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    Vogue Is Getting Called Out For Whitewashing Nail Art And Calling It "Manicure Sculptures"

    "When Tasha did it 'omg so ghetto, absolutely no class,' but Becky does it and it’s a manicure sculpture."

    Vogue is being dragged on Twitter after they shared an old article which described nail art as "manicure sculptures."

    “Manicure sculptures” are the most extreme nail art yet.

    The article, titled "Manicure Sculptures Are the Most Extreme Nail Art Yet," features the work of nail artist Sarah Nguyen. But the problem here isn't Nguyen's work — it's the way Vogue talks about it as if this was a new, groundbreaking trend, without ever mentioning that black women have been doing this for decades.

    @VogueRunway So yet another thing that women of color have been doing for ages that mainstream, white beauty cultur…

    Vogue, a publication that is supposed to be a the forefront of beauty and style trends, has failed time and time again to give credit where credit is due, and Twitter is calling them out for it.

    @VogueRunway Reminder that black and brown women have been wearing their nails like this since at least the 80’s an…

    Some folks are reminding the mag that black women have been doing this for years.

    @VogueRunway You guys are late af 😂😂😂

    And they're pissed Vogue is using their culture and calling it a "new trend."

    @VogueRunway Once again, taking a piece of a culture and calling it hip, cool, stylish or the new trend 😒

    Most people aren't surprised this is still happening in 2018.

    And are referring to Vogue as "culture vultures."

    @VogueRunway 🙄 you guys are the promoters of culture vulturism

    They're also claiming that nails like these are referred to as "art" when a white person rocks them, while black women get a very different response.

    @VogueRunway When Tasha did it “omg so ghetto, absolutely no class” but Becky does it and it’s “manicure sculpture…

    And they're explaining that it isn't just about nails.

    @VogueRunway Black women been doing creative things with there nails, just like cornrows, just like twerking, just…

    Of course, this isn't the first time Vogue has been accused of cultural appropriation. Just last year, their "diversity issue" featured a geisha-themed photoshoot starring white model Karlie Kloss.

    Here's hoping this year stories like these are few and far between.