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January 18, 2018

10 Celebrity #TBT Pics You Need To See This Week

A wonderful photo of Rashida Jones and Tracee Ellis Ross in the early '00s kicks off this week’s edition of #ThrowbackThursday!

18 Tweets sobre Ricardo Anaya que te harán decir "insolting an onaxeptabol"

¿Dónde están los comerciales de Open English cuando se necesitan?

Women Still Have Issues Accessing Abortions In A State Where It's Legal

Decriminalisation doesn't always equal access.

Trump’s Tweets Could’ve Trashed Republicans’ Shutdown Plans. But Republicans Are Tuning Out His Chaos.

After nearly a year under Trump, Republicans in Congress have figured out when to pretend the president’s Twitter account doesn’t exist, even when he’s tweeting about what they’re doing.

Can You Score A 7/7 On This K-Pop Quiz?

Your favorite music genre!

Which Type Of Friend Are You Actually?

Be honest or this won't work!

People Have Mixed Feelings About The New "Party Of Five" Reboot

The new show will follow a Latino family whose parents are suddenly deported back to Mexico.

LA Times CEO Takes Unpaid Leave Amid Calls For His Ouster Over Misconduct Allegations

Tronc, the newspaper's parent company, has hired an outside firm to investigate allegations against Ross Levinsohn, who took over as publisher and CEO last year.

Esta foto de Shakira noventera se acaba de convertir en uno de los mejores memes del mundo

Se nos acabaron los argumentos y la metodología ante tremendo memazo.

How Rex Tillerson Thinks He Can Avoid Mission Creep in Syria

The US's top diplomat has called for an indefinite US troop presence in Syria to stanch Iranian expansion. But in an interview he said that doesn't mean the US will fight Tehran – unless Iran shoots first.

French Police Are Targeting The Relatives Of ISIS Fighters In A Terror Sweep

Authorities are worried that family members also believe in radical ideologies.

Who's The Better Friend — You Or Your BFF?

Put your friendship to the test.

Prosecutors Are Dropping Most Of The Cases Against People Arrested On Trump's Inauguration Day

The US attorney's office in Washington will continue to pursue charges against 59 defendants and will drop the remaining 129 cases, citing previous court rulings and a jury's acquittal of six defendants in the first trial.

People Are Screaming After Kim Kardashian Shaded Lamar Odom When He Tried To Drag Khloé

"Not today, Satan." — Kim Kardashian, probably, maybe.

Hundreds Stand In Line For Hours In Hopes Of Renewing Their Threatened DACA Status

A court ruling forced the federal government to take DACA renewals. But the window to file may close soon.

Congress Is Demanding Answers About Why Federal Grants Are Given To Harassers In Science

A letter from the House Committee on Science, Space, and Technology demands an investigation into how federal science agencies are dealing with sexual harassment in the institutions they fund.

What Advice Do You Have For Future Brides And Grooms?

How to stress less and enjoy more.

19 Things You'll Only Understand If You're Completely In Love With "The Good Doctor"

"Hey bae what would you like for Christmas?" "I would like for Shaun Murphy to be happy and at peace."

Tell Us Your Chinese Zodiac Sign And We'll Give You Your 2018 Starter Pack (Ganern)

Ang mga starter pack na ito ay gabay lamang. Meron po tayong free will. Gamitin natin ito.

La gente está acusando a Guillermo del Toro de plagiar este corto holandés en ‘La forma del agua’

La película del director mexicano y la producción The Space Between Us tienen muchas similitudes.

18 Times Dr. Cox Made You Say "Me As A Parent"

"The kid's either a genius or an idiot."

Jake Paul Is A Terrifying Genius And We Should All Be Scared

The year is 2032. “President Paul, the nuclear codes are 4-2-0-6-9.”

Poll: Would You Listen To Audiobooks On Vinyl?

One book publisher is releasing a series of audiobooks in the form of vinyl records this year.

26 Beauty Products From Target You'll Wish You'd Known About Sooner

Time to ~hit the bullseye~ on your beauty game.

Here’s How Scammers Are Using Fake News To Screw With Bitcoin Investors

In the largely unregulated world of bitcoin and cryptocurrency, fraudsters are getting rich by deliberately spreading false information to affect the price of their holdings using social media, scam news sites, and private chat apps.

