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January 4, 2018

A Woman Who Accused Roy Moore Of Sexual Misconduct Is Now Suing Him For Defamation

While running for the Senate, Moore repeatedly accused Leigh Corfman of lying about him sexually touching her when she was 14 years old.

This Man Was Just Told He Can’t Enlist In The Military Because He’s Transgender

But the ban on transgender people enlisting was lifted, by court order, on Jan. 1.

16 Bone-Chilling Pictures Of The "Bomb Cyclone" Pounding The East Coast

We've graduated from blizzards to bomb cyclones.

Trump Allies Are Bashing Steve Bannon — And Defending Katie Walsh

A new book quotes Katie Walsh, the former White House deputy chief of staff and currently a top official at a pro-Trump group, as critical of a number of key Trump officials, including Trump himself. She’s denied making some of the comments. Trump allies have said her job is not in jeopardy.

Just 5 Great Planners For Anyone Who Still Needs One

I’ve spent the last few weeks elbow-deep in planners; here are some of the best ones!

17 People Who Had It Way Harder On Snow Days "Back In My Day"

"Bomb cyclone? Back in my day it was just called snow..."

Trump Lashes Out At Tell-All Book And "Sloppy Steve" Bannon On Twitter

The president's tweet came after the White House said Breitbart should get rid of the former top Trump strategist.

Why Are New Mothers Dying In The US More Than In Any Other Developed Country? A New Study Suggests It’s Partly The Way We’re Counting Them.

A new study confirms that the maternal mortality rate in Texas is alarmingly high. But part of the problem may be a broken system for counting how many women die of pregnancy and birth complications.

17 Travel Destinations You Should Conquer In This Lifetime

Here're some ideas to get you started.

To Sell Gadgets To Facebook Users, Scammers Use Every Trick In The Book

At least 44 pages posted misleading content to drive e-commerce sales.



This Is Why Some Males Experience Breast Tissue Growth

Just one more thing to worry about during puberty, amirite?

Tell Us Your Preferences And We'll Reveal Which Leonardo Dicaprio Character You Are

We know who you want to be, but let's see who you really are!

¿Sabes de qué estado son estos refrescos mexicanos?

Chescos mexicanos solo para conocedores.

16 Memes de la canción del Movimiento Naranja que prueban que el año electoral ya se está saliendo de control

Yo: necesito concentrarme y poner atención. Mi cerebro: Na na na na na...

Which "Black-Ish" Character Are You?

The best family on TV.

18 Reasons Why 2018 Is Already Substantially Better Than 2017

"2018 will be the year of women!!!" —CNN

Here Are The Places Where "Star Wars" Was Actually Filmed

Turns out "a galaxy far, far away" may be a lot closer than you think.

10 Of The Best Electric Blankets You Can Get Online

Need an electric blanket? We've got you covered.

A Selena Gomez Stan Mocked The Death Of Demi Lovato's Dad On Twitter And It Got Really Ugly

Stan Twitter is now making fun of Gomez's kidney transplant and the terror attack in Manchester, among other things.

These Siblings Bought The House Where Their Ancestors Used To Pick Cotton

For the Giles family, there's truly no place like home.

Defesa de Maluf diz que Papuda não fornece medicamentos e reforça pedido de prisão domiciliar

A justiça, contudo, só vai decidir o destino de Maluf após o laudo final do IML e até lá o deputado segue preso.

East Coast Digs Out After "Bomb Cyclone" Storm Dropped More Than A Foot Of Snow In Some Areas

At least three people were killed and more than 40,000 were left without power.

Vogue Is Getting Called Out For Whitewashing Nail Art And Calling It "Manicure Sculptures"

"When Tasha did it 'omg so ghetto, absolutely no class,' but Becky does it and it’s a manicure sculpture."

Twitter não faz nada após Frota pregar violência contra venezuelanos no Brasil

Empresa divulgou no mês passado novas diretrizes para combater discurso de ódio na plataforma: "Não é permitido promover violência, ameaçar ou assediar outras pessoas com base em raça, etnia, nacionalidade", diz trecho do documento.

