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    22 Things Literally Only People Who Wear Glasses Have To Deal With

    Once you get a smudge on your lenses you may as well throw them out and start again.

    1. Cooking and having your glasses fog up every time you open the oven or take the lid off a pot.

    when dalts glasses fog up I die every time 😂😂😂

    2. Or having the same issue when trying to drink tea or eat soup in winter.

    Eating some slap noodles then your glasses start to fog up😒😭

    3. Struggling every time you want to watch a movie or read while lying on your side.

    The unfortunate result of lying down while wearing glasses #roughlyfe

    4. Wanting to branch out every year and buy "fun" new frames but then just sticking with plain old black.

    5. Having your friends ask if they can try on your glasses, only for them to put them on and exclaim, "WHOA! You're BLIND!"

    #growingupwithglasses friend: oh can i try on your glasses me:sure friend: oh my god youre blind me:

    6. Or them asking you how many fingers they're holding up like you're actually blind.

    Gtfo with that "how many fingers am i holding up bs"

    7. The annoying side effects of seeing a 3D movie.

    8. Getting a smudge on your glasses but thinking that you just have something in your eye. So you rub your eye and the smudge doesn't go away... but now you have a sore eye.

    9. Tying to clean the smudge with the corner of your shirt and just making them smudgier than they were to begin with.

    10. But then experiencing the pure wonder that comes with a clean pair of glasses, when you see the world in true HD.

    11. Being asked by the optometrist "Which is clearer: one or two?" when they both just look like blurry smudges to you.

    Do y'all not understand how much of a struggle this is? 😭

    12. Losing your glasses but needing your glasses to find your glasses.

    13. Forgetting your prescription sunnies and having to wear normal sunglasses on top of your glasses.

    I forgot to bring prescription sunglasses on my trip so now I’m driving round the Gold Coast looking like this

    14. Never being able to take a photo with face filters.

    15. Being outside in the rain, unable to see anything within seconds.

    riding in the rain, clean your glasses

    16. Working out with your glasses on, and having to CONSTANTLY push them up as you're sweating.

    Look at me, I went to the gym! 😂 (This was before I got nasty sweaty and my glasses kept falling off. Note to self:…

    17. Having to take your specs off on roller coasters and see nothing, OR spend the whole ride pushing them onto your face.

    When you remember you wear glasses in the middle of a rollercoaster

    18. Trying to get a good photo with the flash on.

    New glasses, same annoying glare from my flash

    19. Wearing fake lashes and feeling them brush against your lenses every time you blink.

    20. But also trying to put on makeup in the first place is impossible, because though you need them to see, they also really get in the way.

    a blind @toasterwoman trying to put on makeup without glasses

    21. Taking your glasses off and looking like an entirely different person.

    22. And having everyone tell you to JUST WEAR CONTACTS.