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January 17, 2018

Contesta 7 preguntas y te diremos qué personaje de 'La forma del agua' eres

¿Eres un hombre anfibio o una mujer muda llena de compasión?

Amazon Won’t Ask Prospective Hires For Salary History Anymore

Following the passage of state and local laws aimed at improving pay equity for women and people of color, Amazon joins other tech giants in banning recruiters from asking interviewees for their salary history.

Insurer Settles Lawsuit For $17 Million For Accidentally Outing HIV Patients

A lawsuit alleged that Aetna committed a privacy breach when it mailed thousands of envelopes that revealed patients’ HIV medications through the windows.

Republicans Just Abandoned The Bipartisan DACA Deal And Democrats Are Threatening To Shut Down The Government

Republicans are tossing out a bipartisan deal to protect hundreds of thousands of undocumented immigrants, brought to the US as children, from deportation. Meanwhile, Democrats insist if a deal doesn’t get done by Friday’s deadline to fund the government, they won’t blink on a shutdown.

Democratic Super PAC Says Roadmap To Defeating Trump Lies With Young Black Voters

Priorities USA and Color of Change took part in a months-long project to understand young black voters, producing a report that largely focuses on a sense that black communities are under attack and young voters want to hear about jobs.

Este quiz te dirá tu porcentaje de poser

¿Cuántas veces has dicho que te gusta más el libro que la película?

21 Totally Normal Things You Did Growing Up That Now Feel Strangely Outdated

Gone are the days of angrily slamming your flip phone shut.

Harry Styles Is Bringin' Back The Big Hair Clip Y'ALLLLL!!!!

That was the first time I've ever said y'all.

19 Photos That Will Make Any Retail Worker Stop, Close Their Eyes, And Take A Deep Breath

If you haven't found some ground beef in the drinks aisle, have you really lived?

There’s An Environmental Disaster Brewing In The East China Sea. Here’s What You Need To Know.

Over the weekend, an oil tanker carrying about 1 million barrels of a light crude oil sank into the ocean. It’s unknown how much of the toxic material has escaped into a prime commercial fishing spot between China and Japan.

What Should We Do With Hollywood’s Rotten Apples?

Being an ethical consumer of media is always going to be more involved than just dumping any title that's been touched by a seemingly boundless supply of bad men.

Most Australians Don't Actually Know Why Australia Day Is On January 26, Poll Finds

But they do want a national day to celebrate Australia.

17 Memes que demuestran que no siempre tomamos las mejores decisiones

De esas veces que no sabes si hacerle caso al que quiere contigo o mejor seguirle rogando a tu ex.

Jeff Flake’s Senate Seat Is The New Battleground For Trumpism

The Arizona Senate primary has already changed drastically over the last six months, with a series of surprise exits (Jeff Flake), entrances (Sheriff Joe), and changes in fortune (a Bannon endorsement). It’s another test of how to balance a Trump primary — and it could get way wilder.

Top Democrat Says House Intelligence Committee Could Hold Steve Bannon In Contempt

Rep. Adam Schiff, the lead Democrat on the House Intelligence Committee, called Bannon’s refusal to answer questions in the committee’s Russia probe “unprecedented” on Wednesday.

Ashleigh Banfield Fired Back After The Writer Of That Aziz Ansari Piece Insulted Her In An Email writer Katie Way called Banfield a "burgundy lipstick bad highlights second-wave feminist has-been."

23 Things For Anyone Who Really Loves The Homes In “Black Mirror”

Because everyone living in a dystopia deserves a beautiful and inviting home.

Kristina Keneally Is Likely To Replace Sam Dastyari In The Senate

The former NSW premier has officially put up her hand for the seat.

Juiz cita entrevista de Maluf a TV para negar prisão domiciliar

O juiz Bruno Macacari diz que uma das provas de que Maluf não está debilitado é uma entrevista em que ele anda normalmente e fala em caminhar 3km por dia. Defesa do deputado vai recorrer.

We Want To Hear Your Most Burning Fan Questions For Dylan O'Brien

The Maze Runner: The Death Cure actor is READY to answer!

19 Incredible Pictures From Over 100 Years Ago

"I hope looking at the early years of American photography can help us to reflect on how much more progress is still needed."

Only People As Brilliant As Trump Can Get A Perfect Score On This Quiz

The White House is very proud of the fact that the President got a perfect score on this test. Can you match the Very Stable Genius himself on the Montreal Cognitive Assessment?*

Este mapa mostra onde se vacinar contra a febre amarela em São Paulo

Aqui estão todos os locais públicos que oferecem a vacina gratuitamente na capital paulista.

