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January 31, 2018

Esta es la oscura verdad detrás de "El apagón" de Yuri

"Me palpó con confianza y libertad".

How Well Can You Tell Taylor Swift And Karlie Kloss Apart?

There's been a glitch in the blonde celeb matrix.

Emails Show FBI Agent Helped Draft Crucial Comey Letter To Congress

Emails newly revealed by CNN show that Peter Strzok helped draft a letter telling Congress that the FBI had reopened the Hillary Clinton email probe 11 days before the 2016 election.

Pedro Ferriz ha conseguido más seguidores en Twitter que firmas para ser candidato a la presidencia

El periodista apenas lleva 8% de las firmas ciudadanas que necesita juntar. El plazo vence el 19 de febrero.

Canada's Telecom And Media Giants Want A Blacklist Of Websites With Stolen Content

An industry group wants ISPs to block websites that deal in stolen content.

21 Iconic MTV Moments That Defined Your Childhood

These are some serious throwbacks.

21 Hilarious Jokes About Shaving That Will Make Every Girl Say, "Fuck, That's Relatable"

I just really, really love smooth legs and really, really hate shaving.

What's The Most Realistic Love Story You've Ever Read In A Book?

We want to know what romance novels really get that ~love~ thing right.

31 Things To Help You Have A Completely Epic Snow Day

Weather app: "1% chance of snow." Me: "Snow day!!!"

A Man Who Could Finally Afford To See A Doctor After Winning The Lottery Died Three Weeks Later

Donald Savastano was excited to finally see a doctor after winning $1 million. Then he found out he had stage 4 cancer.

Negociação com redes sociais para combate a fake news fica abaixo do esperado pelo TSE

Corte quer maior agilidade na remoção de conteúdos e ferramentas que impeçam compartilhamentos. Representantes das redes, no entanto, dizem que há limitação técnica para atender os pedidos.

This Word Test Will Reveal Your Best Friend's Best Quality With Surprising Accuracy

Everyone has a best friend. And every best friend has a best quality.

A Muslim Group That Was Denied A Permit For A Mosque Amid Protests Will Get A Second Chance

The New Jersey city of Bayonne has agreed to pay the Muslim group $400,000 and to revisit the permit application.

“One Day At A Time” Season 2 Addresses Donald Trump Without Ever Using His Name

"We never have to say his name because we don’t want to say his name," star Justina Machado told BuzzFeed News.

Existe una parodia porno de 'Rugrats' y me quiero sacar los ojos ALV

"¿Por qué eres así?" A la quincuagésima potencia.

This Is How Cutting EU Immigration Will Hit The UK Economy, According To The Government's Leaked Analysis

The January 2018 Brexit analysis seen by BuzzFeed News shows the cost of falling EU migration would more than wipe out the economic boost of a US trade deal.

Recast 12 Marvel Characters And We'll Grant You A Superpower

Who says Captain America can't be a woman?

All I’ve Learned From HGTV Is That No Home Is Good Enough

I know my house would be considered a "before" on my favorite HGTV shows — but I still can't stop watching.

Meet The 2018 BuzzFeed Emerging Writer Fellows

These three writers are a force to be reckoned with.

Michelle Obama Just Gave This 3rd Grader An ''A+" And People Absolutely Love It

"She loves that Mrs. Obama is brown and has hair like hers."

Can You Spend $400 On Snacks At Costco?

You can choose as many items as you like, but should choose at least one per round. How close can you come to spending $400 in one epic snack run?

Trump Wants To Limit Family Reunification Immigration. Here's What That Would Mean.

In his State of the Union address Tuesday night, Trump again called for restrictions on what he calls "chain migration." Such restrictions would hit Asians and Mexicans particularly hard.

Ellen Delivered Her Own State Of The Union Address And It Was Everything This Country Needs

"The state of my union is strong because this show is all about love and inclusiveness."



Twitter Has Doubled The Number Of People It Says Interacted With Kremlin-Linked Trolls

Twitter previously said 677,775 people in the US interacted with a Kremlin-linked troll campaign during the election. It's now doubled that number, and notified 1.4 million people that they've engaged with the trolls.

Resist The Darkness. Support Philadelphia.

Opinion: We’re living in the middle movie of a trilogy, where the bad guys keep on winning and hope fades. But this Sunday, Philly could turn the tide.

La Formula 1 dejará de usar a sus famosas "grid girls"

Un pequeño paso para la F1, un GRAN paso para la equidad de género.

18 Formas en las que los meseros son completamente diferentes del resto del mundo

Es una vida de propinas, trucos, y... más propinas.

