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    This Is What Broadway Actors Eat In A Day

    We talked to actors from Dear Evan Hansen and School of Rock.

    A day in the life of a Broadway actor is never boring.

    I wanted to know: What does a busy Broadway actor eat? How do they stay fueled along the way? To find out, I asked Dear Evan Hansen's Laura Dreyfuss and School of Rock's Justin Collette to keep a food diary for a day.

    Laura starts her day with chopped fruit and coffee.

    Justin grabs an order of pancakes, eggs, bacon, sausage, and fruit at a local breakfast spot.

    Laura picks up a chocolate peanut butter cookie and pops a few collagen soft chews.

    Justin keeps his energy up with cheese, crackers, and soda water.

    In the afternoon, Laura re-ups with empanadas, courtesy of her producer.

    While Justin reluctantly picks up a sandwich with breaded chicken, cheese, honey mustard, and pickles (and actually enjoys it!).

    Made it to dinnertime! Laura joins her former coworkers for pizza at a midtown restaurant.

    ...As well as salmon arugula salad and tea with lemon.

    Justin has a beer and a late dinner of chicken roti.

    After her show that night, Laura snacks on one of her favorite nostalgic treats, Fruit by the Foot.

    And has a little more pizza at an after-show event. 🍕