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18 Different Foods From Around The World You Can Try Today In Sydney

We're a multicultural city that just really loves food.

1. These seriously delicious meatballs from Fika Swedish Kitchen in Manly that taste just as good as the real thing.

2. This stretchy Dondurma from Hakiki in Newtown that will instantly transport you to the streets of Turkey.

3. This beautifully presented Sultan's Platter from Kazbah in Darling Harbour that will have you feeling like Moroccan royalty.

4. These Bangladeshi snacks from Bang Street Food in Surry Hills that will give you a taste sensation to remember.

5. This heavenly roasted pork knuckle from Munich Brauhaus in The Rocks that will make you feel like you're dining in Germany.

6. These gorgeous little momos from The Muglan in the CBD that will have you hooked onto Nepalese cuisine.

7. This moreish Pączki from Wieczorkowski in Woollahra that will have you crowning Poland the king of doughnuts.

8. These scrumptious caramel-filled Alfajores from La Paula in Fairfield that will have you absolutely sold on Chilean food.

9. This Argentinian Provoleta from Porteño in Surry Hills that will steal your heart (and tastebuds) away.

10. These alluring pieces of Jerk Chicken from Rosie Campbells in Surry Hills that will leave you in a Jamaican daze.

11. This slightly modern twist on the classic Portuguese Tarts from Sweet Belem in Petersham that need no further explanation.

12. These beautifully braided Challahs from Shenkin Café in Erskineville that will make you want to learn more about Israel.

13. This mixed Afghani pilao from Kabul House in Merrylands that will make you fall in love with rice all over again.

14. These Burmese-inspired dishes from The Burman Kitchen in Granville that will have you coming back for more.

15. This Egyptian-inspired vegetarian platter from Cairo Takeaway in Newtown that will just make your day.

16. These cheesy Greek tiropitas from The Good Filo in Ramsgate that will have you going back time and time again.

17. This appetising bowl of mie goreng from Kusuka Cafe in Haymarket that will transport you the market stalls of Indonesia.

18. And finally, this hearty Bandeja Paisa from ExotiK Latin in Newtown that will have you wanting to learn so much more about Colombian food.