10 Times Confused Cardi B Accurately Described Your Feelings

Cardi B blinking >> White guy blinking

People Are Threatening To Riot If Bailey Dies On "Grey's Anatomy" This Week

"If Miranda Bailey dies on Grey's Anatomy, I'm suing Shonda Rhimes for emotional distress..."

What's The Most Embarrassing Movie That Made You Cry?

Honestly, just asking because I cried during The Boss Baby...

14 Times Ben Platt Tweeted Exactly What You Were Thinking

"Just got engaged to a bagel with cream cheese I’m in the middle of eating we’re registered at Barney’s please stick to the list thanks all."

Esto es lo que necesitas hacer para reponer tu credencial del INE antes de las elecciones

Si te la robaron, se te perdió o se la comió el perro, todavía puedes pedir otra.

Huck pode quebrar polarização esquerda-direita, diz estrategista de Macron

Em entrevista ao BuzzFeed News, Guillaume Liegey afirma que missão de candidato de centro é derrubar Bolsonaro para enfrentar Lula no segundo turno. Sem Lula, "as coisas se descomplicam."

19 Easy Lunches With No Meat Or Dairy

Whether you're vegan, vegetarian or just want to save money, these are made for you.

Ex-USA Gymnastics Doctor Larry Nassar Is Facing Dozens More Women At His Second Sentencing Hearing

The number of known victims of Larry Nassar is 256, judge Janice Cunningham said.

Estos helados en Mérida se ven tan buenos que deberían ser patrimonio de la humanidad

La heladería yucateca, El Pirata Mid, crea helados con los dulces, chocolates y cereales de tu infancia.

This Company Is Charging Up To $1,870 For Unpaid Internships

Exclusive: Budding Talents Recruitment charges "poor, hungry and driven" people up to $1,870 for unpaid internship placements — and inadvertently rang the Australian Council of Trade Unions to offer their services.

I Went Through All The Stuff On My Desk And Boy Do I Need A Desk Makeover

"I know what you're thinking...How do I actually do work at this desk?"

The FBI Says It Has “Grave Concerns” About House Republicans’ FISA Memo

In a statement Wednesday, the FBI warned that a Republican-drafted memo alleging government abuse of spying laws leaves out important facts.

"House of Cards" está filmando su última temporada y trae nuevos personajes

Kevin Spacey, quien hacía el papel de Frank Underwood, está oficialmente fuera de la serie por acusaciones de acoso sexual.

Meurtre d'Alexia Daval : quand tout à coup, CNews se demande s'il «y avait une relation adultère»

«Pourquoi l’a-t-il tuée ? Est-ce un crime passionnel ? Y'avait-il une relation adultère ? Je n’en sais rien», s'est interrogé l’ancien député Georges Fenech, désormais consultant pour CNews.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on tripod desk lamps, tongue cleaner scrapers, Japanese coffee makers, and more!

These Bird Scientists Say Feral Cat Advocates Are Lying About Science Just Like Climate Deniers

A new report continues the savage war between cat and bird lovers, raising charges of distorted science.

What Apocalyptic Event Is Predicted To Happen On Your Birthday?

Turns out there have been A LOT of prophecies about the end of the world. Take this quiz to find out if an apocalyptic event has ever been predicted for your birthday.

¿Eres más Quique Garay o Toño de Valdés?

Porque hay dos tipos de personas en este mundo, y claro que quieres saber cuál eres tú.

The Former BBC China Editor Just Accused The Top BBC News Chiefs Of Not Telling The Truth

In a scathing, and often deeply personal, evidence session about gender pay at the broadcaster, Carrie Gracie asked, "If the BBC doesn't report the truth, how can its journalists?"

Helen Mirren Just Destroyed James Corden In A Rap Battle And Yes, You Read That Right

"You've been to Helen back bitch" – Helen Mirren, a queen in film and on the mic.

Republican Trey Gowdy, The Face Of The Benghazi Investigation, Will Not Seek Reelection

The South Carolina congressman made the announcement Wednesday afternoon. He is the latest in a slew of Republicans announcing their retirements.

Dans les coulisses du business de la famille la plus célèbre d’Instagram

Mise en scène par sa mère, Mila Stauffer, 3 ans, fait des pubs pour Duracell pour ses 3 millions de followers. Une stratégie qui rapporte à la famille des centaines de milliers de dollars.

One Person Is Dead After A Train Carrying Republicans To A Congressional Retreat Hit A Truck

According to the White House, members of Congress and their staffers have not sustained serious injuries.

18 Women-Led Movies You Can Look Forward To In 2018

Bookmark this — it's gonna be a long year.

