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24 Plants For Anyone Who Wants To Add A Little Greenery To Their Home

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2. An air plant on a grape wood branch — it'll basically take care of itself.

No soil needed, just an occasional misting and natural light!

Promising review: "I love the plant, and it even came with a baby flower along with the main one! So, I have TWO flowers. It's so unique and beautiful." –Anastasia

Get it from Plow & Hearth for $39.95.

3. A fragrant potted lavender plant to have on hand for your next aromatherapy DIY.

Promising review: "Arrived healthy and safely. Planting them indoors in a large pot 'til next Spring! Can't wait 'til I can smell the blossoms. I love lavender, it's calming, relaxing, and healthy. Lavender is the greatest!" –Dy

Get it from Amazon for $14.99.


5. A little lemon tree that'll bear fresh citrus within a year or two of receiving this babe.

The 4-foot tree will bear fruit within 1-2 years, and is a self-pollinating indoor/outdoor tree.

Promising review: "My Meyer lemon tree has started to grow new leaves. I have it in a southern window, which gets plenty of sunshine and heat. I have fertilized it with brewed tea leaves. The tree has been growing well." –Amazon Customer

Get it from Amazon for $79.99+ (four sizes).

6. A set of three sturdy aloe plants for anyone who wants plenty of aloe for beauty DIYS, smoothies, sunburn care, and more.

Promising review: "Wow, these aloe plants were even larger than I expected! Very mature and established. Came even sooner than expected, and have been doing very well with minimal effort on my part." –Sarah

Get them from Amazon for $26.49 (shipping included).

7. A Fukien Tea Bonsai tree with a curved trunk guaranteed to stand out and do well indoors.

Promising review: "Both trees I ordered were in excellent shape and quite nice. They also seem to be holding up well after having them a few weeks. They were about as nice as any I could have purchased from a retail bonsai store." –KittyS

Get it from The Home Depot for $29.50.


8. A bluebird Hibiscus plant with a hardy flower that'll thrive in a south-facing window.

Give this babe plenty of sun, and it will barely notice its move to a new home.

Promising review: "I can't believe I already had a flower within a few days of planting it." –Angel

Get it from Amazon for $31.90 (shipping included).

9. A collection of eight succulents you'll adore and fawn over.

So precious.

Promising review: "These were lovely. They are tiny little plants, as expected, but they came in great shape and with a warming pad so they wouldn't freeze. I was very pleased with the packing and condition." –E. Weiland

Get them from Amazon for $26.64.

10. A mini-orchid that is cute AF, and easier to take care of (compared to ~regular~ orchids).

Promising review: "These minis are doing great – that's coming from someone that kills plants easily, which I'm trying to change. It helps to have healthy plants to start with, and I ordered two and they are doing well, growing leaves, etc." –Shelli

Get it from The Home Depot for $10.99.

11. A collection of five air plants and planters worthy of transforming a wall into a work of living art.

Set includes: 5 Tillandsia air plants, 5 air knots, 5 screws (same color as air knots), and plant care instructions.

Get them from ArtAK on Etsy for $34.99 (five colors).


12. A maintenance-free Venus fly trap housed in the coolest terrarium you may ever lay eyes on.

This tiny self-sustaining terrarium requires no watering, feeding, or sunlight – it's good to go!

Promising review: "My little plant is doing so well. Came exactly as described, small but absolutely adorable! I keep it in indirect natural bright light in a bay window with other plants, and it seems to like it there." –Nick

Get it from Amazon for $10.98 (shipping included).

14. An artificial lighted orchid for anyone who wants the charm of a plant, without the work or fear of plant-death.

This babe will glam up any room.

Promising review: "This is an excellent night light for a guest room. The orchid opens up to be quite tall, and they look just like the picture. While there are pricier and more realistic silk orchids out there, the built-in fairy lights make this quite nice. During the day the flowers are attractive enough to stand on their own as a clearly silk arrangement." –Josephine R.

Get it from Amazon for $19.99.

15. An organic pineapple plant so you can watch your very own pineapple grow before your eyes.


16. A 9-1/4" peace lily to bring beautiful flowers and cleaner air to your living room.

Promising review: "Plant arrived in tall box. It was undamaged and bigger than I imagined! My apartment is dry so it requires daily moderate watering. (If it lacks water, the leaves and/or flowers will droop. Give it water, and it will straighten up again.) It had one flower when it first arrived one month ago. Since then, it has bloomed three more. Beautiful flowers, big leaves. I recommend." –NYCGirl

Get it from The Home Depot for $22.27.

17. A set of four herbs (thyme, oregano, rosemary, and sage) the chef in you shall adore.

Goodbye, overpriced fresh herbs from the food store.

Promising review: "Arrived in great condition, and the flavor is wonderful in cooking." –gail

Get it from Amazon for $28.99.

19. An entwined bamboo babe that's sure to make a unique centerpiece on any table.

Promising review: "Arrived in great shape and all healthy. We used these for table centerpieces at our wedding. Ordered a few weeks early to ensure they looked as pictured – and they did! Added some rhinestone bling to the exterior of the pot the plant came with, and threw in a few sparkly rocks on top of the rocks the plants came with. Kept the ones our guests did not take, and they continue to do well with little-to-no maintenance." –Christie

Get it from Amazon for $7.24.


21. A large or small artificial fig tree for anyone who wants the feeling of sleeping in the forest (me) without the hassle of being surronded by real trees.

22. A potted ivy plant as easy to grow as it is to marvel at.

Promising review: "Lush, healthy cutting, lots of white markings, arrived very promptly, well-packed. I recommend this seller and would purchase from them again." –Alison Courtney

Get it from HousePlants Co on Etsy for $6.90.

23. A hanging basket of goldfish blooms worthy of warming your heart and your home.

Promising review: "This is a great plant! It's in a 6-inch hanging basket and is full and fluffy with tiny goldfish scattered in different stages of blooming! It's a lovely shade of dark green with glossy, small leaves. So glad I ordered it!" –Krista Krohn

Get it from Amazon for $7.72.


24. And a precious, easy-to-grow fern so you can satisfy your need for luscious home decor.

Promising review: "Bought this little plant a few months ago, and it is thriving! It arrived in perfect condition, was well-packed and the soil was still moist. It looked very healthy, with new sprouts appearing everyday. Today it's twice the size. Very happy." –Kat.O

Get it from Amazon for $14.36 (includes shipping).

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