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17 Tinder Users Who Are Really Funny, But Who Are Probably Still Single

Sometimes being funny is worth being single.

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1. This user, who rethought their pickup line:

SerPwny / Via

2. This user, who got straight-up murdered:

QuitSplash / Via

3. This user, who couldn't resist the song lyrics:

kurt_no-brain / Via

4. This user, who probably isn't getting invited to dinner:

capybaragirl / Via

5. This user, who wasn't going to give up a good joke:

NHaas / Via

6. This user, who used the King's Knight Opening:

More_Equal_Than_You / Via

7. This user, who is one with the Force:

ThirdAcountNumber3 / Via

8. This user, who found their perfect match:

TastyLife / Via

9. This user, whose pickup line was turned against them:

LoisLame78 / Via

10. This user, who couldn't help themselves:

thepotatostealer / Via

11. This user, who simply answered the question:

imran-shaikh / Via

12. This user, who did the math:

quicksilverfrost / Via

13. This user, who panicked under pressure:

Zanester98 / Via

14. This user, who became one of many:

hopkins510 / Via

15. This user, who is very sorry:

sangyedorje / Via

16. This user, who had some serious stuff on their mind:

Jtrich / Via

17. And this user, who dashed this guy's fantasies:

LegalDeer / Via

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