21 Parents Who Have Totally Given Up On Winning "Parent Of The Year"

Basically, they're just trying to make it to bedtime.

¿Por qué es necesaria una Fiscalía independiente? Aquí te explicamos

Este miércoles, organizaciones civiles realizaron una manifestación en el Ángel de la Independencia para exigir la transformación de la PGR a una Fiscalía independiente.

A Top Trump Adviser's Yearbook Quote Says A Wife Should Be "Submissive To Her Husband"

Marc Short is the director of legislative affairs at the White House.

A Key Part Of Obama-Era Financial Reforms Survived A Legal Challenge, But That Could Be Good For Trump Now

A federal appeals court ruled on Wednesday that a provision of the Dodd-Frank Act that makes it harder for the president to fire the head of the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau is constitutional.

Quão gay é o seu humor?

Onde os memes realmente vivem.

Democrats Think The Retiring Head Of Planned Parenthood Should Run For Office

Democrats in Congress and political operatives told BuzzFeed News they think the departing Planned Parenthood president should strongly consider running a campaign of her own. “She would be an amazing candidate if she wanted to run.”

Estas ideas fantásticas no existen en todo el mundo, pero deberían

Vas a quererlas todas, y no podrás tener (casi) ninguna.

Todo mundo vai arrasar na cozinha com esta torta fácil de frango

O liquidificador faz todo trabalho por você.

Could You Pass A Basic Culinary School Test?

Thyme to put your skills to the test.

Todo lo que necesitas para ver el Super Bowl 2018

Incluye dónde, cómo, cuándo y qué artistas se presentarán.

"House Of Cards" Is Filming Again, Adding Diane Lane And Greg Kinnear To Its Final Season

The pair of Oscar nominees join Robin Wright's Claire Underwood in the Netflix show's final season — and its first without Kevin Spacey.

Here's A Fact About "How I Met Your Mother" That Is Deeply Troubling

This is SO not legend — wait for it — dary.

Dua Lipa ou Anitta?

Agora fodeu!

This Professor Resigned From Caltech After Harassing Two Students. Now He Has A New Job.

Astrophysicist Christian Ott resigned from Caltech last August. He'll start as a senior researcher at the University of Turku in Finland on March 1.

22 Geheimnisse, die garantiert jede Krankenschwester kennt

Feuchte Hände + Handschuhe = Es ist kompliziert.

10 photos qui capturent l'horreur des avortements illégaux

Laia Arbil expose les techniques dangereuses auxquelles les femmes sont contraintes de recourir pour exercer leur droit à disposer de leur corps.

“I Have The Best Words.” Here's How Trump’s First SOTU Compares To All The Others.

BuzzFeed News combed through the text of every State of the Union since George Washington’s first address in 1790. Trump’s speech used simple words with a positive message — just like most modern presidents.

Lots Of People Who Stopped Eating At Chipotle Are Defecting To Chick-Fil-A

Chick-fil-A is seeing more business from former Chipotle customers, as are Sweetgreen and Domino's.

19 Comforting Soup Recipes If You're Cutting Back On Meat And Dairy

Whether you're a vegan or just trying to cut back on meat and dairy.

Amber Tamblyn Is Finding Her Way In The Reckoning Along With The Rest Of Us

Tamblyn talked to BuzzFeed News about Time’s Up, James Woods, Quentin Tarantino, and the importance of women’s rage. “I am pro-anger,” Tamblyn said. “I am anti-passivity.”

Trump's CDC Director Just Resigned After Reports That She Bought And Sold Tobacco Stock On The Job

HHS confirmed Brenda Fitzgerald's resignation Wednesday morning.

Un cadre de «Sud Ouest» accusé de harcèlement sexuel par onze journalistes

Info BuzzFeed – Onze anciennes et actuelles salariées du quotidien régional ont témoigné contre un cadre de la rédaction. La direction a ouvert une enquête. Tout est parti d'un témoignage d'une ancienne journaliste de la rédaction tweeté avec le hashtag #balancetonporc.

Doria anuncia multa de R$ 500 para quem fizer xixi na rua no Carnaval de São Paulo

Fiscal vai abordar folião na hora H até com escolta da Guarda Municipal para pedir documentos.

12 fotos que mostram como as coisas do dia a dia são por dentro

Você sabe como é o interior de uma mesa de sinuca?

19 furchtbar beunruhigende Arten, wie Leute schon gestorben sind

Wie Jack Daniels will man wirklich nicht den Löffel abgeben.

10 Simple Things You Can Do To Make Your Guests Feel At Home

Make your visitors feel comfortable by following some easy steps before their arrival.

Qual heroína da cultura pop disse estas frases?