Estas fotos te mostrarán cómo es la venta de marihuana legal en California

Desde este año, los californianos pueden cultivar, vender y consumir marihuana con fines recreativos de manera legal.

35 Cool Lists To Start And Keep In 2018

Start keeping lists of all the things that it'll be fun to look back on at the end of the year!

19 problemas reais que podem acontecer com a sua vagina

É bom ficar atenta ao que acontece dentro e ao redor dela.

15 receitas básicas para você aprender em 2018

Você nunca mais vai passar vergonha na cozinha.

O ano virou e o Vitas já pode ser tombado como patrimônio brasileiro

O BLBLBLBL HA HA nunca foi tão naturalizado quanto aqui no BR.

How Popular Are Your Golden Globes Opinions?

When it comes to the Globes, the gloves come off.

Você acha que sabe tudo sobre piroca? Então prova

Este teste dirá o quanto você conhece o sistema reprodutor masculino.

Logan Paul Fans Have No Idea How To Feel About Logan Paul

"We love you Logan" ... "No we don't." "We forgive you Logan" ... "No we don't."

16 Cosas que te harán gritar: "¿WTF?"

Pido disculpas de antemano.

We Swapped Styles And Morning Routines For A Day And Got Lots Of Compliments

What an impactful day involving turkey sandwiches, gay thoughts, and snazzy Hawaiian shirts!

18 Imágenes de la ola polar que tiene congelado a EU

El invierno podría agravarse con el "ciclón bomba" que se está formando. Es una de las peores heladas en décadas.

People Are Reacting To A Pic Of Carrie Underwood That Was Taken Just Weeks After She Said She Got Over 40 Facial Stitches

Reality star Adrienne Gang tweeted a pic with Carrie just weeks after the incident.

Kids In Baltimore Couldn't Go To School Because Their Classrooms Were Too Cold

"Trying to provide a stable learning environment in these extreme conditions is unfair and inhumane, to say the least," the Baltimore Teachers Union wrote in a letter to the Baltimore City Public Schools president.

18 Sex Tips That Are Actually Awesome

Seriously, your sex life *always* has room for improvement.

Choose Some Books And We'll Reveal Your Mental Age

Age is more than just a number.

Forget About The Dildos, We've Gotta Talk About The Toe Shoes!!!

This post is about Meghan Trainor and the boy from Spy Kids.

Diga como usa o Tinder e diremos por que você atrai as pessoas

Qual é o traço da sua personalidade que mais chama a atenção dos outros?

4 Jantares leves para começar o ano bem

Práticos e muito saborosos!

La gente le está echando carne al pastor a sus pizzas porque el ingenio mexicano es infinito

Pizza de pepperoni + tacos al pastor con todo = Sí, por favor.

Mark Zuckerberg Says He's Focused On Fixing Facebook's Serious Problems

Zuck is committing his 2018 to fixing problems with abuse, hate, and foreign interference on Facebook. In 2009 he promised to wear ties.

Which Male Celeb Should You Spend The Snow Storm With?

Don't panic, we've got you covered!

Tiffany Haddish Delivered An Iconic Acceptance Speech After She Won An Award For "Girls Trip"

2017's comedic breakout star delivered a funny and moving speech at the New York Film Critics Circle Awards Wednesday night.

Qual celebridade é sua alma gêmea?

Este teste dirá com quem você é mais compatível.

21 Skincare Products That'll Make Your 2018 Glow Up Inevitable

Your glow up should, obviously, involve glowing skin.

Can You Score 10/14 On This Movie Spelling Quiz?

You definitely know the names of these movies, but can you spell them?

Este é um manifesto em nome das pessoas que odeiam acordar cedo

Ninguém consegue ser muito produtivo enquanto está meio dormindo e TOTALMENTE PUTO!

What Fashion Or Beauty Item Makes You Feel The Most Confident?

Tell us about that one thing that always has you ~feelin' yourself~.

Oregon Is Freaking Out Because They Now Have To Pump Their Own Gas

And everybody else is making fun of them for it.