A Funeral Home Is Under Investigation For Mixing Up Bodies And Cremating The Wrong Woman

The family was shown two other women's bodies before being told about the cremation.

There Might Still Be Hope For "Sex And The City 3," Sarah Jessica Parker Thinks There Might Be A Way To Do It

There hasn't been this much drama about the franchise since Carrie cheated on Aiden.

Ellen Pompeo falou TUDO em uma entrevista sobre "Grey's Anatomy"

A atriz, que há 14 anos faz o papel de Meredith Grey, falou sobre empoderamento feminino e a importância da luta pela igualdade.



17 Personas que te harán hacer agradecer tu soltería

Ve el lado bueno: estar solo significa que nadie te propondrá matrimonio con una pata de pollo.



Here Are 23 Pictures Of The Cast Of "ER" Then Vs. Now

It's time to see where the docs and nurses of County General Hospital are now.

This Couple Who Met On Neopets As Children Fell In Love And Got Married As Adults

Kristin and Michael took their relationship of two decades from Neomail to AIM to iMessage to IRL.

Stephen Colbert Managed To Burn Both NBC And Sarah Huckabee Sanders With One Brilliant Comeback

"NBC has always shown great judgement with their long-term employees."

27 Ridiculously Clever Storage Ideas For Your Bathroom

It's time for an extreme bathroom makeover.

Tillerson Calls For Indefinite US Military Presence In Syria To Remove Assad

In a speech at Stanford University, the secretary of state spelled out a US plan to advance a political transition in Syria to oust Bashar al-Assad.

Manifesto pelo fim do "parabéns a você"

É embaraçoso pro aniversariante, pros convidados e até pro bolo.

Alabama Isn’t Keeping Track Of The Number Of Felons Who’ve Registered To Vote

As more states restore voting rights to felons, it's not clear how many actually vote.

If This Link Is Texted To You Over iMessage, It'll Freeze Your iPhone

You don't even need to click the malicious link.

A College Student Shared The Humiliating Way She Once Tried To Win Over A Crush And Now Everyone's Sharing Their Stories

"In sixth grade I burned Nickelback’s Far Away onto a CD and had my crush listen to it while I hid in the next room."

17 Cosas que seguro sentiste al ver 'El gran Showman'

*Deja su trabajo, se va a perseguir sus sueños*

"You Are The Spawn Of Satan": Abuse Victims Address Former USA Gymnastics Doctor In Court

Larry Nassar pleaded guilty to 10 counts of first-degree criminal sexual abuse for molesting young athletes under the guise of medical treatment.

Así es el ánimo de los tuiteros en los 10 Estados más violentos de México

A pesar del incremento de la violencia en el país, los usuarios de Twitter se mantienen positivos en el país, de acuerdo con un estudio del INEGI.

Once Upon A Time, Kristen Bell And Dax Shepard Almost Broke Up On A Motorcycle

This tale has everything: romance, motorcycles, and show tunes.

Descreva o seu cocô e diremos uma verdade inconveniente sobre você

Será que você é bunda mole ou caga no maiô?

Vegan Cheese 2 Ways

Vegan Cheese 2 Ways

Katy Perry Addresses Those Pesky Plastic Surgery Rumors

"People tend to think they are fake."

19 Tuits que prueban que Lupe Esparza es el rey de Twitter

El líder de Bronco está dejando huella.

Nuclear Anxiety Is Becoming A Hallmark Of The Trump Era. Here's What Would Happen In The Worst-Case Scenario.

Despite decades of nuclear panic and seminars and school drills, if the worst were to happen, most Americans wouldn’t know the basics of protecting themselves from fallout, and US health authorities would be woefully unequipped to deal with the casualties.

How Well Do You Know French Royal History?

Louis, Louis, Louis, or Louis?

What Are Your Grandparents' Tips To Living A Long Life?

Your 'Nanas' and 'Pop-Pops' could be in a YouTube video!

Dylan Farrow dio su primera entrevista en TV para hablar de sus acusaciones por abuso sexual contra Woody Allen

"¿Por qué no debería estar enojada, herida? ¿Por qué no debería sentir algún tipo de indignación después de todos estos años siendo ignorada, no creída y arrojada a un lado?", dijo la hija de Mia Farrow.

Doleira da Lava Jato quer estrelar talk show na TV

Presa na 1ª fase da operação, Nelma Kodama quer explicar, no programa, por que ainda há tantos políticos que participaram do esquema soltos.

