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Natalie Portman Telling A Man Off For Standing On Mariah Carey's Dress Is The Most Iconic Thing Ever

A late contender for best moment at the Golden Globes.

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If you somehow managed to miss the chaos, the Golden Globes took place on Sunday. And as you can imagine, it was packed full with some of our favourite famous faces.

Now I know most of the awards have already been given out, but there's still one left, and so without further ado I'd like to announce the nominees for Best Moment at the Golden Globes.


And Dakota Johnson who was looking at Angelina Jolie who was looking... anywhere but at Jennifer Aniston.

Yep, the late contender for Best Moment at the Golden Globes is this picture of Natalie Portman, who wasn't having it when she saw a man step on Mariah Carey's dress.

Damon Winter / The New York Times

If you listen carefully, you can probably hear this picture.