OMG, There's A Mini Harry Potter Reunion In This New TV Drama

Riddikulus. 2018 is looking up already.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on heated blankets, stress relievers, space heaters, and more!

The Justice Department Is Changing Its Pot Policy, But It Won’t Say What Exactly That Will Mean

US attorneys can now prioritize busting pot stores and growers as they see fit — even when pot businesses are licensed by a state and complying with their state’s legalization law.

This Quiz Will Reveal How Much Of An Adult You Are, Compared To Everyone Else

When it comes to handling dishes and deductibles, how do you stack up?

People Are Sharing Exactly What Was Said When They Fell Out Of Love, And It's Brutal

"You're standing too close to me and people are starting to notice."

Vídeo na "Floresta do Suicídio" é mais um exemplo dos problemas que o YouTube precisa resolver

O vídeo, em que o YouTuber Logan Paul mostra uma pessoa que havia se suicidado, exemplifica um grande problema de moderação de conteúdo na plataforma.

A Lica e a Samantha são o melhor casal da televisão brasileira no momento

Limantha é o primeiro casal lésbico em 25 temporadas de "Malhação".

19 Life-Changing Food Hacks Every Lazy Person Needs To Know

Add coffee to your ready-made brownie mixes and thank us later.

Join BuzzFeed's Page Turners To Read More In 2018

Here's how to become a better reader, and have fun doing it!

What's A Great Book That You Can Finish In One-Ish Sitting?

Let us know the best book you ever binge-read.

16 Healthier Comfort Food Recipes That Don't Sacrifice Taste

Comfort food doesn't have to be bad for you.

What Do You Use If Your Back Is Always Killing You?

Tell us about what keeps the kinks in your back at bay!

17 Sports Bras That Actually Support Big Boobs

It's what your boobs deserve.

¿Qué personaje de RBD eres?

¿Eres más fresa que Mia Colucci o más chido que Miguel Arango?

When Will We Let The ’80s Action Hero Die?

Jean-Claude Van Johnson is riding a wave of nostalgia for ‘80s action films and their stars, but the series doesn't move far beyond the dated tropes that shaped those movies in the first place.

People Think This Disney T-Shirt Is Sending Young Girls A Pretty Outdated Message About Gender

"Surely it is widely recognised that the content of your mind and words you speak are WAAAAAY more important than your fucking shoes!"

24 Awesome Hostels That'll Make Traveling The World Affordable AF

When you're on a budget and planning your dream trip, skip the hotel! These top-rated hostels make it easy.

18 Plants For Anyone Who Wants To Add A Little Greenery To Their Home

🌺 Real plants, faux plants, plant party 🌵

This Woman Says Her Mum's Ambulance Waited Outside A Hospital For Hours While She Was Having A Stroke

The number of patients waiting for more than an hour in ambulances has nearly doubled in the last week as emergency wards reach crisis point.

Ed Motta acaba de decretar que a Pabllo Vittar canta bem SIM

Ele afirmou num post de Facebook que chorou de emoção ao ver a Pabllo cantando Whitney Houston no "Altas Horas".

16 Very Short Stories That Prove Tumblr Is Full Of Sarcastic Geniuses

This is what happens when you give a bunch of smartasses a writing prompt.

Ces astuces faciles vous aideront à beaucoup moins gaspiller dans votre vie

Pour le bien-être de la planète (et aussi souvent celui de votre porte-monnaie).

32 Toys For Kids You'll Still Love As A Grown-Ass Adult

Whose idea was it to grow up?? Not mine.

How To Cook Healthier Even If You're Super Lazy

Ridiculously easy ways to cook a little healthier that even lazy people (like myself) will be able to make a habit.

Prefeito pede que Exército vá a Porto Alegre para julgamento de Lula e irrita adversários

O tucano Nelson Marchezan justificou o pedido citando "ameaça de ocupação" e "menção à desobediência civil". Na internet, a briga já começou.

12 Life-Changing Things To Try In January

Because we tried them for you in December!

O Matheus decidiu presentear a namorada registrando uma estrela com o nome dela

E você deve estar se perguntando se isso realmente é possível.