Samsung Pay llegó a México y oficialmente ya estamos viviendo en el 3018

Ya no podremos usar el pretexto de "se me olvidó la cartera".

So Tom Hardy Is An Actual God And It's About Damn Time We Talked About It

Sweet lord Jesus someone get me a water bottle ASAP.

The Doctor Who Went Viral For Taking A Knee Says He's Now Being Punished By His Hospital

Dr. Gu was placed on paid leave, and then probation, by Vanderbilt University Medical Center after a photo of him taking a knee went viral. The school told BuzzFeed News that these penalties were "performance" based.

Estos personajes están cambiando la forma en que el público mexicano ve a las personas LGBT

Aunque falta mucho camino, poco a poco los personajes gay dejan de ser invisibles.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on weighted blankets, massage recliners, food storage sets, and more!

Facebook Has Gone And Reopened Its Investigation Into Russia And Brexit

The company has promised to look for new accounts linked to Russia following pressure from MPs.

14 Straight And Straight-Ish Women Share Their Same-Sex Hookup Stories

ICYMI: Straight-identified women hook up with women, too.

Nine Fraternity Members Face Hazing Charges For The Alcohol-Induced Death Of A 20-Year-Old Pledge

Andrew Coffey, a Florida State University student, died of alcohol poisoning after an off-campus fraternity event, prompting the university to suspend all Greek activities.

Pick Some Snacks And We'll Guess Your Fave Type Of Food

All the choice you could ever ask for.

A autoestima da Emanuelly é um exemplo para as meninas de cabelo cacheado

Ela deu a melhor resposta para quem acha que o cabelo dela é "duro".

Ellen Pompeo Spilled Mad Tea About "Grey’s Anatomy" In A Fiery New Interview

When Patrick Dempsey left the show, Pompeo said she "couldn't believe how fast the studio and the network felt like they had to get a penis in there."

Este teste de combinações nojentas com comida vai revelar sua personalidade

Você tomaria um milkshake de chocolate com azeitona?

Com dois apartamentos no Leblon, filha de Fux recebe auxílio-moradia de R$ 4.300

O pai dela, Luiz Fux, é relator no STF de uma ação que há quase quatro anos está parada para julgar a legalidade desse benefício aos magistrados. Marianna Fux diz que recebe o valor de acordo com as regras do CNJ.

This Is The Woman Who Really Created Those Paintings In "She's Gotta Have It"

"Anytime you see Nola painting or creating anything, Tatyana was there."

Após reclamações, Spotify informou que “Surubinha de Leve” sairá do ar

A música, que contém versos que descrevem um estupro, incomodou muita gente

35 Hats That Absolutely Belong On Your Head

Leave no head uncovered in 2018.

¿Eres la hermana cool o la hermana responsable?

Tal vez tu hermana no esté muy de acuerdo con los resultados.

17 Tweets You Should Retweet If You Love Yourself

"What I lack in modesty I make up for in literally being the best person"

38 Things You'll Only Understand If You've Been Best Friends For A Really, Really Long Time

Sending them details of your ailments so they can use their (lack of) medical expertise to diagnose you.

Twitter nega que seus funcionários estejam lendo mensagens diretas dos usuários

"Nós não revisamos mensagens diretas proativamente. Ponto", disse um representante da empresa ao BuzzFeed News.

Você consegue adivinhar a cidade pelo apelido?

Qual cidade é a "Veneza brasileira?"

Congressional Black Caucus Chairman Says Group Could Boycott Or "Hold Up Fists" During Trump's State Of The Union

"We could go, we could go and walk out, we could go and hold up fists ... or we could not go, or we could hold our own State of the Union," CBC Chair Cedric Richmond told BuzzFeed News' AM to DM Wednesday, adding, "We don't really care what [Trump] thinks about us."

Here's A Full Transcript Of Jeff Flake Slamming Trump For Misusing The Phrase "Fake News"

Flake compared Trump to the murderous dictator Josef Stalin.

11 truques para preparar ovos que aprendi na escola de culinária

Uma das comidas mais gostosas que existe.

He Built An Empire From Angry Birds. Now He Wants To Go Underground — Literally.

After racking up billions of downloads with his hit game, Peter Vesterbacka — the father of Angry Birds — wants to build the world’s longest undersea tunnel.

Este quiz te dirá si puedes sobrevivir o no a la vida de una señora sampetrina

San Pedro es un mundo totalmente distinto al resto de Monterrey.

Diese YouTuber haben eine fliegende Badewanne gebaut, einfach nur weil sie es können

Scheiß auf fliegende Autos. Hier kommt die Drohnen-Badewanne.

