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    There's A New Trailer For "Black Panther" And, Honestly, It's Art

    Long live the King.

    So, I feel like we can all freely admit that the only movie that really matters in 2018 is Black Panther.

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    Sorry, not sorry, Avengers: Infinity War.

    Back in October we received our first full-length trailer for the epic, but haven't really gotten anything new since then.

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    ^My face at Marvel for lack of new content.

    That is, until today...just in time to complete my New Years resolution of watching MORE Black Panther content.

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    Hey thanks, Marvel! I take back my previous face.

    The new TV spot premiered during last night's college championship game half-time show, and it DID NOT disappoint.

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    We got beautiful new imagery, even more badassery, and a listen into the mega-hyped Kendrick Lamar-produced soundtrack.

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    So, naturally, fans took to Twitter to lose their damn minds.

    it's cool that they let a football game happen on either side of that Black Panther trailer.

    Like, is there even another reason to watch sports (don't answer that)?

    Yes, I am watching the national championship game solely for the black panther preview at halftime, why do you ask?

    And, of course, the soundtrack was one of the many highlights of the tease.

    ready to inject the entire black panther soundtrack into my veins

    Tickets for the sure-to-be-masterpiece have officially gone on sale, but we still have to wait until Feb. 16, 2018 to see it.

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    Until then, catch me running to buy every piece of Black Panther merch I can find like:

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