22 documentales que hay en Netflix y te puedo asegurar que están bien porque los he visto

Soy el típico plasta que te dice "tienes que ver este documental".

The White House Has Banned Personal Cell Phone Use For All Staff And Guests

The announcement follows the publication of excerpts of a new West Wing tell-all.

12 Dinge, die du 2018 tun kannst, um deine Beziehung zu verbessern

Respektiere die emotionale Frequenz des anderen.

Após uma bebedeira a Ariane tirou uma foto com o Gabigol mas só depois percebeu que era um SÓSIA

A história chegou até o atacante, que ofereceu uma fotografia com o Gabigol original.

Un photographe a passé deux ans à faire le portrait d'animaux menacés d'extinction

«En tant qu'hommes, nous sommes liés aux animaux de par nos origines. Si nous ne leur accordons pas d'importance, nous pourrions les perdre, et ce faisant perdre une partie de nous-mêmes.»

A história do Marquinhos é um triste exemplo de covardia e violência no futebol brasileiro

Marquinhos Calazans, do Fluminense, recuperava-se de uma cirurgia no joelho quando foi agredido por torcedores rivais — e agora vai passar quase o ano todo em recuperação.

14 coisas que você NÃO precisa prometer em 2018

Em primeiro lugar, você não "tem que" nada.

Iceland Made It Illegal To Pay Women Less Than Men

It's the first country to require companies to certify their equal-pay practices.

My English Isn't Broken; Your English Is Brahmin

As a poet, an academic, and a Dalit, this is the story of finding myself in English and forgetting my way home.

The People Selling Prepper Supplies Really Love Trump's Tweets

When the going gets weird, people start buying nuclear doomsday supplies. "Donald Trump has been very good for the prepper business," said the owner of an online emergency supply firm.

28 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

Chrissy Teigen's cookbook, a makeup organizer, milk frother, and 25 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

Have You Seen At Least 10/32 Of This Year's Golden Globe-Nominated TV Shows?

Alternatively, just use this as your to-watch list.

14 Menschen, die aussehen wie klassische Kunstwerke

Sie sind alle entweder Zeitreisende oder unsterbliche Vampire.

People Are Divided Over This Japanese Comedian Wearing Blackface To Impersonate Eddie Murphy

The skit aired on national TV as part of a New Year's Eve special.

"Fiat 500 Twitter" Is The Best Thing To Happen To The Internet For A Long Time

♫ "She was Fiat 500 Twitter, he was Dark Fruits Twitter, can I make it any more obvious?" ♫

India's National ID Database With Private Information Of Nearly 1.2 Billion People Was Reportedly Breached

A local Indian newspaper was able to access the private data of nearly 1.2 billion Indians for just $8.

If You Had Famous Parents, Who Would They Be?

It's time to start living your true glam life.

16 WTF Moments From Indian Reality TV Shows That Left You Shook

Will Smith singing "Aati Kya Khandala" — check. Dolly Bindra screaming her lungs out — check. And "HOW CAN SHE SLAP" — check.

Motel 6 Sued For Handing Over Guest Information To ICE

A new complaint presents fresh allegations that the discount hotel chain aided the federal government in identifying and detaining undocumented immigrants.

17 Times The Rest Of The World Roasted The Shit Out Of Britain On Tumblr

"Me: hi. British person: hey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx."

A Lot Of People Can't Think Stop Thinking About "Black Mirror's" Hang The DJ

(Note: This article contains spoilers for the whole of the episode.)

24 People Who Were More Wrong Than You've Ever Been

There's wrong and then there's very wrong.

13 œufs qui n'avaient rien demandé à personne et qui ont subi des sévices atroces

Un œuf, c'est jaune, blanc, ou jaune ou blanc, mais ça n'est pas ça.

How Many 2018 Golden Globe-Nominated Movies Have You Seen?

You still have a few days to catch up...

This Is Why Khloé Kardashian Waited So Long To Confirm Her Pregnancy

She opened up a lot in her first interview since announcing the news.

