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January 11, 2018

34 Must-Have Items For People Obsessed With Pasta

Consider these part of your al dente arsenal.

Si haces 15 de estas 23 cosas, no hay duda, eres un olvidadizo

Admítelo, alguna vez has dejado tu celular en el refrigerador.

Five Women Accuse James Franco Of Inappropriate Or Sexually Coercive Behavior

One of the women told BuzzFeed News the actor coerced her into performing oral sex on him in a car.

Ato contra aumento da tarifa em São Paulo fecha o Centro e termina com confusão

Manifestação convocada pelo Movimento Passe Livre, o mesmo que organizou os primeiros atos de 2013, foi pacífica na maior parte do tempo.

16 Memes que entenderás si piensas que ir al gimnasio es lo más difícil de la vida

Como cuando quieres ejercitarte, pero amas mucho a tu camita.

17 Tweets That Will Make You Laugh But Also Make You Wanna Stay On Your Couch

"Talking to people is stressing me out. From now on, I will only communicate telepathically."

16 Personas que son súuuuper respetuosas con la comunidad LGBT

"Yo no tengo nada en contra de ellos, peeeeeero..."

Flash Briefing For January 12, 2018

A New York City council member was arrested during protests yesterday, Walmart is increasing its minimum hourly wage to $11, and another pregnant, undocumented teenager is suing the Trump administration. Plus, a look at a new Facebook community, Outside Your Bubble. Join here:

39 Things That Are Guaranteed To Happen During Every Australian Summer

"Wow, it's so hot." Yes Sharon, thanks for the amazing insight, I'm aware.

Chris Evans Uses Nothing On His Beard, It's Just That Magnificent

OMG, Captain America thinks he's a dork! (and other things he told us on Thirst Aid Kit)

Which "Def Comedy Jam" Comedian Are You?

"Thank you for coming out, God bless you, goodnight."

¿De cuántas de estas modas de los dosmiles te declaras culpable?

¿Usaste boinas, chalequitos y corbatas como cinturón?

Death Toll In California Mudslides Rises To 21 As Officials Continue To Clear Debris

"It is breathtakingly horrible," a county official said. "Our community is going through something it has never gone through."

28 Things From Walmart That'll Organize Every Room In Your Home

2018 is NOT the year we give in to messes.

What Episode Of Your Favorite TV Show Would You Use To Convince Someone To Watch It?

Because, let's be honest, the pilot is RARELY the best episode.

¿Puedes completar estos tuits mexicanos legendarios?

¿Eres un viejo lobo de mar en Twitter o apenas abriste una cuenta?

Seal Mocked Oprah Running For President By Linking Her To Harvey Weinstein

The singer used Instagram to accuse the former talk show host of knowing about producer Harvey Weinstein's many allegations of sexual assault and harassment, but turning a blind eye. Chrissy Teigen then showed up in the comments.

Here's What US Political Leaders Looked Like As Youngsters

Started from the bottom, now the whole team here.

Which Celeb Is Your BFF?

BFFs forever and ever.

19 Things You'll Understand If You Just Really Love Costco

A hotdog and drink with unlimited refills for under $2? Am I dead? Is this heaven?

The Student Loan Default Crisis Is Only Going To Get Worse, Report Finds

Almost 40% of borrowers who entered college in 2004 are likely to default on their loans by 2023, the report predicts.

These 10 Questions Will Reveal What Type Of Mom You'll Be

Are you a helicopter mom or just a hot-mess mom?

Hayley Kiyoko Is Living Her Queer Teenage Dream

On the eve of releasing her debut album, the Disney actor turned quadruple-threat pop star is ready to take her unapologetically queer music to the mainstream.

Watch Celine Dion Give Us All A Lesson In Empathy After A Fan Grabbed Her In The Middle Of Her Concert

"Let me tell you something, I'm glad you came up on stage tonight."

