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    17 Jan 2018

    19 Photos That Will Make Any Retail Worker Stop, Close Their Eyes, And Take A Deep Breath

    If you haven't found some ground beef in the drinks aisle, have you really lived?

    1. Finding products where they don't belong because some customers are truly just lazy as fuck.

    @patrickshindo / Via

    2. And witnessing the absolute bombsite that is the corner of the change room after a long day.

    @jvixxx / Via

    3. Always having to think of new ways to politely decline people trying to hit on you.

    4. Watching people struggle with the card machine despite the instructions always being so very clear.

    5. And counting coins for customers who insist on paying with all their loose change even when their total exceeds $20.

    6. Getting dreaded plastic rub from all the coat hangers and dirty boxes in the storeroom.

    @c_casablancas / Via

    7. Spending ages on a perfect display, only to find all your hard work destroyed at the end of the day.

    8. And being stuck watching your perfect folding come undone any time someone tries to find a size.

    9. Listening to people ask if you're an employee while you stand there with a name tag and uniform on.

    10. Fake laughing every time anyone puts literally ANY stock in a sexually-suggestive position.

    Haha!!!! Now that's an original, funny one!!! HahAHAHA!!!!!!!!!

    11. And discovering rubbish dotted all over the store in random places while internally screaming.

    @mikevaz / Via

    12. Walking on eggshells to avoid further enraging that middle-aged, white woman who really only ever comes in to complain.

    13. Directing customers to items they're looking for when they're literally right in front of them.


    14. And being forced to calmly answer questions about items, that the signs in front of the said items, clearly answer.


    15. Having to set ungodly alarms for all the holiday retail shifts you're never allowed to take off.

    @s_peacock_ / Via

    16. And telling people the store's shut, despite the locked doors and very obvious "closed" sign out front.


    17. Gritting your teeth as people purposefully grab things from the middle of a display instead of just taking the one on top.


    18. Explaining to the people trying to use coupons for everything that you can't, in fact, use coupons for everything.

    @evergrims / Via

    19. And having to constantly fake sadness whenever a customer says they're "taking their business elsewhere".

    Oh Karen, you're leaving? Whatever will I do? :(

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