The Trump Administration Just Released Thousands Of Comments Criticizing Their Religious Freedom Proposal

HHS released 12,000 comments that they had previously refused to make public, following a BuzzFeed News Freedom of Information Act request.

Trump's Midterm Roadshow Begins On An Unusually Normal Note

The president delivered the kind of performance many Republicans have said they hope to see from him this year as they fight to keep their majorities in the House and Senate. He also gave a lift to congressional hopeful Rick Saccone, who faces a tough special election.

Isso é o que Caruso do "BBB18" pensa sobre homossexualidade

Também podemos conhecer a opinião dele sobre "direitos dos héteros" e democracia.



17 Frases que solo reconocerás si naciste antes del 2000

"¿Me pasas la foto por infrarrojo?"

I'm Dying To Know Your Email Horror Stories

We've all hit "send" without a second look.

16 Mattresses You Can Get Online That Are As Comfy As They Are Cheap

Memory foam mattresses, spring mattresses, and everything in-between! All starting at $79.90.

The Head Of The Boy Scouts Seems Very Confused About What To Do With Girls In The Boy Scouts

In a "rambling" email seen by BuzzFeed News, the head of the Boy Scouts of America said he is "not sure" about how to include older girls in the Boy Scouts program without being accused of lying and deception.

People Are Conflicted About A Member Of Migos Rapping Homophobic Lyrics

The Migos member used an Instagram post with a screenshot of the definition of "queer" to apologize Thursday.

16 Times Ellen Pompeo Gave Absolutely Zero Fucks On Twitter

"I wouldn't know because I don't watch that bougie shit."

19 fotos incríveis tiradas há mais de 100 anos

Exposição que entra em cartaz em Los Angeles no mês que vem reúne fotografias tiradas nos Estados Unidos do século 19.

Este teste vai revelar se você já chegou à vida adulta mesmo

Adulto que é adulto cheira produto de limpeza no supermercado.

Which Fast Food Item Are You?

It's time to figure this out!

15 Dumb Jokes You'll Only Get If You Speak A Little French

The more languages we know, the more we laugh.

Horrific New Details Have Emerged About The Living Conditions Of The Detained California Kids

David and Louise Turpin were charged on Thursday after allegedly beating, starving, and chaining up their children who ranged in age from 2 to 29 years old.

Nancy Pelosi Will Be A Guest Judge On "RuPaul's Drag Race"

Start your engines, and may the best representative win.

18 Historias de terror sobre sexo durante el periodo

Cuando tu habitación se convierte en una escena del crimen.

How To Turn Off Instagram's Creepy "Last Active" Feature

Some people are creeped out by a new Instagram feature that shows the last time you used the app.

Jenna Guillaume 1 hour ago

Sephora's Weekly Wow Deals Are Here, So Stock Up On Your Beauty Faves

Including 50% off must-have makeup brushes and Living Proof hair essentials!

Vending Machines Have Become A Tool To Fight The Opioid Crisis In Canada

By controlling the quality of the drug, officials hope to reduce overdose deaths.

Qual deveria ser o elenco de um "BBB All Stars"?

Escolha os participantes que a Globo poderia chamar de volta para uma edição especial.

Here's The Cast Of "The Assassination Of Gianni Versace" Vs. The Real People They Play

The cast of The Assassination of Gianni Versace is scarily accurate.

Russian Foreign Ministry Calls For Crackdown On US Leaks About Its Embassy

Following a BuzzFeed News investigation revealing “suspicious” financial behavior by Russia’s embassy and diplomats in the US, the foreign ministry said “this is no longer just a matter of ‘fake news’, but a real crime.”

Livro que conta bastidores de Trump na Presidência pode virar série ou filme

Produtora comprou os direitos para adaptar a obra, que será lançada em português em março.

Você é uma pessoa sensível?

O quanto você costuma ficar à flor da pele?

Diga sua opinião sobre estes looks de princesas e adivinharemos sua idade e estilo

Espelho, espelho meu, existe algum resultado de teste mais acertado que o meu?