Este teste vai mostrar o quanto você conhece estas mulheres-maravilha.

The Stars Of The Trump Show, Season 2

The president has officially launched his second year. Here are the people in his orbit who matter most.

29 Valentine's Day Gifts Under $20 For Your BFF

🎶 People let me tell you 'bout my best friend 🎶

23 Gorgeous Bouquets From FTD Your Valentine Will Adore

Flower power has never looked so lovely.

Couple Infected With Parasitic Hookworms At Beach Share Horrifying Photos

Warning: graphic photos of worms in feet ahead.

Chrissy Teigen Showed The Fake Crying Face She Pulls When John Performs "All Of Me" And It's Amazing

People expect a reaction from her so much, she sometimes has to pretend to be moved.

Only Someone Who's Always Cold Will Tick Over 75% Of Things On This List

Don't tell me it's "not that cold" when I'm freezing my tits off, Janet.

This Tory Minister Has Been Disciplined For Saying The Government Should Be Led By "Evidence, Not Dogma"

Justice minister Phillip Lee was hauled in by the chief whip for his string of tweets about a document leaked to BuzzFeed News. It will now be released following pressure from Labour.

16 kleine Heimwerker-Tipps, die dir beim Renovieren richtig helfen

Ich hänge in Zukunft alle meine Bilderrahmen mithilfe von Zahnpasta auf.

Germans Have The Weirdest Names For Their Food And OMG I Can't Even

"I tried Dead Grandma yesterday. Delicious!"

Simone Biles Said She Didn't Speak At Nassar's Sentencing Because It Would Have Been Too Stressful

Biles, who praised the judge who sentenced the abusive doctor for giving his victims so much time to speak, said she had not yet undergone counseling to process what she had gone through.

Para eleitor de Lula, condenação em segunda instância não muda nada

Datafolha aponta que condenação pelo TRF-4 não fez diferença para o eleitor de Lula: o ex-presidente segue na frente na disputa pela Presidência (e com folga).

19 Dinge über Geburten, die du nicht zu fragen wagst, aber unbedingt wissen möchtest

Manchmal reißt du von der Scheide bis zum Arschloch auf.

Krista Torres 25 minutes ago

How Come The Moon Gets All These Cool Names And I Don't

Your BuzzFeed News newsletter, Jan. 31.

12 exemples d'organiseur à imprimer pour les flemmards du Bullet Journal

Et si vous avez un Bullet Journal, ça peut aussi vous donner des idées !

40 Serving Essentials For A Serious Super Bowl Party

Protip: It's all about the presentation.

16 Skin Care Products Under $10 Your Face Will Thank You For

Champagne taste on a beer budget ain't so bad after all!

The 11 Answers That Won These Women The Miss India Crown

Find out what it took to make these women winners.

Answer These Questions And We'll Give You A Valentine's Gift

Cute and cheap gifts for your sweetheart.

13 truques simples e fáceis para fazer pequenos reparos em casa

Soluções inteligentes para você mesmo(a) pendurar quadros, pintar uma sala e não fazer muita bagunça.

You Are Not Alone In These Academic Agraharas

Some will probably label me a “non-meritorious” Dalit from the “reserved category”. But I am not ashamed of my identity and you shouldn't be either.

18 blagues qui ne feront rire que les intellos

Les intellos, premiers sur le LOL.

28 Products That'll Do All The Talking For You

Let all these products do the talking — you'll just do the eye-rolling.

Stormy Daniels Just Gave An Interview Where She Sort Of Denied Denying Having An Affair With Trump

But after the adult film actor appeared on Jimmy Kimmel Live Tuesday night, her lawyer released another statement confirming the denial. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Si lloraste con 23 de estas 30 películas españolas, es que eres la Zarzamora que llora que llora por los rincones

Ser un torrente emocional es maravilloso porque te ahorras años y años de terapia.

Je vous autorise à vous moquer de ces 18 personnes

Pour tout dire, je préfère que ça leur arrive à eux plutôt qu'à moi.

Meurtre d'Alexia Daval : la couverture médiatique ne passe pas

«Avec un tel traitement médiatique, on va finir par croire que c'est Jonathann Daval la victime», ironise une militante féministe.

Have You Had At Least 17/30 Of These Spanish Foods?

Don't take this if you're hungry!

38 Dinge, die du nur verstehst, wenn du deine beste Freundin schon sehr lange kennst

Du lässt dir gelegentlich von ihr eine Diagnose erstellen, obwohl sie keine Ärztin ist, sondern nur gut googlen kann.

