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    19 Tweets Only People Who Shop At Publix Can Truly Understand

    "I live for the small things in life, like no line at Publix for a sub."

    1. The struggle of wanting free cookies for life and trying to pretend that you're still a child.

    Me when I go to Publix and ask for the free kid's cookie in the bakery.

    2. The extreme confusion and panic that sets in when you're not at *your* Publix.

    Walking into a different Publix be like

    3. When you daydream about a near-perfect future.

    4. The way time slowly disappears when you've entered the store.

    5. The calculated plans you've crafted just to get your hands on one tiny little sub.

    6. The heartbreak.

    7. The unity.

    Every time I wear my publix sweater out in nyc I meet a stranger from florida and together we reminisce about pubsubs— that’s unity

    8. And mostly, the love.

    I want someone to look at me the way I look at @Publix chicken tender subs🤤

    9. Every time it's impossible to leave with just one, quick thing.

    went into publix to buy stuff to make dinner and left with a case of beer and a stomach full of free sample meatballs

    10. When the BOGO section just happens to be all of your favorite foods.


    11. The way you've memorized your Publix like it's your second home.

    Please excuse my wandering, this is not my publix and I'm confused.

    12. This request.

    When I die, bury me with a Publix cake.

    13. This dream.

    I live for the small things in life, like no line at Publix for a sub.

    14. And this universal truth.

    the publix deli is such a calming place to be.

    15. The beautiful magic that you feel all around you right when you step into that damn store.

    I love Publix great energy in that super market

    16. This unwritten Florida rule.

    If you die in Florida you respawn at the nearest Publix

    17. This request that everyone who has ever moved to a state without a Publix would die for.

    Dear @Publix could you hypothetically send your bread and mayo from the sub station to a condo in IL?…

    18. The way you guard your sub like it's the most important thing in your life.

    If you don’t carry your Publix sub like a football, are you even hungry?

    19. And this eternal truth.

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