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Forget About The Dildos, We've Gotta Talk About The Toe Shoes!!!

This post is about Meghan Trainor and the boy from Spy Kids.

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First the news was reported that Meghan Trainor was dating the kid from Spy Kids, Daryl Sabara. It was ~shocking~.

Instagram: @meghan_trainor / Via

THEN, just today a picture surfaced of the two leaving a sex shop, allegedly with a bag full of dildos. It was, as @Andrewislivid said, haunting.

This pic of Meghan Trainor and the kid from Spy Kids leaving a sex shop with a bag of dildos is truly haunting


I didn't bring you here for that. I brought you here because there's something else spookier about this pic than everything else I've mentioned already.


It wasn't ok when Shailene Woodley wore them on the red carpet.