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    27 Hall Passes That Are So Over The Top, They're Hilarious

    Give these teachers a raise.

    1. A baby's leg:

    2. Your teacher's face:

    3. The Great Pumpkin:

    4. A bass:

    5. A literal rock:

    6. A literal rock with the literal Rock on it:

    7. Just a big jar of dirt:

    8. An officer of the law:

    9. An old leaf:

    10. The severed head of an infant:

    11. Literally just a thing of syrup:

    12. An oar:

    13. A life-sized replica of Bob Ross:

    14. An oboe, obviously:

    15. The world's largest pencil:

    16. An HP injet laser printer:

    17. A terrifying baby wrapped in terrifying tape:

    18. A life jacket:

    19. The WORLD:

    20. The means of production:

    21. Literally just an old computer:

    22. Liam Neeson:

    23. A baby table:

    24. Just a big giant sign that says "MOVIES":

    25. A skimboard:

    26. Just a big, giant tube:

    27. And, finally, a sign that tells you what's REALLY up:

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