20 fatos que fazem 2008 parecer que foi no século passado

Ainda não existia WhatsApp e o Bush ainda era presidente dos EUA.

Congress Just Released A Bill To Overhaul The Way It Handles Sexual Harassment Cases

The bipartisan bill comes in the wake of allegations against several members of Congress in recent months. Negotiators believe it can pass the House before the end of January.

Was 2017 The Second Or Third Hottest Year On Record? Depends On Who You Ask.

“In news that should surprise no one, 2017 was one of the three warmest years on record,” said a scientist.

Watch Students At This Puerto Rican School Celebrate The Power Coming Back On After 112 Days

"To see this reaction from students, it was amazing, but also kind of heartbreaking."

El nuevo video de Justin Timberlake tiene a Eiza González y pues ya se puede terminar aquí 2018

Lo hace tan bien, que en el clip hasta logra destruir a los Illuminati y el Nuevo Orden Mundial.

14 frases eternas na vida de um homem gay

Gays têm muito bom gosto, né?

A Deadly Storm In Europe Has Produced 87 MPH Winds And The Scenes Are Apocalyptic

Extreme winds that have ripped through the Netherlands, Germany, and Belgium are causing some serious and scary sights.

Dudes Now Have An Easy Way Of Getting Drugs For Their Hair (And Their Sex Lives)

A wave of men’s health startups are prescribing balding and erectile-dysfunction drugs over the internet. But some doctors worry that the companies are set up to push medications on patients who might not need them.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on floating bookshelves, pet hair removers, juicers, and more!

Toronto Is The Only Canadian City On Amazon's Hunger Games Short List

There are 20 North American cities still in the running for the company's HQ2.

Tudo que descobrimos stalkeando os participantes do "BBB18"

Como diria Paulo Ricardo, "até onde vai a sua fé?".

Justiça manda Temer pagar R$ 60 mil a Joesley, mas presidente ainda não leu a decisão

Temer perdeu ação que havia movido contra Joesley pela entrevista em que o empresário o acusava de liderar uma organização criminosa.

No usaré popotes/pitillos/pajitas este 2018 y estas son 16 razones por las que tú tampoco deberías

Según estudios, en el 2050 habrá más plástico que peces en el mar, ¿vas a dejar que eso pase?

50 Powerful Photos Taken After Gianni Versace's 1997 Murder

Fashion designer Gianni Versace was murdered in Miami Beach on July 15, 1997.

One Of These Cities Will Be The Next Location For Amazon's Second Headquarters

Amazon has a short list of candidates for its second headquarters that includes Los Angeles, New York, Boston, and DC.

23 Things All Best Friends Do If They Live More Than 50 Miles Apart

Your Snapchat streak with each other is something you pride yourselves on and constantly brag about.

This Yes Or No Quiz Will Reveal If You're A Good Housemate

Do you leave passive aggressive notes?

Ces minicalzones frites sont parfaites pour l'apéro

On les appelle aussi panzarotti.

26 Times "Goosebumps" Author R.L. Stine Was The Funniest Person On Twitter

"Interesting statistic: If you all bought 1 Goosebumps book a month, it would be enough books to reach from here to my bank."

Hungarian Police Have A Warrant Out For Former Trump Adviser Sebastian Gorka

Gorka's warrant on gun charges was in effect the entire time he was in the White House.

Don't Freak Out, But You Should Probably Read These 729 Books

Because sometimes one recommendation list isn't enough.

What Are Your Opinions On These Popular Beauty Products?

Totally overrated or definitely worth the hype?

The 29 Stages Of A Twitterstorm In 2018

The anger factory has changed a bit since 2013.

20 coisas que quem vê "Choque de Cultura" sabe

"Quando você é uma criança bonita, se transforma num adulto esquisito".

This Ballot Initiative Could Restore Voting Rights For One Million Convicted Felons In Florida

Activists are trying to a get a referendum on the 2018 ballot that would vastly expand the number of felons who've served time who would be able to vote.

How Do You Rebuild Your Life After Leaving A Polygamous Sect?

A decade ago, members of the FLDS — a fundamentalist sect of the Mormon church that practices polygamy — began leaving of their own volition. Today, they’re returning home to rewrite the dark narrative that’s formed around them.

