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    26 Times Reality Just Didn't Live Up To Your Expectations

    What you see isn't always what you get.

    1. This "salad bar."

    2. This "Sponge" Bob.

    3. This "ring."

    4. This "Southwestern Steak Salad."

    So I ordered the Southwestern Steak Salad at @Applebees tonight and this was the outcome. I understand that food is…

    5. This "top."

    6. This "panda" lollipop.

    7. This "blanket."

    8. These "cute" dinner rolls.

    9. This "dinosaur pillow."

    10. This "sandwich."

    11. This "fucking" mug.

    12. This "giant" teddy bear.

    13. This "skull" egg mold.

    14. This "underwater" puzzle.

    15. This "Bob Ross Chia Pet."

    16. This "cookies 'n' cream" stuffed french toast.

    17. These "sneakers."

    18. These "instructions."

    19. These "alien" balloons.

    20. This "costume."

    21. This "heart."

    asked groomer to shave a heart on my dogs butt... what I expected vs what I got

    22. This "cheese dog."

    23. This "sprinkler."

    24. This "Winnie the Pooh" face mask.

    25. This chocolate "Santa."

    26. And finally, this "vicious" dog.