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January 27, 2018

28 WTF-Momente von Tag 9 des Dschungelcamps, aber vor allem gab es den Untertitel des Jahres

IBES und die wichtigste Frage: "Hast du für mich ein Kebab?"

Un joven de 17 años fue detenido y desaparecido por policías de la CDMX #DóndeEstáMarcoAntonio

El joven fue agredido por dos policías de la Secretaría de Seguridad Pública de la CDMX, quienes ya fueron presentados ante la Fiscalía Antisecuestros. Pero él sigue desaparecido

Bill de Blasio’s Path To Becoming A Progressive Icon May Run Through Bernie Sanders

The New York city mayor didn’t back the Vermont senator’s presidential campaign in 2016, but he’s now tying himself to the face of the national progressive movement.





Here's The Powerful Message Kesha Wrote To Her Fans About Her Grammy Performance Tomorrow

"I just felt as if i had gotten a huge weight off of my shoulders."

Check Out These Insane Photos Of Paris After The River Seine Overflowed

Over 650 people in the Paris region have been evacuated from their homes after heavy rains caused flooding.

This Gay Mormon Man Who Got Famous For Marrying A Straight Woman Is Getting Divorced

The couple is now apologizing to the LGBT community for how the "publicity of our supposedly successful marriage" has been "used to bully others."

Exclusive: Three More Women Are Accusing Jeremy Piven Of Sexual Misconduct

Three more women shared their stories about the Entourage actor with BuzzFeed News, bringing the total number of public accusations of sexual misconduct against him to eight. Piven has denied all the allegations and previously took a polygraph test to prove his innocence.

Steve Wynn Out As RNC Finance Chair After Sexual Misconduct Report

The news came after more than 24 hours of silence on the Wynn allegations from top Republicans.

Can You Beat Your Friends At This "Friends" Trivia Quiz?

Do YOU know what a "Joey Special" is?

Which Best Picture Nominee Are You?

Will you win the Oscar?

Pick Some Random Stuff And We'll Give You A Rapper BFF

Nicki Minaj or Kendrick Lamar? Let's see...

33 Hilarious Tweets About "The Office" That Deserve A Dundie Award

"Yeah Black Mirror is cool, but did you ever see that episode of The Office where the GPS drives Michael and Dwight into the lake?"

26 Times Reality Just Didn't Live Up To Your Expectations

What you see isn't always what you get.

We Want To See Babies That Look Like Celebs!

John Legend baby is a legend.

21 Wild Group Sex Fantasies People Actually Have

Threesomes and foursomes and moresomes, oh my.

If You've Tried 14/22 Of These Cocktails, You're A Cocktail Expert

...Or maybe you just really love boozy drinks ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Which Bird Matches Your Aesthetic?

One of these birds matches your look.

What Do You Wish You Had Known Before Starting Whole30?

I mean, other than coconut aminos.

This Is What Broadway Actors Eat In A Day

We talked to actors from Dear Evan Hansen and School of Rock.

How Does Your Wedding Compare To Everyone Else's?

Open bar or cash bar? Kids or no kids?

16 formas en la que las mujeres sufren violencia en línea en México

Por ejemplo, cuando alguien más comparte sus fotos íntimas sin consentimiento.

Here’s What You Need To Know About Cold Sores And Herpes

Let's talk about cold sores, why you get them, and how you can treat them.

18 Tweets From This Week That Are Just Fuckin' Funny

"The term 'resting bitch face' is misleading because a bitch never rests."

17 Smart Things To Do In Your First Week At A New Job

Bring a sweater and use a simple trick to remember your new coworker's names.

19 Tweets Only People Who Shop At Publix Can Truly Understand

"I live for the small things in life, like no line at Publix for a sub."

What Is It About Costco?

Every single Sunday for six years, my family went to Costco. And I learned that Costco is not for what you need; it’s for what you want.

23 Pictures That Capture The Horrors Of The Holocaust

Saturday is International Holocaust Remembrance Day. "To forget would be not only dangerous but offensive; to forget the dead would be akin to killing them a second time." —Elie Wiesel

Which Oscar Nominated Movie Matches Your Love Life?

Let's see whether you're part of a bizarre quasi-BDSM power struggle, a star-crossed young lover, or madly in love with a sexy fish-man. (Hey, we've all been there.)

15 Kids Whose Advice Is So Random, So Honest, And So Freakin' Adorable

"Don't ever let your Mom comb your hair when she's mad at your Dad."

This Is What People Wore To Their City Hall Weddings And Why

We went to City Hall and asked some newly weds how and why they chose their wedding outfits.

We Ranked The Disney Villains From Least Gay To Most Gay

Mirror, mirror, on the wall...who is the gayest one of all?

Are You Actually Good At Listening?

How good are you at the art of conversation?





A Suicide Bomber Driving An Ambulance Has Killed More Than 100 People In Kabul

At least 103 people have been killed and 235 injured after an attacker detonated explosives packed into an ambulance in Afghanistan's capital, officials say.

11 Times Carrie Underwood Was Just Like You, Then 11 Times She Was Not

*immediately starts singing "Before He Cheats"*

Here's A Leaked WhatsApp Chat Showing Tory Leavers' Confusion About One Of Their Key Brexit Demands

WhatsApp messages seen by BuzzFeed News show Nadine Dorries saying she'd been talking with a politics teacher about Brexit and didn't know enough about the trading relationships of the customs union's members to argue the point.

上原浩治世代のいまは… 残る現役選手はあと3人




29 cosas que no sabía que Las chicas Gilmore me habían enseñado hasta ahora

Nada calma un enfado con alguien mejor que lanzarle huevos rellenos al coche.

Women In The Hospitality Industry Reveal The Routine Sexual Harassment They Face

Lewd comments, getting groped, and being told to flirt for better tips are just some examples of the sexual harassment women working in the hospitality industry told BuzzFeed News they face. “I think that [men] feel as if it is their right to flirt, as in they are buying something and it's part of the service.”

Flash Briefing For January 27-28, 2018

It's the weekend. Go enjoy your life.

Pick Five Things And We'll Give You Something To Cook Tonight

Make it, bake it, just don't break it!

The Man Who Killed Former NFL Running Back Joe McKnight Has Been Convicted Of Manslaughter

Ronald Gasser said the shooting was in self-defense, but investigators argued during the trial that forensic evidence contradicted his claim.

静電気の「バチッ」を防いでくれる便利アイテム 7選


Find Out What Show Takes Place In Your Home State

Turns out, there aren't many shows set in Nebraska.









Family Of Rancher Killed In Oregon Standoff Is Suing The Government For $70 Million

LaVoy Finicum was killed by police at the end of a tense standoff in Oregon. His family claims the rancher was the victim of "a preplanned government ambush."

14 Movies You Should Know About From The Sundance Film Festival

It was a quieter year at the annual film festival in Park City, Utah, but there were still plenty of powerful, moving, and surprising films worth talking about.

17 Old-Timey Words You Need To Start Using In Your Everyday Life

Tell that ultracrepidarian in your news feed to delete their account.

18 Different Foods From Around The World You Can Try Today In Sydney

We're a multicultural city that just really loves food.

Three Teens Are Facing Felony Charges After A Pineapple-Tainted High Five Sent Their Allergic Classmate To The Hospital

The school doesn't serve pineapple because the student's allergy is so severe, so the high-fiver allegedly borrowed some, police say. Now she's charged with aggravated assault.

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