"Fire And Fury" May Be Turned Into A TV Show Or Movie

A production company has acquired the rights to the best-selling book about President Trump's tumultuous first year in office.

Bancada da pequena empresa diz que Marun faz chantagem e quer trocar Refis pela Previdência

Chamado de "elefante dentro de uma cristaleira", o ministro foi acusado de só aceitar derrubada dos vetos ao Refis caso bancada da pequena empresa vote a favor da reforma da Previdência.

This Gay Couple Ordered Wedding Programs But Got Sent "Satan" Pamphlets Instead

The printing company has apologized and launched an investigation.

33 Moments From "Grey's Anatomy" That Are Still The Craziest Things To Happen On TV

14 seasons of OMG moments only Grey's Anatomy could come up with.

Dieses Sturm-Video wird gerade auf Twitter geteilt aber nein, es wurde nicht in Deutschland aufgenommen

Verschiedene Tweets behaupten, es wäre in Köln, Castrop-Rauxel oder Duisburg entstanden - das ist falsch.

So lebt es sich dort, wo die Temperaturen manchmal auf -60 Grad fallen

Du wirst nie wieder über den Winter jammern.

We Won't Fix Our Broken Sexual Culture In A Courtroom

Debating whether something is criminal or merely gross and unacceptable distracts us from the conversations needed to make things better.

"A Monster Of A Human Being": Here's McKayla Maroney's Powerful Statement About The Gymnastics Doctor Who Abused Her

Meanwhile, Larry Nassar submitted a letter to the court saying he was concerned about his mental ability to continue to face statements from victims — Thursday was the third day. The judge dismissed his complaints.

Haz una película de terror y te diremos qué monstruo de 'Escalofríos' eres

¿La papa con dientes, el muñeco viviente o la máscara encantada?

You Don't Have A Right To Know The Outcome Of Your Sexual Harassment Complaint

Here's why women are getting the silent treatment when they ask for the results of workplace harassment investigations. Some people want to change that.

I'm Literally So Excited For This Harry Potter Mobile Game

Your Hogwarts letter has finally arrived.

"Dumpster" RNC Faces Criticism From Republicans After Fake News Awards

"The RNC has become the dumpster for misplaced shit that’s too crazy for the actual White House," one dismayed Republican told BuzzFeed News.

Richte dir eine Wohnung ein und finde heraus, in welchem Land du leben solltest

Solltest du eigentlich in Australien leben? Oder vielleicht doch in Japan?

19 typische Dinge, die in wirklich jedem Horrorfilm passieren

Hmm genau, aufteilen ist immer eine gute Idee.

21 Cole Sprouse Tweets From Five Years Ago That Are Hilarious AF

"My name is always auto corrected to 'cold sprouts.'"

Integração Globo-Época começou com demissões em São Paulo e Brasília

Em São Paulo, cerca de 30 dos 65 funcionários das duas publicações serão cortados com a unificação das Redações. Em Brasília, Ruth Aquino viajou para conduzir os cortes.

Se você acha que é uma pessoa ansiosa, o que dizer da cantora Thaeme?

Ela aproveitou uma viagem aos EUA para fazer um enxoval de um neném QUE NÃO EXISTE AINDA.

Trump’s “War On Science” Isn’t What You Think

What looks like a war on science is really a war on government regulations, waged with a disregard for evidence and expertise against a backdrop of chaos and neglect.

Independientes bajo sospecha: el extraño crecimiento de Armando Ríos Piter

Durante las últimas dos semanas, los apoyos ciudadanos a favor de este aspirante independiente a la Presidencia han crecido con rapidez.

¿Puedes adivinar la película de Harry Potter a partir de una imagen de una varita?

Si adivinas todas sabes más de varitas que Ollivander.

17 ganz neue alltägliche Dinge, von denen du nicht wusstest, dass du sie falsch machst


A British School Is Warning Its Kids Not To Eat Tide Pods

The "Tide Pod" craze has found its way to the UK.

Do You Have Weird Or Totally Normal Opinions On Music?

Is music now better or worse than in previous decades?

18 Social Media Fuck-Ups So Cringeworthy You'll Want To Delete Your Accounts

"The Instastory had uploaded with my jizz shooting everywhere."

