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Oregon Is Freaking Out Because They Now Have To Pump Their Own Gas

And everybody else is making fun of them for it.

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For decades, Oregonians have had their gas pumped by attendants, but this week a new law finally allowed residents in rural counties to pump gas for themselves.

This newfound responsibility seemed to be too much for local Oregonians, and they were quick to voice their disapproval.

Many argued that since they grew up never learning how to pump gas, they shouldn't have to now.

Others were more concerned about smelling like gasoline.

After seeing Oregonians descend into chaos on Facebook, folks living in the other 48 states (New Jersey still doesn't allow residents to pump) that allow you to pump gas for yourself decided to chime in on the conversation.

Dear residents of Oregon who are crapping your trousers now that you face the apocalyptic scenario of having to PUM…

@El_Timbo_Libre / Via Twitter: @El_Timbo_Libre

Some imagined what gas pumps in Oregon look like now that anyone can pump gas all willy-nilly.

People in #Oregon, pumping gas for the first time.

@kealoakalani / Via Twitter: @kealaokalani

Others found the irony in baby boomers who call millennials "snowflakes" freaking out about pumping gas.

@emilyy_nicolee / Via Twitter: @kealaokalani

One genius even thought to market off their fears.

Will teach any Oregonian to pump their gas for $5 a lesson

@Paul_Wolfram / Via Twitter: @Paul_Wolfram

Don't worry Oregon, you're going to be just fine. I mean, what's the worst that could happen?

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