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America Looks Like The "Frozen" Sequel No One Asked For

Even the penguins are over it.

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So, it's really cold in North America right now.


In particular, the East Coast is getting it really bad; a "bomb cyclone" is pretty much just pummeling everything in its path. In fact, there are 8 million people under a blizzard warning right now. Like, it's legitimately so cold out that it's SNOWING IN FLORIDA, GUYS.

SNOW IN FLORIDA ❄️ It’s officially snowing in Florida's capital! Credit @TallyPD! More on winter weather in Florida…

It's so cold that Niagara Falls stopped falling.

Afp Contributor / AFP / Getty Images

Ice is actually forming INSIDE people's windows.

Basketball courts are being buried alive.

memphis72 / Via

Ramen is becoming still-life art.

jotraill / Via

Bearded people are transforming into Santa Claus himself.

powderider / Via

Even the ocean can't deal with this winter mess.

When it’s so cold that the waves freeze 🌊 ❄️ 🌊 ❄️

Good luck using fire hydrants any time soon.

Who needs fingers anyway?

laurasuzanne79 / Via

Carbonated drinks are becoming explosive weapons.

buendorf / Via

These poor manatees have to huddle to keep warm.

HAPPENING NOW: #Sky13 is over @FLStateParks' Blue Spring State Park, where hundreds of #manatees are huddling from…

And penguins are saying "Fuck this shit."

Canada Is So Freezing Cold, the Calgary Zoo Moved Its Penguins Indoors to Keep Warm

Rivers are pretending they're in Antartica.

Scott Olson / Getty Images

People are saying goodbye to those beautiful NYC views.

Empire State Building #Blizzard2018 #BOMBCYLONE

Plants are over this.

And finally, everything just looks like something straight out of Frozen.

Afp Contributor / AFP / Getty Images

Stay warm out there, people!

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