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21 Struggles All Millennials Who Live In Sydney Face On A Daily Basis

"Ya can't expect to get your expenno brunches weekly AND buy a house." Oh dear God, shut the fuck up Roger.

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1. OK, let's get the obvious out of the way. It's. Fucking. Expensive.

2. And it's unlikely you can afford to actually buy a place.

3. So trying to find somewhere affordable to rent is a legit nightmare.


4. Because you're either spending 75% of your salary on an overpriced, but liveable apartment or townhouse...


5. ...or going the cheaper way to save a buck, but living in nightmare conditions.


6. And good God. The weeks you waste house-hunting. The loss of your precious Saturdays! The tiring fight of arriving to a place to see 25 other people there ready to inspect!


Only to find out the place is even tinier IRL, compared to photos.

7. And unless you want to fork out $350+ a week to live in a tiny, dingy studio, living with other people is just going to be your norm.

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I mean, it's fine if you get along with them. But if you don't...

8. Most of the time you're also sharing a place with about 27 flying cockroaches too, and lemme tell you, those fuckers do NOT pay rent.

Just doing the usual Sydney weekend chores, disassembling the kitchen cabinets to clean the cockroaches out

9. A drop of rain will always mean you're going to be late for work. Always.

New Line Cinema

10. Because all of a sudden, the buses are late, the train system loses its shit, and people start driving like bloody lunatics.

Sydney: drizzles light rain Sydney trains: 3 trains cancelled, major delays, next rail bus is in 7 hours

11. And it adds so much stress to your life, because you're a millennial who constantly has to PROVE themselves in the workplace, otherwise some Gen X-er will just think you're being lazy.


12. You can't even go out and have a good time without getting the third degree from bouncers.

In Sydney, bouncers strip search you on arrival. In Melbourne, the DJ sings "ecstasy, ecstasy, take all of your ecstasy!" over a heavy beat

"Is this your real ID?" Mate, I'm fucking 27, look at these stress wrinkles I've recently got from trying to house-hunt in this stupid city.

13. Also, let's be real, the nightlife is just kinda... shit.

14. If you're single, dating in the city is a nightmare.


15. And forget about romantic dates. Let's talk about just meeting people in general. Making friends in this huge city is hard!

making friends is really hard when you’re adult. like where do I find people to become friends with? πŸ˜‚

16. Unless you already have mates that live here, or get along famously with your coworkers, the Sydney life can be quite lonely.


17. And then actually organising social events with your friends can be extremely difficult at times.


How can we all be so broke and lonely, but so BUSY at the same time?

18. Especially if they live in a suburb that's not near a bus/train route.


19. Which is also just another issue in general – if you're not living anywhere accessible by decent public transport, life is that little bit harder to organise.


Especially if you sold your car because, you know, you can't afford it anymore.

20. And then when friends/family from other cities say "Well, why don't you just move?", you have to explain that, you know, your work is in Sydney, and you've built a life there, and now you're just used to it??


I've already given up my car, most of my salary, and all I eat is canned foods! Don't ask me to make any more changes now.

21. Because at the end of the day, the biggest struggle is that, uh, you actually really love Sydney.

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And on a positive note, the budgeting skills you do learn are invaluable.