in a TikTok two days ago, joking, "Because I'm hired, as soon as we're done with our work, she stops speaking to me. She won't say a word. I'm actually not allowed to make eye contact once I clock out for the day."


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In fact, last June Meghan herself said, "We've officially hired Chris to help me with my TikToks. We paid him, like, please be on the team. He's on the payroll."


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That being said, Chris told E! two weeks ago, "We became friends before all of this, before there were any suspicions or before we ever started working with each other and stuff like that. It's all based on this real friendship that we have."

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"We did the podcast together, and then we made some TikToks, and then we were like, 'Should we continue doing this, making TikToks together?'" he continued. "And you know, she wanted us to kind of work together in that way rather than just have it be this one-time thing."

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That being said, Chris maintained that the two would be close even if they didn't have a working relationship. "I think regardless of if we ever had the conversation of working together, we still would be hanging out the way that we do," he added. "I truly love her. I've gone on vacation with her family now, and we're about to go on another vacation together. So, it's definitely much deeper than a working relationship."

Chris Olsen and Meghan Trainor

There we have it, I guess!