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Join BuzzFeed's Page Turners To Read More In 2018

Here's how to become a better reader, and have fun doing it!

Do you always tell yourself you're going to read more, but never get around to it?

You're not alone. Reading is a commitment, and it's tough to motivate yourself without the help of a class or a book club.

Which is exactly why you should join BuzzFeed's Page Turners, a new challenge/online community that'll help you pick a new book to read each month and encourage you to actually finish it!

Instead of having everyone read the exact same book like you would in a traditional book club, each month we’ll focus on a different genre — such as young adult, historical fiction, or memoir — and you can choose whatever book you want to read within that theme.

We'll also ask the BuzzFeed Community to recommend their favorite books within the month's genre, and then we'll make a list from their suggestions to help inspire your book choice.

And you can join the Page Turners Facebook group to get more motivation and inspiration, chat about your selections with your fellow readers, and connect with other people who are trying to read more.

There are no real rules beyond that! You can participate every month — and the more you read/participate, the more likely you are to earn yourself some sweet, sweet BuzzFeed swag — or just take part when you feel like it. (You can also join in any time in the year!) The goal is just to read more, explore new genres, learn cool stuff, and make some new Internet friends.

Cool? Cool! Let's get to the January theme. Since it's always nice to kick off the year with a doable task, this month's theme is: books you can read in one sitting. You can share your suggestions here!

When you're done doing that, join Page Turners on Facebook, and together, we'll challenge ourselves and each other to read more.