The Made-Up Hijab Attack Doesn't Mean There Isn't A Real Islamophobia Problem In Canada

A recent poll showed almost half the country thinks Islam is "damaging" to Canada.

Small Channels On YouTube Are Blaming Logan Paul For Being Demonetized‬

"Demonetizing small channels... that'll show Logan Paul."

21 Tweets Guaranteed To Crack Anyone With A Job Up

'"It's five o'clock somewhere" I say as I leave work at 9 AM.'

Asian People Are Not Impressed With Their Matches On Google's Museum Selfie Feature

A spokesperson for Google told BuzzFeed News they are always working to ensure their app includes as many different pieces of art as possible.

The First Trailer For "Queer Eye" Is Here And Umm, Get Ready To Cry

I'm not sure why I'm crying, but I'm crying.

32 Animal-Themed Products That'll Basically Turn Your Kitchen Into A Zoo

Why own a regular kitchen product, when it could be a cute, animal-themed one instead?

21 trucs que tous les parents de nouveau-nés ressentent

Et pas seulement le manque de sommeil. Même si, évidemment...

Investigators Are Scrutinizing Newly Uncovered Payments By The Russian Embassy

US authorities are poring over hundreds of newly uncovered payments from Russian diplomatic accounts. Among them are transactions by former ambassador Sergey Kislyak 10 days after the 2016 presidential election and a blocked $150,000 cash withdrawal five days after the inauguration.

Can You Guess The Movie From Ryan Gosling's Face?

The man, the myth, the legend.

Dylan Farrow Gave Her First TV Interview Addressing Allegations That Woody Allen Sexually Assaulted Her

"Why shouldn't I bring him down, be angry, be hurt," she asked, on CBS This Morning. "Why shouldn't I feel some sort of outrage after all these years being ignored and disbelieved and tossed aside?"

Aparentemente a faca de cocô é uma realidade aqui no Brasil também

As pessoas reagiram à história de fatiar o cocô contando como suas próprias famílias lidavam com grandes toletes.

This Part Of London Could Be The First Place In Britain To Have "Buffer Zones" Outside Abortion Clinics

Ealing council in London will be the first local authority in England to take steps to prevent the harassment of women outside abortion clinics.

36 Of The Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Parents

Here's to spreading love and positivity to the very people who made you who you are!

18 Signs That Will Give You A Headache

I won't be ordering the "Texcock Mextails," thankyouverymuch.

Diese Erbsensuppe ist vollgepackt mit Gemüse und macht auf jeden Fall satt

[Angebot von BuzzFeed] Das Ultimativ Tasty-Kochbuch ist jetzt im Handel. Hol es dir hier!

14 Times "Shrek" Really Pushed The Envelope On Being PG

Spoiler: Robin Hood was skeezier than you thought.

33 Of The Best Valentine's Day Gifts For Men

Show them all your love with these awesome goodies. The products in this post were updated in February 2018. You can find the updated post here.

18 Things Only Folks Who Grew Up In Delhi Will Get

"Tu janta nahi hai mera baap kaun hai" is like music to our ears.

16 Leute, die 2018 jetzt schon im Sturm erobern

"Ich schätze mal, der Dildo gehört jetzt meinem Vogel."

Nicola Sturgeon Says Refusing To Give A Pilot Licence To A Man With HIV Could Be A Breach Of Equality Laws

Scotland's first minister has written to the Civil Aviation Authority to set out her concerns, after BuzzFeed News revealed the regulator had prevented a man with HIV from applying for a pilot's licence.

55 Things Only VIT Vellore Kids Know To Be True

What happens in VIT, stays in VIT.

23 Products For People Who Love Makeup, But Suck At Putting It On

No one'll know you can barely draw a straight eyeliner line thanks to these useful finds!

Former "Today" Anchor Ann Curry Said She Was "Not Surprised" By Sexual Harassment Allegations Against Matt Lauer

Speaking to CBS This Morning, the former Today show anchor said there was pervasive "verbal sexual harassment" at NBC.

Will Smith Instagrammed His Trip To The Zoo And He Absolutely Needs To Do A Nature Documentary Now

If you don't follow Will Smith on the 'gram, you're missing out!

This Is What Being Pregnant And In Your Second Trimester Is Like

And here I thought everything would get easier.

19 Times Shashi Tharoor Was The MVP At The Sass Games

"An exasperating exhibition of a gentleman's proficiency for pitiless repartee."

Can You Beat This A-Z Movie Screencap Quiz By Scoring 19/26?

