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    16 Photos That Make Wheelchair Users Say "Thanks, But No Thanks"

    Everyone!!! Do better!!

    So, accessibility: a pretty simple concept, right? How could anyone possibly fuck it up?

    Well, let us count the ways...

    1. There's this poorly thought-out elevator situation...

    2. And this "accessible" bathroom that I guess people will just have to magically levitate up to in order to enter...

    3. Like, okay, but really, is anyone out there thinking this stuff through??

    4. While we're here, we have some thoughts on mirror positioning, too.

    5. And who knew it would be this hard to commit to a full ramp, yo??

    6. We're not sure who this is supposed to help, exactly...

    7. And I guess this is assuming that someone's out there trying to park a golf cart?

    8. And what kind of time do you think we have on our hands, you guys??

    9. Now this is just some new level of bullshit, people.

    10. And may we just say: The fuck is this???

    11. We looked up "half-assed effort" in the dictionary, and this pic was there...

    12. And we can see where this might have made sense, but regret to inform you that it does not:

    13. Seriously. Maaaajor shout-out to whoever came up with this.

    14. It's just soOoOoOo incredibly accommodating, you guys!!

    15. A good rule of thumb: Curbs are not helpful, ever.

    16. And finally, per these "special" stairs, I guess the correct response is...thanks??

    This post was translated from German.

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