Vestirse de mujer en una Cabalgata de Reyes no escandaliza a los niños, les muestra el mundo en el que viven

Para la sociedad, parece que vestirte de mujer tiene que estar justificado. Si no, es una aberración.

24 Gerüche aus deiner Kindheit, die du fast vergessen hast

OMG, erinnerst du dich noch an den Duft von Wachsmalstiften?

16 scènes de sexe qui nous ont donné chaud en 2017

Du cunni, de la diversité, et des hommes aspirés par des vagins.

21 consejos para convertirte en una persona realmente productiva

2018, el año de hacer todo lo que te propongas.

Why Film Stars Make Bad Leaders: As Rajinikanth Enters Politics, Remember MGR’s Misrule

Through his films, M.G. Ramachandran built a popular persona as a friend of the poor – just like Rajinikanth. He enjoyed political support on the strength of his personal popularity, and as chief minister, he remained above scrutiny despite creating a brutally repressive anti-poor state.

15 personas que sin duda son viajeros del tiempo

O viajan en el tiempo o son vampiros inmortales.

27 Leute, die direkt ins Jahr 3017 gesprungen sind

Wer braucht den schon 2018? Oder 2019? Oder 2020-3016?

16 Things That Are More Valuable Than Your Privacy

Chandigarh-based newspaper the Tribune revealed it could access any details of any Aadhaar number across India just for ₹500.

仕事と育児の両立に消耗したらーー ある夫婦の決断は、移住だった


Women Are Being Left To "Bleed Out" When They Have Their Periods In Police Cells, A Watchdog Says

Exclusive: Campaigners are calling on the Home Office to introduce minimum standards of sanitary provision for women in police custody, after shocking reports from unannounced visits.

This Is What Was Happening In Australia In 2008

Why yes, the prime minister was a white man with grey hair.

How Normal Are Your Disney Park Opinions?

Disney World or Disneyland?

Flash Briefing For January 4, 2018

Trump is livid about the stories in a leaked book about the White House, Paul Manafort sues the Justice Department, a very special Shonda Rhimes episode crossover, and the East Coast braces for a "bomb cyclone" winter storm.

Researchers Found Two Major Security Flaws In Processors That Affect Most Of The World's Computers

The two flaws, nicknamed Meltdown and Spectre, could give hackers access to the entire memory of nearly all the world's computers.

人生を変える18の習慣! 新年から始めちゃおう!


差別と基地が「いじめ」を生む 翁長知事が語る沖縄デマとニュース女子




In-N-Out Now Has Hot Chocolate And People Are Losing Their Minds

🚨It's the first time the burger chain has changed its menu in about 15 years🚨

Tell Us Your Preferences And We'll Give You A YouTube Boyfriend

Searching from L.A. to Brighton for the perfect man.

Quiz: Answer 7 Questions And We'll Suggest An Episode Of "Black Mirror" For You To Watch

Should you watch a romantic episode or something that'll blow your mind and scare your pants off?

Here's The Coolest Feminist Merch That You Can Get On Etsy Right Now

Since you know that revolution's gotta be properly accessorized.

Así van hasta ahora los aspirantes a candidaturas independientes

La noche de ayer, cuatro aspirantes, entre ellos, Manuel Clouthier y Pedro Kumamoto alcanzaron todos los requisitos necesarios para obtener la candidatura independiente a la senaduría.

Trump Just Disbanded His Contested Election Integrity Commission

Trump blamed states for refusing to turn over information to the commission, which was facing several challenges in court.

A "Bomb Cyclone" Is Raging Up The East Coast. Here’s Everything You Need To Know.

Along the East Coast, “there’s a potential for record-breaking cold on Thursday, Friday, and Saturday,” according to a meteorologist at the National Weather Service. It’s not on track to be the monster snow dump that everyone is fearing, though that could change.

Children Are Apparently Worried That Their Parents Post Pictures Of Them Online Without Their Consent

A report by the children's commissioner for England examined the effects online activity has upon children aged 8 to 12, and said their use of social media and its effects on their wellbeing hang on a "cliff edge" as they leave junior school.

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