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Kim Said North Is Hide-And-Seek Champion And Twitter Was Like "I'mma Let You Finish But Kylie..."

North is actually the second best hide-and-seek champion.

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We know a number of things about North West: She's part of the most famous family in the world, will probably grow up to be president, and now, according to Kim Kardashian, is also the hide-and-seek champion of the world.

But hide-and-seek champion is quite the title to defend.

@KimKardashian I think Kylie won w her pregnancy Kim

I mean, do you think there could be other contenders?

@KimKardashian Is Kylie in there too

Surely there's someone that can beat a 4-year-old at hide-and-seek, right?

I'm not saying North's not great, but we should really explore other options too.

Because you never know who else might be great at hiding...things.