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    This Michaela Coel Scene From "Black Mirror" Has Become A Meme And People Are Living For It

    "BITCH OMFG I HAVE SUM TEA FOR YOU!!!" (No major spoilers.)

    This is BAFTA-winning actor Michaela Coel, for those of you who don't know. She's a pretty big deal. Here she is in the first episode of the latest series of Black Mirror.


    Michaela plays Shania Lowry in the episode "USS Callister" and for reasons we won't go into ends up doing this:


    For some reason, this screenshot of Michaela's character has caught the attention of fans.

    friend: "BITCH OMFG I HAVE SUM TEA FOR YOU!!!" me:

    I guess it could be because her cute smirk here can hold so many different meanings.

    Nothing but respect for *my* captain

    Like she might be about to hear some magnificent tea.

    And now it has become a meme.

    This shit has me dead. Just this photo. She looks messy af 😭

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    announcement ladies: complete adoration is the new bare minimum. do you copy?

    your mom on the second house phone eavesdropping on you talking about 7th grade drama

    Now bitch you know I’m not the one to gossip so you ain’t hear this from me let’s be clear on that but

    The meme is now also in Portuguese.

    Eu *nossa odeio que me mandem áudio* Minha amiga: minina preciso te contar um babado, vou te mandar áudio! Eu:

    Translation here:


    (rough translation)

    Pausing my music on the train to listen to a fight

    Even Michaela approves.

    @shookshack When becoming a meme was the 2018 goal you never knew you had