12 plats que vous pouvez préparer avec un micro-ondes

Des chips, du risotto, un cheesecake...

21 Eigenarten beim Essen, die Amerikaner komischerweise nicht superseltsam finden

Von Easy Cheese bis Red-Velvet-Kuchen, das hier finden Europäer irgendwie seltsam an amerikanischem Essen.

28 Fakten über 2018, nach denen du dich verdammt alt fühlen wirst

Verrückt nach Mary wird dieses Jahr 20 Jahre alt.

This Senator Wants More Councils To Change The Date Of Australia Day

"It should be celebrated on a day when everyone can come together to celebrate what makes Australia great. January 26 is not that day."

26 Pieces Of Bedding That Only Look Expensive

Because you deserve to nap and watch Netflix in the lap of luxury.

27 Amazeballs Facts About Mumbai That You Legit Had No Idea About

The home to the world's most expensive house, as well as to Asia's most expensive slum.

Nick Jonas Told A Story About A Date With Selena Gomez And It'll Make You Cringe

It's been 10 years, but the Niley vs. Nelena debate is still going strong.

17 Times Graham Norton Perfectly Roasted The Hell Out Of People

"What's your name?" "Nina." "Like an ambulance. Very good."

This New Sexual Harassment Inquiry Wants To Hear From Women Who Experience "Double Discrimination"

Disabled women and women who are lesbian, transgender, or from ethnic minority backgrounds are more at risk of extreme levels of street harassment.

Veja o que acontece com Lula depois do julgamento do tríplex, nos três desfechos possíveis

Tribunal informou que, mesmo se Lula for condenado, só vai determinar a prisão depois de julgar todos os recursos.

7 Ways To Entertain Yourself This Week

Watch The End of the F***ing World, read a brilliant novella about friendship, and follow my favourite dog on the internet.

UK Government Denies Failing To Protect Nuclear Scientist Stabbed To Death In Suspected Kremlin Hit

The British government has denied that it failed in its duty of care towards a state scientist who was found stabbed to death after his research helped connect the Kremlin to a high-profile assassination on British soil.

This Man With HIV Just Won His Battle To Change The Rules So He Can Become An Airline Pilot

Following a BuzzFeed News story, the Civil Aviation Authority announced on Thursday that people with HIV would no longer be barred from becoming commercial pilots.

Ariana Grande And Dua Lipa Took A Photo Together And Now I'm Like, 200% More Gay

Is it a bird? Is it plane? No, it's just my wig in orbit.

Hey, Bollywood Awards Shows: Cut The Crap And Watch A Movie Before Giving Awards To Random People

The Filmfare nominations are just another reminder that awards shows are a sham and need to be better.

17 Amazing Tweets About The Jonas Brothers Coming Back

Joe Jonas saying “I dropped my pencil” in "Lovebug" is better than the entire Beatles discography.

13 photos qui vont énerver les gourmets, puis 13 autres qui vont les détendre

Ne vous inquiétez pas, chaque photo à sa contrepartie.

22 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A pair of moisturizing socks, a book on astrophysics, a water fountain (for your cat), and 19 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

Seuls des génies en géographie pourront obtenir 10/10 à ce quiz

Êtes-vous prêt-e à remporter le grand prix ?

12 Dinge, die du definitiv nicht in Olivenöl braten solltest

Denn Olivenöl hat einen niedrigen RAUCHPUNKT!

Ermittler prüfen neu entdeckte Zahlungen der russischen Botschaft in den USA

US-Behörden untersuchen hunderte bisher unbekannter Zahlungen von Konten russischer Diplomaten. Darunter: Überweisungen des ehemaligen Botschafters Sergey Kislyak nur 10 Tage nach den Präsidentschaftswahlen 2016 und eine blockierte Bargeldabhebung von 150.000 Dollar fünf Tage nach der Amtseinführung von Donald Trump.

Une liste de youtubeuses afro francophones à connaître

Sans aucun ordre de classement et avec un bonus à la fin !

31 Memes Only Civil Engineers Will Relate To

"Life was easy. Then we were introduced to statically indeterminate structures."



