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"Fiat 500 Twitter" Is The Best Thing To Happen To The Internet For A Long Time

♫ "She was Fiat 500 Twitter, he was Dark Fruits Twitter, can I make it any more obvious?" ♫

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While the rest of us were sleeping, eating, sleeping again, and watching Harry Potter, something happened on Twitter over the holidays that has made quite the impression:

Via Twitter: @Timmy_Buxton

The term "Fiat 500 Twitter" had been flying around for a week or two before this, but this innocuous tweet did what none before it had managed – it Banged™. Since then it's become something of a phenomenon across British Twitter, but...what does it actually mean?

Thankfully Twitter did what it does, and explained it better than we ever could...

To be a part of fiat 500 twitter you must: - Stand in front of a door in your avi - Tweet about your boyfriend and…

Over the last year, for reasons unknown, there has been a growing trend of tweets – often posted by young British women – going insanely viral (like, numbers you and your bad jokes could only DREAM of). These tweets are utterly harmless, don't say anything controversial – in fact they often barely say anything at all – and yet they'll receive tens of thousands of retweets and likes in a matter of hours.

For a long time this subculture of Twitter hasn't had a name. It does now.

"Fiat 500 Twitter" ffs amazing, I've never seen a demographic encapsulated quite so perfectly by a moniker as this

The name, as you've probably worked out, comes from the broad generalisation that the people who write these tweets all drive the same car. It's hit a little too close to home for some...

why are people making Fiat 500 Twitter a thing I’m selling my car


‘Fiat 500 Twitter’ is literally breaking my heart rn I love my little car😭😭😭😭😭

This fiat 500 twitter is an unjust personal attack

Now that it has a name, many have been quick to point out the identifying characteristics of the genre:

All fiat 500 twitter do is put themselves down then put the delicate ‘x’ at the end lool

Shops can stick the word unicorn in front of anything and fiat 500 twitter will be out there buying it- unicorn broccoli? NEED


fiat 500 twitter’s new year’s tweets are everything i dreamed they would be new year same me because i never learn…

Fiat 500 twitter "Don't you just pure love chrimbo, the films, food, hot choc and pjs ahhh 🎄🎄😍 wish i was one of th…

any time you criticise ed sheeran fiat 500 twitter will show up an go 'well what are you doin with YOUR life??' wel…


And just in case you thought the young British men of Twitter were going to get away with it...

The male equivalent of fiat 500 twitter are those white boys who retweet Liam Gallaghers entire twitter thinkin they're banter as fuck

You'll be pleased to know that this also has a name:

Via Twitter: @morgancrawf

Similarly to Fiat 500 Twitter, this name suggests that these people have a particular fondness for Strongbow Dark Fruits. We are unable to confirm nor deny this.

Anyone who spends their fair share of time on Twitter will instantly recognise their signature move:

twitter user: i’m - dark fruits twitter:


fiat 500 twitter is my fav sub-culture of 2018

While some have been quick to identify others in need of a similar moniker.

now that fiat 500 twitter has a name please can we call the annoying JK Rowling fans Nimbus 2000 twitter

So, there you have it. And there's only one tweet we could end on. "On fair Twitter, where we lay our scene..."

romeo and juliet but the two families are fiat 500 twitter n strongbow dark fruits twitter