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21 Relatable Kardashians Moments That'll Make You Whisper "Well, I'll Be Damned"

Bible. I'm being serious.

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2. And when Kris Jenner owned the whole "drunk and alone" title:

the most relatable thing kris jenner has ever said

4. And when she showed that she's the jealous friend too:


5. When Scott cracked the joke everyone else makes about Kim directly to her face:

Kim kardashian eatin a churro on Snapchat & Scott goes “BET YOUR VIEWERS HAVE SEEN SOMETHING LIKE THAT BEFORE” lmao…


11. When Kendall was caught doing what we all do on the internet:

12. And when she found herself in a situation we've all been in:


15. When Kim demonstrated the complexities that come with being single:

16. When Kris showed it's totally fine to celebrate just about anything with wine:


17. And when Khloé spoke the truth on what we all think of the splits:

18. When Kourtney proved hangry is a very real thing:

20. When Kanye proved food really is the most important thing in life:

21. And when Mason was literally just all of us at any family gathering: