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19 Times Shashi Tharoor Was The MVP At The Sass Games

"An exasperating exhibition of a gentleman's proficiency for pitiless repartee."

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4. When his pun game was major goals.

Govt plans to create a Cow Ministry, says BJP Pres: I guess this one will be headed by an Udder-Secretary?


7. When he made a subtle dig at Nitish Kumar's sixth re-election as Bihar's CM.

Word of the day! Definition of *snollygoster* US dialect: a shrewd, unprincipled politician First Known Use: 1845 Most recent use: 26/7/17

8. When he shaded the Government's stance on important issues, like censoring comedians, by doing this.

Attn all trolls: I took the #DogFilter challenge! @AllIndiaBakchod


9. But also side-eyed failed attempts at humour.

. @chaks1969 @thetanmay No I do not support or endorse other people's ideas of what is funny. I just defend their right to try&fail to amuse

11. When he actually went ahead and created his own dictionary.

New Hinglish 21st century dictionary: *Webaqoof*: "one who believes every claim or allegation on the internet & social media must be true"


13. When he displayed his unique understanding of Yoga.

:ʎɐp ɐboʎ lɐuoıʇɐuɹaʇuı BJP's been practising शिर्षासन for 3yrs by standing on its head its opposition to Aadhar, FDI, GST, &otherUPA ideas

14. When he deciphered the actual meaning of "ache din".

16. When he displayed exceptional observation skills.

My toilet bag on @UnitedAirlines last month contained 23 items, of which 22 were made in China. Whatever happened t…


19. And when, as a consequence of the abovementioned tiff, he gave Twitter its most Shakespearean tweet.

Exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations&outright lies being broadcast by an unprincipled showman masquerading as a journalst