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    17 Times The Rest Of The World Roasted The Shit Out Of Britain On Tumblr

    "Me: hi. British person: hey xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx."

    1. When they were just really sarcastic.

    2. When this argument escalated really quickly.

    3. When they insulted our beans on toast.

    4. Seriously guys, the rest of the world thinks our beans on toast thing is super weird.

    5. When they were unimpressed by our reaction to hot weather.

    6. And even more unimpressed by our national treasure, Bourbon biscuits.

    7. When they took the piss out of our accents.

    8. A lot.

    9. When they didn't appreciate the Nando's memes.

    10. When they answered this question.

    11. When they just didn't find British actors *that* hot.

    12. When they gave this explanation.

    13. When they made this observation.

    14. When they weren't fans of our spellings.

    15. When they came for the way we pronounce h, which will make you say the word "h" out loud until it no longer makes sense.

    16. When they roasted our love of a good "xx" at the end of a text.

    17. And when they didn't want any part in a debate on the right terminology for a chip butty.

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