【クイズ】薩摩ことば、どれだけ理解できる? #鹿児島弁クイズ


19 Things That Are Cheaper At Jet Than They Are At Amazon

Awesome deals on stuff including activated charcoal toothpaste, an avocado saver, a casserole slow-cooker, and more!


🚙 📱 👈🏼 😂 🚓 🛑 ✋🏼 ⁉️ 🤷🏻‍♂️ 🗒 🖊 = 6️⃣ & 💷 😔

Si vous ne savez pas quelle série regarder, répondez à ces 7 questions et on choisit pour vous

Vous ne savez pas comment choisir parmi toutes ces séries ? Alors ce test est fait pour vous.

21 caras que todos los hijos de divorciados podrán reconocer

Contadas por tus series y películas favoritas.

Which "PLL" Guy Is Staying The Night Based On The Bedroom You Design?

There might soon be clothes all over your bedroom floor.

21 Celeb Breakups That Astrology Predicted

Stars who can't read the stars.

Which Bollywood Fuckboi Is Actually Your True Soulmate?

Are you self-destructive enough for a Rahul, or gullible enough for a Raj?



Googleアップデート後に流入2倍の国がん Yahoo!検索とも連携


I Regret To Inform You That There Is A Political Scandal Involving A Boat Named Ferry McFerryFace

The NSW government spent $100,000 on a public vote to name a new ferry, and then ignored the result.

It’s Not Good Enough In 2018 For Australian TV To Be Giving Controversial Men A Platform

Using shock value to attract viewers seems like a foolproof ploy by the creators of Australian reality TV – but should networks be taking a harder stance on casting men with outdated views on women?

Melania Trump Arrived At The State Of The Union Without Her Husband And Dressed In White

The unconventional arrival and stark, all-white pantsuit raised eyebrows after the president was recently accused of paying a porn star to stay quiet about an affair.

Absolute Queen Lorde Decided To Take Out A Newspaper Ad After Her Grammys Snub

In the wake of the Grammys controversy, Lorde's having the last word.

Flash Briefing For January 31, 2018

Highlights from President Trump’s first State of the Union address, new complaints against Roger Ailes, and today’s "super blue blood moon!"

Donald Trump Just Laid Out His Vision For The Year. It Will Likely Soon Be Overshadowed.

The president who read the State of the Union on a teleprompter is not the president who sits in the Oval Office.

These Australian Artists Are Illustrating Harrowing Accounts Of Abuse From Australia's Nauru Detention Centre

"Art is a powerful, visual language. It can override prejudice and fear and speak to the heart. Not everybody connects with words, and we wanted to give people another way in."

Are You More Alyssa Or James From "The End Of The F***ing World?"

"That day I learned silence is really loud. Deafening."

Hillary Clinton On Decision Not To Fire Adviser Accused Of Harassment: "If I Had It To Do Again, I Wouldn’t"

In 2007, a woman filed a sexual harassment complaint against her boss, who was punished but not fired. In a long Facebook post late Tuesday night just before the State of the Union, Clinton wrote, "The short answer is this: If I had it to do again, I wouldn’t."

Mara foi a primeira eliminada do "BBB18", mas não será esquecida tão cedo

Em uma semana ela fez estratégias, militou dentro da casa e quando saiu mandou um "Fora Temer" em rede nacional.

What Was Your Worst Experience While Working In Fashion

Is everything as glamorous as it seems?

Treasurer Turned Backbencher Wayne Swan Has Been Tipped For Next Labor President

BuzzFeed News understands the position was offered to former prime minister Julia Gillard, who scoffed at the idea and rejected it outright.

Which '90s Alt-Rock Song Are You?

This quiz might help you find a new song to add to your playlist!



Tiago Leifert foi tão direto na eliminação do "BBB18" que deu saudades do Bial

Com Bial: o coração acelerava e a mão suava. Com Leifert: é uma facada e pronto.

Steve Wynn Is Being Investigated By The Nevada Gaming Board Over Sexual Misconduct Allegations

The move comes days after the Wall Street Journal reported that the Las Vegas casino magnate allegedly engaged in sexual misconduct and pressured employees to perform sex acts.

15 Things To Do When It's Sunny In Melbourne (That Aren't The Beach)

Let's get the most out of the remaining sunny days before winter.

17 Tuits de personas que tuvieron que usar su 3G para quejarse por la caída de Infinitum

"¿Cómo quieren que Telmex solucione sus quejas si tampoco tiene internet?".

Senators Don't Share House Republicans' Enthusiasm For #ReleaseTheMemo

Republicans on the Senate Intelligence Committee have distanced themselves from a House memo that is said to accuse the Justice Department and FBI of impropriety in the Trump-Russia probe.

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