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19 Things That'll Make Anyone Over 27 Say, "Oh Man, That Makes Me Feel Old"

A post for anyone who has ever had a co-worker say, "I don't think I was alive for that."

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1. When you realize this was probably the first selfie you ever took and that kids today probably have no idea what a Game Boy even is.

2. When your favorite movie you grew up watching is now deemed a "classic film"...


3. ...or when you quote your favorite movie and a co-worker mentions they were way too young to have ever seen it.


4. When you walk into the mall you grew up going to, and still expect to see the Warner Bros. Studio Store or the Limited Too (even though they've been gone longer than they were actually around).

5. When you suddenly crave a delicious Snapple Element, but realize it hasn't been around since George W. Bush's first term.

6. When you think of Nickelodeon and imagine this lineup...

7. ...and think that Nickelodeon Studios still looks like this.

8. When you realize kids today have no idea why we say, "hang up the phone"...

9. ...or that they don't know the satisfaction of ending a call by slamming your Razr shut...


10. ...and most likely they have never sent a T9 text.


11. When a younger relative mentions a YouTube star and you have to google them to figure out who the hell they're talking about...


12. ...or when your younger relatives have no idea who your favorite artists are or that they even existed.

13. When you hear your favorite middle school song on the oldies station.

14. When you realize you have MP3s older than middle schoolers and some high schoolers...


15. ...or realize that you own an album that's older than some college students.

Sony Music

16. That Tom means nothing to anyone under the age of 25...


17. ...and that no one under 25 understands how AIM was the greatest way to talk to your friends.

18. When you realize you're now older than twentysomethings you grew up watching on TV as a kid.

Warner Bros. Television

19. And finally, when someone mentions something about 1999 and you think it was 10 years ago, instead of 19 years ago.

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