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    26 Times Reality Just Didn't Live Up To Your Expectations

    What you see isn't always what you get.

    1. This "salad bar."

    u/klockwrk / Via

    2. This "Sponge" Bob.

    u/toss_my_potatoes / Via

    3. This "ring."

    u/alwaysgreat / Via

    4. This "Southwestern Steak Salad."

    So I ordered the Southwestern Steak Salad at @Applebees tonight and this was the outcome. I understand that food is…

    5. This "top."

    u/beroemd / Via

    6. This "panda" lollipop.

    u/boarqing / Via

    7. This "blanket."

    u/ruserious65433 / Via

    8. These "cute" dinner rolls.

    u/beroemd / Via

    9. This "dinosaur pillow."

    u/aad51423 / Via

    10. This "sandwich."

    u/alexx_y / Via

    11. This "fucking" mug.


    12. This "giant" teddy bear.

    u/hypoid77 / Via

    13. This "skull" egg mold.

    u/slvglive / Via

    14. This "underwater" puzzle.

    u/wolfdoom / Via

    15. This "Bob Ross Chia Pet."

    u/TheBeaverOfficial / Via

    16. This "cookies 'n' cream" stuffed french toast.

    u/AshleyJean615 / Via

    17. These "sneakers."

    u/harley_g00d / Via

    18. These "instructions."

    u/EdgarBopp / Via

    19. These "alien" balloons.

    u/Insertanamehere9 / Via

    20. This "costume."

    u/sarah_wonderlandss / Via

    21. This "heart."

    asked groomer to shave a heart on my dogs butt... what I expected vs what I got

    22. This "cheese dog."


    23. This "sprinkler."

    u/s0_0k / Via

    24. This "Winnie the Pooh" face mask.

    u/gotmilo11 / Via

    25. This chocolate "Santa."

    u/FluffyV / Via

    26. And finally, this "vicious" dog.

    u/Colar / Via

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