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12 Fake Coachella Lineups That'll Make You Spit Out The Vodka You Hid In Your Water Bottle

"This year's lineup is INSANE..."

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So Coachella recently announced their 2018 lineup.


And immediately, people started photoshopping it more to their liking...

‘nah i cant hang out tonight im working on my fake coachella lineup’

...which now seems to be somewhat of a love-hate tradition fans have with the music festival.

my favorite part of coachella lineup announcements is fake coachella lineup announcements.

Here are some of this year's ~notable~ lineups:


1. Coachella for dads:

Band to see: No One Messing with the Thermostat

Band to see: No One Messing with the Thermostat

2. Coachella for people not going to Coachella:

Band to see: Not Flossing / Via

Band to see: Not Flossing

3. "Gaychella":

Instagram: @drinksforgayz

Band to see: Who's Rita Ora?

4. Coachella for collegiettes:

Band to see: Untagged Facebook Pics

Band to see: Untagged Facebook Pics


5. Coachella for things that elicit visceral reactions:

Instagram: @jbl62

Band to see: Bitcoin explained to you by the worst possible person you can imagine from your old high school

6. Coachella for stans:

In honor of the Coachella announcement, I updated my dream lineup. #COACHELLA2018

Band to see: Jamie Lee Curtis as Lindsay Lohan's Character In Freaky Friday

7. Coachella for calming audio stimulation:

Instagram: @barbicastelvi

Band to see: Subterranean Field Recordings

8. Coinchella:

Instagram: @erinerin1

Band to see: My Uncle Talking About Cryptocurrency Nonstop at Christmas Dinner (Not pictured.)


9. Coachella, but set in Flavortown:

I cannot believe this years coachella lineup I’m shook.

10. Coachella for things we actually want to hear:

We fixed the Coachella lineup to make it awesome

Band to see: A Stage with a Meatloaf On It

11. Coachella for things you'll definitely find at Coachella:

Instagram: @alt987fm

Band to see: Waiting Until You Get Back to the Hotel to Poop

12. And Coachella for people who were between the ages of 10 and 14 in 2006:

Instagram: @brothersbearpodcast

Band to see: Final Jam Winner: Peggy Dupree