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What Do You Use If Your Back Is Always Killing You?

Tell us about what keeps the kinks in your back at bay!

You might not be ~old~, but back aches sure are a pain.

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You're fine one minute, but then out of nowhere your lower back is just...sore, and no, it isn't from cramps (at least you think it isn't).

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But back aches really put a ~cramp~ in your style so we wanna know, what helps with those god forsaken pains?


Maybe a knee pillow for your aching sciatica?

A heat massage pillow to alleviate the soreness in your shoulders that just seems to travel to the rest of your body?

Or even an acupressure mat since you can't afford actual acupuncture and you are ridiculously afraid of needles.

Long story short, we really wanna know what really made your back go from stiff to stretchy and languid!


Let us know whatever works to keep you from irritating pain, and you could be featured in a BuzzFeed Community post!