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    24 Genius Ways To Make Your Food Last So Much Longer

    Uhm you can freeze entire avocado halves?!?

    1. First of all, throw away every food-storage container you have that isn't glass.

    2. Consider doing away with containers, plastic wrap, and aluminum foil altogether and invest in some sustainable, reusable Bee's Wrap.

    3. Figure out which foods should even be going in your fridge in the first place.

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    A lot of foods will lose flavor/rot faster if refrigerated. Check out a more extensive list of things to keep out of the fridge here.

    4. Line shelves and crisper drawers to give them more air and less moisture, and watch produce last and last.

    5. Freeze avocados you thought wouldn't ripen so fast, and keep your guac green with this storage container.

    6. Preserve some herbs via a handy freezer tray or Herb Savor, and never watch herbs shrivel to sadness again.

    7. Be reasonable about the amount of food you'll eat, and freeze leftovers in sealable freezer bags before they turn into ~rotten leftovers~.

    8. Store onions in pantyhose, and they just may last for months. Months!

    9. Hang your bananas (secret ripening agents) above the rest of your fruit babes to prolong the lives of all. And if you still find yourself in a banana crisis, freeze em'!

    10. Save the lemons via a lemon saver people swear by, or store whole lemons in plastic bags. Now you shall always have fresh AF lemons for tea.

    11. Give cheese the home and shelf-life it deserves with these handy storage hacks.

    12. Speaking of butter, keep butter in a butter dish to help it keep ~butter~.

    13. Try new recipes designed for utilizing every part of the food, like broccoli stem noodles.

    14. Take things a step further, and regrow your favorite veggies from the scraps you usually throw away. All your friends will think you're from the future.

    15. Or, let this compact juicer use the whole food for you to get the most out of produce.

    16. Bottle up that fresh juice or dairy products the old fashioned way – reusable glass bottles. They just may keep things fresher, longer.

    17. Wrap bread in a dish towel and put it in a paper bag so it doesn't go stale, or try a spacious bread box.

    18. Hold onto that aluminum foil and give this hack a whirl – it could make lettuce last a whole month!

    19. Research ethylene gas, and arm yourself with Bluapple to keep fruits and veggies way fresher way longer.

    20. Or stop the effects of ethylene via Fresh Paper sheets.

    21. Load up on tons of berries without fear of rot, just pre-soak those babes in a vinegar solution!

    22. Ensure you're properly storing all the groceries, especially more perishable foods such as meat and eggs.

    23. Never ever refrigerate your honey (it will crystalize faster), and it will basically last forever.

    24. And finally, put the food that ultimately does not survive the test of time in an odor-proof compost bin to help the earth.

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