Can you work your way through the entire alphabet?

16 Jokes That People Without Older Siblings Won't Understand

You know you're the younger sibling when you can't find any baby pictures of you by yourself.

The New Tory Vice Chair For Youth Said Public Sector Workers "Don't Know They're Born"

Ben Bradley, who is already under fire for suggesting unemployed men should have vasectomies, also launched a scathing attack on workers protesting public sector cuts.

This Quiz Will Tell You If You Prefer Creamy Or Spicy Food

Both is best, but you have to choose.

9 Fakten über Fruchtbarkeit, die du schon in deinen 20ern lernen solltest

Wenn du weißt, dass du ~irgendwann~ Kinder haben willst, sind hier ein paar wesentliche Informationen.

24 Genius Ways To Make Your Food Last So Much Longer

Uhm you can freeze entire avocado halves?!?

Falafel Sliders

Your party guests will love that.

Stuffed Meatball Pie


Toby Young Has Lost Another Job In Education

Exclusive: The University of Buckingham wrote to Young this week to tell him that he no longer held a post as a Visiting Fellow.

11 formas horribles, y afortunadamente históricas, en que se mataba a las personas

Los hombres siempre ha sido muy creativos cuando se trata de matarse unos a otros.

焼きたてをどうぞ♪ ハムとチーズのガーリックちぎりパン




百田氏「朝日読者も日本の敵」 朝日新聞広報がTwitterで初めて抗議




いくつ持ってた? 懐かしのゲーム機チェックリスト

持ってる or 過去に持ってたやつすべてにチェックしてね!

African Countries Aren't Actually Bothered By The "Shithole" Controversy, Says Rex Tillerson

As more African nations issue angry statements and summon US diplomats, Trump's secretary of state insists "nothing has changed" in US-Africa relations.

31 Mega Sad Bollywood Movies Rated According To Their Tear-Jerkiness Level

In case you can't decide how much to cry, whether it be alone, in a cinema, or with your friends.

The Government Has Been Accused Of Forcing Charities Into Remaining Silent

"The people whose voices will be silenced are the ones who can't afford to pay for advocacy but are coming through the charities."

I Binged "The End Of The F***ing World" And Had So Many Thoughts

Episode 1: James is a freaking creep. Episode 8: I WILL DO ANYTHING TO PROTECT MY SMALL CHILD JAMES.

This Is The Button That Sent Hawaii's False Inbound Missile Alert

Officials also said Tuesday that the employee who sent the alert has been receiving death threats.

How Marketing Failed “Proud Mary” At The Box Office

This action-thriller starring Taraji P. Henson earned $12 million on opening weekend following criticism that Screen Gems didn't do enough promotion.

19 Things That'll Make Anyone Over 27 Say, "Oh Man, That Makes Me Feel Old"

A post for anyone who has ever had a co-worker say, "I don't think I was alive for that."

This Girl's Dad Has Created The Best DIY Drinking And Painting Tutorial

"This whole situation is caused because your wife doesn't want regular paint, she wants the fancy suede paint."

Pick Your Meals And We'll Tell You Which "Riverdale" Character You Are

Sorry, but there are no shakes in this quiz!

We Wore Sia's Wig For A Day And It Was Pretty Hard To Pull Off

How can Sia see through this wig? The world may never know!

Milo Yiannopoulos Ticket Holders Sue Over Injuries Sustained During UC Berkeley Riot

"Police deliberately chose to ensure their own safety while leaving the public, who they are sworn to serve and protect, vulnerable to radical leftwing lawlessness," the plaintiffs' attorney said.

People Are Freaking Out After This Woman Repaired A Butterfly's Damaged Wing

There were comments from people all over the world thanking her for doing something so big for something so small.

14 veces que "El Bronco" ha dicho algo machista u homofóbico

"Yo fui amamantado por mi madre, tuvo diez hijos y no le pasó nada. Sigue estando buenota mi mamá, buenísima está mi mamá y no le pasó nada", dijo sobre la lactancia materna.

21 Struggles All Millennials Who Live In Sydney Face On A Daily Basis

"Ya can't expect to get your expenno brunches weekly AND buy a house." Oh dear God, shut the fuck up Roger.

27 Escenas de sexo gay que ocurren en la vida real pero jamás en la televisión

Una en la que el sexo oral se prolonga tanto que te duele la mandíbula.

Here's Why You Might Not Be Able To Get The NBN Speed You Want

The government is refusing to use more fibre in the NBN, as it is revealed that less than one in four fibre-to-the-node users will be able to access top speeds.

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