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21 Quotes By Twinkle Khanna That Prove She's The Sassiest Person In Bollywood

Throwing sass around like confetti.

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1. When she made Karan Johar regret his rapid fire questions.

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2. When she gave Pakistan an alternative for nuclear weapons.

Pakistan doesn't need nuclear weapons they can just drop this purple bomb on us #TaherShah

Twitter: @mrsfunnybones

3. When she shook all mothers-in-law.

4. When she gave Karan Johar a taste of her sass.

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5. When she tweeted this about the beef ban.

Want to eat meat,go ahead&if someone has a beef with that then hold your ground-don't chicken out or there really will be egg on your face

Twitter: @mrsfunnybones

6. When she managed to be sassy even while talking about serious issues like menstrual hygiene.

7. When she added a desi twist to this popular joke.

Lemonade? When life gives us lemons,we make them into talismans threaded with chillies and hanging on our rear-view mirrors #TheIndianWay

Twitter: @mrsfunnybones

8. When she spoke the truth about men being too stubborn to ask for directions.

9. When she spoke about Botox.

10. When she mentioned about her husband's "special quality."

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11. When she spoke about midlife crisis.

Middle age: Where you have given up worrying about love, are yet to worry about health and it is only work that gives you sleepless nights.

Twitter: @mrsfunnybones

12. When she trolled Rahul Gandhi just like everyone else.

13. When she put up a matrimonial ad for Salman Khan.

14. When she gave us a reality check on getting older.

15. When she tweeted this on Karva Chauth.

Scientists studying longest living mammals,bowhead whales found for a long life what is needed is a slow metabolism & not wives who fast:)

Twitter: @mrsfunnybones

16. When she spoke about that "unbuttoning act" controversy which got her arrested.

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17. When asked about Section 377.

18. When she spoke for every woman.

19. When she played around with words.

20. When she compared Karan Johar to currency.

21. When she said this.