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19 Times Shashi Tharoor Was The MVP At The Sass Games

"An exasperating exhibition of a gentleman's proficiency for pitiless repartee."

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1. When he had some choice words for the British's plunderage of India.

BuzzFeed India

2. When he belittled England's pathetic attempts at redemption.


3. When he was tired of the constant hinduisation renaming of iconic places.

Twitter/ Shashi Tharoor

4. When his pun game was major goals.

Govt plans to create a Cow Ministry, says BJP Pres: I guess this one will be headed by an Udder-Secretary?

5. When he didn't accuse the English of stealing only from India's wealth.


6. And continued to diss out some more to the English.


7. When he made a subtle dig at Nitish Kumar's sixth re-election as Bihar's CM.

Word of the day! Definition of *snollygoster* US dialect: a shrewd, unprincipled politician First Known Use: 1845 Most recent use: 26/7/17

8. When he shaded the Government's stance on important issues, like censoring comedians, by doing this.

Attn all trolls: I took the #DogFilter challenge! @AllIndiaBakchod

9. But also side-eyed failed attempts at humour.

. @chaks1969 @thetanmay No I do not support or endorse other people's ideas of what is funny. I just defend their right to try&fail to amuse

10. When he schooled the "Hindi purists" on national pride.

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11. When he actually went ahead and created his own dictionary.

New Hinglish 21st century dictionary: *Webaqoof*: "one who believes every claim or allegation on the internet & social media must be true"

12. When he took a flamethrower to the British's idea of educational developments.

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13. When he displayed his unique understanding of Yoga.

:ʎɐp ɐboʎ lɐuoıʇɐuɹaʇuı BJP's been practising शिर्षासन for 3yrs by standing on its head its opposition to Aadhar, FDI, GST, &otherUPA ideas

14. When he deciphered the actual meaning of "ache din".

15. When he laid down the difference in India's and Pakistan's priorities.


16. When he displayed exceptional observation skills.

My toilet bag on @UnitedAirlines last month contained 23 items, of which 22 were made in China. Whatever happened t…

17. When he trashed Arnab Goswami's style of news-reporting.

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18. And proceeded to diss his baby, Republic TV.

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19. And when, as a consequence of the abovementioned tiff, he gave Twitter its most Shakespearean tweet.

Exasperating farrago of distortions, misrepresentations&outright lies being broadcast by an unprincipled showman masquerading as a journalst