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    16 Things That Are More Valuable Than Your Privacy

    Chandigarh-based newspaper the Tribune revealed it could access any details of any Aadhaar number across India just for ₹500.

    Earlier today, Chandigarh-based newspaper the Tribune published a report in which it purchased a service over WhatsApp that provided unrestricted access to any of the billion Aadhaar numbers in India for just ₹500.

    Since our biometric data, phone numbers, and addresses are so easily available to anyone and everyone, here's a few things that are more valuable than your right to privacy:

    1. This ₹545 wallet in which you can take out ₹500 to pay the hacker.

    2. Get these curtains for ₹699 so that you can live with the illusion that no one can look into your private life.

    3. Get a magnifying glass for ₹1,299 so you can closely look for clues and figure where we screwed it all up.

    4. Maybe this silky AF eye mask for ₹2,571 will help you stay oblivious to the world breaking down.

    5. Buy six kilos of onions for ₹500 and cut them so no one can see you cry.

    6. This ₹950 Darth Vader mug from which you can sip your chai as you watch the world and our freedoms crumble around us.

    7. This ₹549 pair of pillows that you can rest uneasily on, knowing the government doesn't really care about your privacy.

    8. The ₹549 pressure cooker that will remind you how fucked we really are.

    9. Buy a hardcover copy of 1984 for ₹675 and weep because this is reality now.

    10. Cuddle with this elephant you bought for ₹507 because you honestly will need it.

    11. You can binge on 14 ₹35 Magic Masala packets to feel like you have things under control (but you really don't).

    12. You can buy a whole bottle of Old Monk for ₹512 to drown the nation's misery in alcohol.

    13. You can use this ₹634 notebook to write down your thoughts about how we're all doomed.

    14. Buy two Wonder Woman T-shirts for ₹1,000 and pretend you can single-handedly save the world.

    15. Get a pooja thali for ₹1,100 because only god can save you now.

    16. And you can buy this ₹1,214 megaphone to scream, because it is a dreary time we live in and we're all being compromised.