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January 28, 2018

Here Are All The Winners From The 2018 Grammy Awards

It was a big night for Bruno Mars, who walked away with six awards, including Album of the Year.

Carrie Fisher Just Won A Grammy And I'm Not Crying, You Are

The late actor won Best Spoken Word Album for her memoir, The Princess Diarist.

Camila Cabello Just Opened Up About Why She Left Fifth Harmony

"I feel like being part of a group...brings out this healthy competition, you know..."

14 Impossible Questions For Fans Of "Stranger Things" And "Game Of Thrones"

Would you rather date Steve Harrington or Jon Snow?

All Of The Looks At The 2018 Grammy Awards

What every celebrity wore to the Grammy Awards.

Margarita Zavala tuiteó sobre el caso Marco Antonio y la gente la está acusando de oportunista

Académicos y ciudadanos le recuerdan que durante la gestión de Felipe Calderón, ella se mantuvo al margen de la conversación.

37 Things That Were Really Cool In 2008, But Not At All Today

It was what was important to us a decade ago.

Donald Trump, #MeToo, Facebook, And The Breakdown Of Institutional Power

The phantom feeling that something should’ve happened, but didn’t or won’t, flows through each of the central stories of the moment: Trump’s presidency, the nightmare revelations of sexual abuse, and the accumulating problems of Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube. What institutional power looks like in 2018.

Which Weird Food Holiday Falls On Your Birthday?

Find out what you should eat on your birthday.

Can You Grab The Proper Ingredient To Make This Recipe?

Do you know what cream of tartar is?

I Acted Like Zac Efron On Instagram For A Week And Everyone Thought I Hung Out With The Rock

I owe an apology to my followers and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson.

Esto es lo último que ha informado la policía capitalina sobre la desaparición de Marco Antonio

Dos agentes están detenidos, el hecho no se investiga como una desaparición forzada y la información de la patrulla ya fue entregada a la Procuraduría.

16 Tiny Home Improvement Hacks That Actually Make A Big Difference

Smart problem solvers, from drilling to decor.

This Is What The Grammys Looked Like In The 2000s

We didn't deserve a decade this good!

10 Gross Things In Your Home That'll Make You Think, "I Live Like This???"

[To the tune of "Shots"] Germs, germs, germs, germs, germs, germs — EVERY SURFACE.

22 Pics That Prove Nature Is Scary AF

*Stays inside forever*

26 Celebs That Prove Just About EVERYONE Has Been On "ER"

Long before he was Ron Swanson, Nick Offerman was Rog.

I Doubt Your Mom Is As Extra As These 17 Moms Are

"This is the happiest place on earth, don't make me slap you."

16 Practical Tips For Meal Prepping For One Person

You don't have to eat the same thing every day.

Create A Rom-Com Film, And We'll Forecast How Long Your Next Relationship Will Last

Will it be three months, five years, or **swoon** forever?

13 Libido Facts For People Who Want More (Or Less) Sex

It’s not a one-size-fits-all situation, people.

33 Tiny Things That Make People Happy, Even On The Worst Days

Some lil' moments to remember when things seem bleak. H/T Reddit.



Jay-Z Criticized Trump On TV, And Trump Fought Back On Twitter

"Somebody please inform Jay-Z that because of my policies, Black Unemployment has just been reported to be at the LOWEST RATE EVER RECORDED!" Trump tweeted on Sunday morning. The black unemployment rate has been in steady and consistent decline since 2010.

13 Universal Rules That Should Not Be Broken Under Any Circumstances

Consider these the 21st century commandments.

This Is What It's Like To Be Your Country's First Potential Winter Olympic Athletes

Repping your country in a sport it doesn't recognize is difficult.

How Well Do You Really Know The Disney Parks?

The happiest quiz on Earth.

18 Life Hacks That Only Tumblr Could Come Up With

"Crack your phone screen in advance so you won't be sad when the screen cracks."

My Inheritance Was My Father’s Last Lesson To Me, And I Am Still Learning It

After my father died, I received an inheritance at 18. As an adult, I’ve had to reckon with how deeply money is connected to pain in my life.

Here’s What One Day In The Dysfunction Of Restoring Puerto Rico’s Electricity Looks Like

A local lawmaker was sure a temporary fix would restore power to 10,000 people in Arecibo this weekend. They’re still in darkness.

23 Of The Most Hilarious Fucking Tweets By Women This Week

"The term 'resting bitch face' is misleading because a bitch never rests."

If You Overthink Too Much, This Quiz Will Tell You

*Overthinks taking this quiz and cries*

22 Things You Can Do To Make Your Wedding Day Less Stressful

"Dab your pits right before you walk down the aisle. You. Will. Sweat."

Despite An Opposition Leader Being Detained, Hundreds Of People Kept Marching In Russia

Alexei Navalny, a prominent critic of Vladimir Putin, was detained en route to a protest in Moscow on Sunday.

A Tory MP Was Called A "Transphobe" By The Official Tory LGBT Group

David Davies' "transphobic views are abhorrent and out of kilter with Conservative Party policy" according to LGBT+ Conservatives.



Only A Stationery Addict Will Own 22/35 Of These Things

Do you have a shelf of very pretty but largely unused notebooks?

Can You Spot Which Of These Actors Is The Odd One Out?

Do you know who starred in these movies?



Will Ferrell Returned To "SNL" As George W. Bush

"Don't forget we're still in two different wars that I started."

Investigators Are Trying To Determine If The Suspect In The Killing Of A Gay College Student Is Linked To White Supremacist Groups

Officials in Southern California are looking into whether the brutal killing of 19-year-old Blaze Bernstein was a hate crime.

17 Delicious And Easy One-Pan Dinners You Need In Your Life

Simple and delicious meals for the perfect weeknight dinners.

Which Member Of The Incredibles Are You?

Results guaranteed to be incredible.

Hillary Clinton Let Him Stay. Women Say His Harassment Continued.

A woman who worked on Hillary Clinton’s campaign complained about touching, inappropriate comments, and an untenable work environment created by her boss, a faith and values adviser. He was punished, but not fired, by Clinton. Six years later, he landed the top job at a pro-Clinton super PAC, where staffers say his behavior wasn’t any different.

One Of The Teens Killed In A High School Shooting Called Her Mom As Shots Rang Out

"It was too late, for she was taken from this earth by the time her mother answered the phone."

This Is The Most Entertaining Disney Princess Quiz You'll Ever Take

“Magic mirror, on the wall — this is the greatest quiz of all?”

They Blamed A Victim For Her Own Murder. Here's How Women Are Responding.

“Every woman deserves to be heard,” Instagram user @2day4night told BuzzFeed News. “And I think Russian women are little heard.”





This Celeb Subtweet Test Will Determine How Petty You Really Are

"Watch out for the Regina George in sheep's clothing..."

Friendly Fire In "Call Of Duty" Led To Swatting In Which Officers Killed A Man In Kansas, Police Say

Police say that an argument over Call Of Duty prompted one player to "swat" another, which led to a man who wasn't playing the game getting killed.

14 Pictures Only Your Best Friend Will Know Why You're Sharing

*makes "can u believe this" eye contact*

Wendy Williams, WTF Are You Thinking?

The talk show host hit out at #metoo and #muteRKelly in a "Hot Topics" segment that has Twitter buzzing.

29 Things That Happened During "High School Musical" That Make No Sense Now That I'm Older

The fact that no one was ever slightly concerned that Sharpay and Ryan always played the romantic leads together.

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