The House Will Vote To Ban Members From Using Taxpayer Money To Settle Sexual Harassment Complaints

Members say they are fast approaching a deal on bipartisan legislation that would prohibit members from using taxpayer dollars to settle sexual harassment complaints and offer new protections for employees. The bill could pass as early as next week.

Brinquedo "educativo" da Fundação Pró-Sangue diz que "jogo acabou" para soropositivo

Autarquia de São Paulo afirmou que ideia era explicar sistema de doação de sangue de maneira didática. Com a acusação de insensibilidade, mandou recolher os jogos.

Everyone Throw Out Your Furniture Because Urban Outfitters Is Having A Home Sale

Just take a deep breath and proceed to buy everything.

27 Awesome Products From Amazon To Put On Your Wish List

A cat cot, felt letter board, holographic nail powder, and 24 other things you’ll want to add to your wish list ASAP.

Sam's Club Workers Are Showing Up For Work Only To Discover That The Stores Have Closed Down

Walmart, which owns Sam's Club, announced on Thursday that they are closing 63 stores nationwide.

Twitter's Idea Of What A Black Hogwarts Would Be Like Is So Funny You'll Scream

"I pull up at the Hall VIP, broomstick on E, but Butterbeers on me."

The 33 Most Exciting New Books Of 2018

Here are the books we can't wait to read in 2018! (Ranked in no particular order.)

Which Fictional Character Do You Think Is The Most Problematic?

"Wow, this character from my fave old show/movie is actually incredibly problematic and I'm just realizing this now." - All of us

How Well Do You Know Your Basic Anatomy?

Paging all you Dr. Greys out there.

15 coisas que você precisa aprender se já tem mais de 30 anos

Não, esta não é uma lista sobre aprender a cozinhar ou falar uma nova língua.

A Trump Tweet Is At The Heart Of The Latest Challenge To Guantánamo Bay Detentions

Thursday marks the 16th anniversary of prisoners arriving at the US military detention facility in Cuba in the aftermath of the Sept. 11 attacks.

19 Situaciones que seguro viviste en la escuela por lo menos una vez

"Todos en esta clase tienen 10... en ustedes está mantenerlo".

The Trump Administration Will Now Allow States To Impose Work Requirements For Medicaid Recipients

For the first time in the five-decade history of Medicaid, states will be able to dictate steps that people must take in order to continue to receive their publicly subsidized health insurance.

Es 2018 y una joven de 23 años está siendo procesada en Baja California porque no quería tener otro hijo

La mujer no está en la cárcel, pero la legislación estatal contempla penas de hasta dos años de prisión para las mujeres que aborten.

Dan Harmon, Creator Of "Community" And "Rick And Morty," Apologizes For "Creepy" Behavior Toward A Female Employee

Harmon admitted to falling in love with a female subordinate, then professionally sabotaging her when she rejected him. The woman, writer Megan Ganz, called Harmon's words "a masterclass in How to Apologize."

Handcuffed Louisiana Teacher Speaks Out

Days after a video went viral of a Louisiana teacher getting handcuffed by an officer at a school board meeting, she is speaking out about her rights.

Walmart Tries To Boost Its Reputation With New Wage Hikes And Paid Maternity Leave

Workers who already make more than $11 will receive a one-time bonus ranging from $200 to $1,000, depending on how long they've been with the company.

These Hockey Players Dragged Winnipeg And It Became A Whole Thing

"I don't know if they have Wi-Fi there yet."

La gente está siendo más micro-infiel que nunca, y esto es lo que eso significa

Hay infidelidad, y hay micro-infidelidad ¯\_(ツ)_/¯.

Black Women Are Speaking Out After Serena Williams Revealed She Faced Life-Threatening Birth Complications

In a Vogue cover story, Williams said doctors initially ignored her concerns when she identified her own symptoms of a pulmonary embolism after giving birth.

