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    21 Of The Best Sex Toys You Can Get On Sale Right Now

    It is a scientific fact that the best sale is a sex-toy sale.

    1. A customer-favorite mini vibe wand so powerful, it'll keep you coming back for more.

    2. The impossibly elegant and high-tech Lelo Sona, a clitoral stimulator that just may lend itself to experiences best described as "life-changing."

    3. A tapered, medium-sized silicone butt plug featuring nearly as many colors as how many orgasms are in store.

    4. A vibrating cock ring perfect for solo or couple's play that'll have you giving the Energizer Bunny a run for his money.

    5. A top-selling "four-way" glass dildo designed to finally introduce you to the ways of squirting and to simply exist in your home as a beautiful work of art — a true Renaissance toy.

    6. A luxurious-as-freakin'-hell prostate massager that will make you feel all kinds of emotions when you realize you've been living your life without this thing all these years.

    7. A super-intense remote-controlled couple's vibe, because it's winter time and you need as many reasons not to leave the house as you can get.

    8. An award-winning, whisper-quiet wand with eight settings and four hours of use on one charge, so you'll never be left unsatisfied. (Side note: Where are these awards held and how do I sign up to be a judge?)

    9. Anal beads that'll have you saying, "Butt wait — where have these been my whole life?!" after just one sesh.

    10. A pair of faux-fur-lined wrist cuffs, for the couple interested in making a foray into bondage play.

    11. Or an entire six-piece bondage kit, if you're ready to go to town (Kink Town, that is).

    12. A sophisticated vibrating couples' ring that may revamp your whole entire sex life.

    13. A best-selling rabbit vibe with pearls for extra stimulation — or for when you're just feeling fancy as heck, either way.

    14. A vibrating bunny wand with several uses and functions that's about to make you as horny as its eponymous forest animal.

    15. A sleek little bullet vibrator with seven vibration options and a battery life that lasts for two hours — in case multiple orgasms are on your agenda for the day.

    16. A ~lifelike~ masturbator sleeve with a suction-cup base for endless opportunities to hitch a ride to O-Town.

    17. This two-pronged plug that softly, intensely flares open upon insertion.

    18. A remote-controlled bullet vibe so you can have some fun in the comfort of your own home or discreetly in a not-so-private place — whatever suits your style, my frisky friends.

    19. A two-in-one stroker toy that is here to pump you up (that's code word for make you climax, btw).

    20. A paraben-free, water-based lube enriched with aloe that's as sleek as it is functional, because it's time to upgrade your drugstore lube sitch.

    21. And a travel-friendly, discreet wand with an egg-shaped handle that's no yolk when it comes to bringing the good vibes wherever you may take it.

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