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    These Siblings Bought The House Where Their Ancestors Used To Pick Cotton

    For the Giles family, there's truly no place like home.

    Home is where your heart is. Imagine going back to buy the house you played in as a child so your whole family can be together again!

    Decker Ngongang

    That's exactly what Decker Ngongang's family did. On the day after Christmas, he shared an amazing story via this tweet.

    My mom and her nine siblings grew up sharecropping in SC. A while back they found out the land our family worked wa…

    @Ngongang / Via Twitter: @Ngongang

    Dorothy Ngongang, Decker's mother, told BuzzFeed she and her siblings got a call from the family who was selling the house and three acres of land where Dorothy's ancestors used to pick cotton.

    Decker Ngongang

    The family lived in a sharecropping hut across the road from the house. "We were playmates as children, and we played with white children who lived within close proximity to us," Dorothy said.

    The siblings discussed pooling their money together to buy the house and the land, and they thought it was an amazing idea.

    Decker Ngongang

    They loved having a place for family living out of town to stay when they came to visit, or for taking care of sick relatives, or just connecting with classmates.

    "We reminisce about playing under the porch, and how we just love looking at that beautiful white house with the wraparound porch," Dorothy said.

    Decker Ngongang

    The seller told the siblings she wanted them to have the house and the three acres of land because she remembered the connection they all had as children.

    Decker Ngongang

    This past Christmas was the first that the Giles family spent together in the house that carries tremendous meaning to all of them.

    30 people trying to use country-wifi was a bit of struggle; however, we had fellowship, food, 👶🏽's and LeBron

    What an amazing story!

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