15 Things You Need To Know Before Watching ''The Shape Of Water'' By Guillermo Del Toro

Guillermo del Toro left Pacific Rim: Uprising for this film. It was worth it.

50 filmes empolgantes que você precisa assistir

Prepare-se para muita música boa e muito empoderamento feminino!

17 Products That'll Make Your Dog Happy, Safe, And Warm All Winter Long

BuzzFeed staff favorites and top-rated products that'll keep your pup in tip-top shape throughout the winter!

"One Tree Hill" Will Soon Stream On Hulu

BuzzFeed News has learned exclusively that all nine seasons of the popular soap opera will begin streaming on Hulu on Feb. 1. When the show left Netflix in the fall, there was a massive fan outcry.

12 irmãos que demonstraram seu amor pelos caçulas através da ZOEIRA

"Brincava de esconde-esconde com minha irmã mais nova. Ela se escondia e nós íamos ver TV".

The University Of Calgary Says It Can't Expel A Convicted Sex Offender, But Asked Him To Stay Away

Connor Neurauter's sentence was suspended until May so he could finish his school term.

21 coisas horríveis que já aconteceram com mulheres no trabalho

"Meu chefe disse que para manter meu emprego, eu precisava começar a usar vaselina nos dentes, para ter um sorriso de miss."

Trump Expected To Tap Ex-Rumsfeld Adviser For Top Middle East Job

If confirmed, David Schenker will become the first non-career official since the 90s to lead the State Department’s Middle East bureau.

Did You Have A Mental Health Glow-Up?

What's made you stronger, happier, and healthier?

Micro-Cheating Is A New Kind Of Cheating You've Gotta Worry About Now

There's cheating, and then there's micro-cheating.

Senate Report Warns Western Governments Not To Ignore Suspected Russian Hits In Britain And The US

A report by Democrats on a powerful Senate committee has highlighted suspected Russian assassinations in the US and Britain – exposed by BuzzFeed News – as part of the Kremlin’s campaign to undermine Western democracies.

Answer Weird Questions, Get A Weird Pet

All pets are cute. These ones are just ... alternative cute.

Alunos do Rio fazem vaquinha para disputar competição de Harvard e MIT pela 2ª vez seguida

No ano passado, os seis estudantes de ensino médio do Rio foram a equipe da América Latina mais bem colocada na competição de matemática. Agora, eles querem mais.

Mira Sorvino Apologized To Woody Allen's Daughter For Working With Him

Sorvino, who won an Oscar for appearing in Allen's 1995 film Mighty Aphrodite, wrote that she was "a naive young actress" at the time.

All The Best Deals On Amazon Today

Deals on liquid chalk markers, heated massage pillows, unisex fleece boot liners, and more!

12 Surprising Cooking Hacks Using Mayonnaise

It goes way beyond grilled cheese.

Les astuces de cuisine les plus surprenantes (mais bien réelles) que j'ai apprises en 2017

Que ce soit de cuire du chocolat blanc au four ou de griller avec de la mayonnaise.

28 Of The Best Lamps You Can Get On Amazon

Free yourself from the tyranny of overhead lights!

Another Undocumented Teen Says The Trump Administration Is Blocking Her From Getting An Abortion

The courts have already sided with other undocumented teenagers in the same lawsuit, who were able to obtain abortions. But the ACLU is seeking a broader ruling to prevent the Trump administration from blocking any other minors in its custody from getting abortions as well.

This Sorority Girl Tried To Show Some School Spirit And Accidentally Pissed Off The TSA

“I'm just sitting there, almost in tears, like, 'No, I'm just really dumb, I'm not a terrorist!'”

So sehen die Vorstände der 30 deutschen DAX-Konzerne ohne Männer aus

Spoiler: Nur 5 der 30 DAX-Unternehmen haben überhaupt mehr als eine Frau im Vorstand.

Ces frites de légumes sont parfaites pour l'apéro

Une bonne technique pour manger plus de légumes !

