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55 Things Only VIT Vellore Kids Know To Be True

What happens in VIT, stays in VIT.

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1. Joining VIT just because you were impressed by the description of the college campus online, or because parents swore by India Today and Careers 360 college rankings.

2. Getting to VIT and slowly realizing that outer appearances can be deceiving.

3. Struggling to find Anna Auditorium on your first orientation day, because the campus seemed huge in the beginning.

4. Awaiting to have fun and meet people in your orientation on the first day, but then realising that you've slept halfway through the orientation because it was boring AF.

5. Being a fresher, and picking random slots and faculties on FFCS because, what even is that?

6. And then getting to know from your seniors that you have massively fucked up your time-table for one entire semester.

7. Queuing with a bunch of freshers in the hostel to enter your fingerprint biometric for four years.

8. Trying to understand where MB, SJT, TT, and GDN are when your first classes start.

9. Attending each and every class for the first week of college, before eventually deciding to bunk the ones you don't care about.

10. Hanging out in Foody's and Greenos after class because that's where maximum events take place.

11. Actually studying for your first quiz. Eventually giving zero fucks for quizzes because, ain't nobody got time for that.

12. Hating on APT/Soft Skills all day, everyday. Too many classes in a week for one credit is just not fair.

13. Googling "different kinds of handshakes", because God forbid you hug people from the opposite gender.

14. Getting mocked by every non-VITian when they find out that a railway track separates the girls' and the boys' hostel.

15. Dreading CATs a.k.a seven days of torture for all VITians.

16. Dreading it even more if your attendance is less than 75% in any of the subjects.

17. Running around your faculty advisor because, attendance issues.

18. And not being able to reach them when you need them the most.

19. Partying and getting high again as soon as CATs get over.

20. Struggling to convince your parents to let you go on that Pondi trip that you've been planning for days.

21. Heading to Limra to try out their burgers that the seniors keep raving about, and ordering two more because the burger is that good.

22. Amping up the enthusiasm for the college tech fest, Gravitas, which ultimately dies down after first year.

23. Going to a Gravitas expo only to realise that you've been tricked into registering for a so-called fun event that was nowhere close to fun.

24. Putting up a DND sign on your door, because you don't want one more person begging you to register for an event.

25. Bunking classes and rejoicing the fact that your friend will give proxy attendance for you.

26. But then finding out that the faculty has done a head count of the students.

27. Watching friendships break and new friendships form around you during room allotment season.

28. Learning to say, "Sir, I had a class in SJT" when you're late for a class in MB.

29. Getting your ID card confiscated by a Red Tag anna, because you were caught making out near TT.

30. Picking up Telugu and Tamil in the time you spend here.

31. Cursing VOLSBB in all languages that you can think of.

32. Feeling like a criminal when you hear "ID pehno" whenever you enter the Main Building.

33. Having security annas blow whistles in your ear.

34. Frequently visiting SMV just to check out girls.

35. Lying to your parents that you need extra cash for buying more study material.

36. Standing in a queue for more than an hour in front of the xerox shop during CAT II, and cursing and figting with the ones who cut the queue.

37. Only realising after reaching the exam hall that a steel table is required for the exam.

38. Failing to register more than 16 credits during online course registration because FFCS servers suck.

39. And then emailing every authority you can think of to save your ass.

40. Dropping and adding subjects in Add and Drop because attendance needs to be refreshed.

41. Waiting for your roommates to get back from home just to gorge on the yummy food that their parents have made.

42. Skipping mess food just to eat in the night canteen even though you know that the food is very unhygienic.

43. Spotting giant rats in the ladies' hostel regularly.

44. Being stopped by the guards at the hostel gate because your clothes are "very indecent."

45. Getting kicked out of labs because you were wearing slippers.

46. Getting asked by faculties, "Are you from this class?" when you fail to attend their classes for a week.

47. Loathing slow people on the sidewalk and cursing them profusely in your head.

48. Feeling like a prisoner every time the guards ask you to get inside the hostel by 8 pm on weekends.

49. Spending all your money on Riviera pro shows because you wanted to listen to the artist live.

50. Wasting your time browsing online stores because Vellore has no good places to shop.

51. Always admiring the paintings and sketches by TFAC that adorns VIT during college fests, and secretly feeling proud that you're studying with such talented and creative artists.

52. Enjoying the beauty of VIT from your hostel terrace after the sun sets.

53. Envying nine pointers and 10 pointers because 75% attendance criteria doesn't apply to them.

54. Climbing on the tank in VIT on your farewell day and clicking pictures just to feel like a stud.

55. Secretly knowing that no matter how much you curse VIT, a little part of you will miss it once you leave the college.