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    In Happy News, We Now Know What Month In 2019 The Final Season Of "Game Of Thrones" Will Air

    Fourteen months and counting.

    Hi, there. Hello. Welcome to 2018, a year in which there will be no new episodes of Game of Thrones.


    Not. A single. One.

    In case you haven't heard, just a few weeks ago, HBO confirmed that the eighth and final season of our beloved GoT would not be premiering until 2019.


    And, as if that wasn't bad enough, they didn't even tell us WHEN in 2019. Like, what if it was December 2019?? That's basically TWO years without Game of Thrones. I mean, could you even imagine?!


    Well, praise your lucky stars, that is not the case!

    In a recent interview with Metro, Maisie Williams revealed that the first of the final six episodes will premiere in April!



    Arya Stark herself said, "We wrap in December and we air our first episode in April [2019]. That’s a four-month turnaround for these huge episodes."

    Tim P. Whitby / Getty Images

    She continued:

    There’s a lot that goes into the final edit. You would not want to rush this season at all. We owe it to our audience and our fans to really do this final season to the best of our abilities.

    Time to start the countdown!


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