Tom Hardy es básicamente un dios, y ya va siendo hora de que hablemos del tema

Madre del amor hermoso. Que alguien me traiga una botella de agua ya mismo.

HPVワクチン紹介する新リーフレットを厚労省が公表 「不安への配慮」求める


19 formas de cuidar mejor tu vagina

Hablemos sobre lo que tu vagina quiere y necesita.

17 Celebrity Conspiracies That Are So Fucking Ridiculous They Might Be True

People really think Beyoncé is Solange’s mom.

A Rape Victim Who Had To Go Into A Bank With Her Abusive Ex To Close Their Account Has Spoken Out

"I was distraught and still in shock," she told BuzzFeed News. "I was desperately trying to distance myself from him."





ボカロ好きなら全部わかる! #ボカロ有名曲チェックリスト


Your Musician Preferences Will Reveal Your New "Glee" Boyfriend

"You kind of sing and dance like a zombie who has to poop."

【激ムズ】 #大阪好きにしかわからない方言クイズ


79 Thoughts Everyone Has Whenever They Shop At Kmart

If I could get married in Kmart, I probably would tbh.

Nick Xenophon Is Quietly Expanding His Party Into Victoria And NSW

Xenophon has registered state-based political party names in NSW, Victoria, WA and the NT.

Labor Senator Sam Dastyari Will Officially Resign From Parliament Next Week

Exclusive: The Labor senator has confirmed he will resign from the Senate next week, a month after announcing his departure.

YouTube Is Taking Down Videos Of The Tide Pod Challenge

The company said that videos of activities with "inherent risk of physical harm" are prohibited.

Adult Film Star Says Donald Trump Told Her She Was "Just Like His Daughter"

Stephanie Clifford, who performs as Stormy Daniels, told a magazine she had sex with Trump in 2006, a year after he married Melania, calling it "textbook generic."

Judge Will Not Release Tapes Of Trial Over California's Marriage Amendment Until At Least 2020

The fight over whether and when the public will be able to see the trial over the state's marriage amendment will continue into the next decade.

Which Season Are You?

You can't be all four.

21 Things Today's Aussie Teens Would Never, Ever Understand

Those long summer weeks waiting to see if Sally died from being stabbed on Home and Away.

Flash Briefing For January 18, 2018

BuzzFeed News has obtained documents showing years of Russian financial activity in the US. Also, Dylan Farrow in her first televised interview ever, and Queer Eye is back.

I'm Really Insecure About My Legs, So I Spent A Week In Rompers And Miniskirts

A little exposure therapy to jump-start my body-positive journey.

This Woman Wants People To Know Abortion Didn’t Leave Her “Damaged”

"Keeping this stuff a secret is poisonous because you're not being yourself around the people that care about you."

A Man Has Pleaded Guilty To Headbutting The Former Prime Minister Of Australia

Tasmanian DJ Astro Labe headbutted former prime minister Tony Abbott in September last year.

White House Chief Of Staff John Kelly Says Trump Has "Changed His Attitude" On The Border Wall

"This president, if you've seen what he's done, he has changed the way he's looked at a number of things," Kelly told Fox News. Trump appeared to contradict Kelly the next day.

The Trump Administration Is Creating A Civil Rights Office To Protect Medical Workers With Religious Objections To Performing Abortions

The Department for Health and Human Services plans to announce a new division Thursday to protect health workers with moral or religious objections to some procedures, including abortions and sex reassignment surgery.

A High School Is Investigating After Teen Girls Posted A Racist Video On Social Media

North Paulding High School says it is looking into a social media clip that allegedly shows cheerleaders saying, "niggers these days" after McDonald's forgot to give them napkins.

Nonprofits Are Bracing For Facebook's New News Feed

“We use Facebook for good. You would think that’s the sort of content they’d want to promote on the platform.”

Estos son todos los cargos que se votarán en la CDMX el próximo 1 de julio

A partir de la promulgación de la Constitución capitalina, este año habrá nuevos cargos que aparecerán en la boleta. Aquí te explicamos.

18 Reasons Why "Lizzie McGuire" Was, And Still Is, The Best Show Of All Time

Honestly, your preteen years would not have been the same without it.

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