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Straight Women: We Want To Hear Your Same Sex Hookup Stories

We want to hear from straight (and straight-ish) women who have hooked up with other women.

Plenty of women who identify as straight have hooked up with another woman. Maybe you're one of them!

Maybe another woman was into you, so you were like "sure, why not?"

Or maybe you and a friend were experimenting.

Maybe there was a time when you were wondering about your own sexuality and wanted to ~explore~ some feelings.

Maybe you had a threesome and got a little more familiar than expected with the other woman who was there.

So tell us: Have you hooked up (made out / had oral sex / had any sex) with another woman?

And how did this hookup / these hookups come about? What did the experiences teach you about your own sexuality, if anything?

Tell us (in a few sentences to a paragraph) in the comments below, or, if you'd like to remain anonymous, using the Google form. Your answer could appear in an upcoming BuzzFeed post. Please share as many details as you want; your response can be 100% anonymous and the more of the story you share, the more likely it is to be included in a future post!