23 Times The Internet Proved How Good The World Actually Is

Hey internet, give yourself a pat on the back!

What's Your Favourite Movie Directed By A Woman?

We're looking at you, awards shows.

Dieser Mann soll Flüchtlinge beschützen, hat aber rechtsextreme Facebook-Seiten abonniert

Drei Afghanen wurden in ihrer Unterkunft brutal angegriffen. Jetzt macht eine Bürgerinitiative der Sicherheitsfirma Vorwürfe.

Moira Donegan Says She Is The Woman Who Created The "Shitty Media Men" List

The crowdsourced, viral spreadsheet accused at least 70 men in the industry of sexual misconduct, some of whom resigned or were fired after being investigated.

Trudeau Says Anti-Abortion Groups Are "Not In Line" With Canadian Society

"Women have fought for generations for the right to control their own bodies."

Several People Were Arrested In New York City Protesting The Deportation Of An Immigrant Rights Advocate

The advocates are protesting outside an immigration enforcement building where prominent activist Ravi Ragbir was detained on Thursday.

Quanto você manja de cinema nacional?

Qual desses filmes não tem o Selton Mello?

15 Tips And Tricks To Actually Read More Books In 2018

Become the book reader you've always wanted to be.

Sephora's Weekly Sale Is Here, So Get Your Wallets Ready

Including 30% off a Lancôme set to make prepping your skin for bedtime sooooo much easier.

Das FBI hat ein Gutachten zu den NSU-Morden - und hält es weiterhin geheim

BuzzFeed News Deutschland hat eine Anfrage an den US-Geheimdienst gestellt. Doch das Dokument bleibt geheim.

Solo un experto en Disney Channel de los 00s podrá sacar más de 10 en este quiz

¿Te acuerdas del verdadero nombre de Hannah Montana?

Qual fase da Anitta é você?

O bom é que ela nunca teve uma fase ruim.

How Rude Are Your Texting Habits Really?

Just hope everyone agrees with how you answer these questions.

11 anecdotes sur les comédies françaises qui vont vous faire dire «NAAAAAN ??»

Vous le saviez, vous, que Gérard Jugnot avait fini au poste ?

19 Ways To Take Better Care Of Your Vagina

Let’s talk about what your vagina wants and needs.

30 First Date Stories From Hell That Will Make You Proud To Be Single

"There he was, hanging from the bathroom window trying to escape."

Quantas vezes o racismo te deixou com raiva?

E ainda dizem que é tudo "mimimi".

What Product Does Every Bullet Journaller Need?

*adds three packets of washi tape to basket*

As Many As 300 Managers At BBC News Earn Up To £77,000 Or More, According To A Leaked Document

BuzzFeed News was leaked the document amid a national debate about pay at the BBC.

Here's Why People Are Tweeting A Photograph Of A Little Girl From Pakistan

The body of 7-year-old Zainab was found after she went missing six days ago in Kusa, Pakistan.

15 Useful Products For Anyone Whose Phone Is Always Dying

My phone is 15% charged 100% of the time.

19 photos plus françaises que de manger le croûton de la baguette avant d’être chez soi

Le pays des foires aux escargots et des guillotines à saucisson.

Êtes-vous le connard de votre bureau ?

Si vous ne savez pas qui est le connard de votre bureau, c'est que c'est vous.

Dix bonnes résolutions simples que vous devriez vraiment tester

Cet article s'adresse à tous ceux qui oublient leurs bonnes résolutions au bout d'une semaine.

18 provas de que 1998 foi TUDO na vida de um menino gay

20 anos atrás, conhecíamos Britney Spears, Destiny's Child e renascia a Cher.

Pick Some Food And We'll Give You A Random Film To Watch

Food and movies, what more could you want?

How Many Clues Do You Need To Solve Before You Can Guess The Celebrity?

There's 13 clues, but how many do you need to solve?

Kim Kardashian Just ~Used Her Platform For Good~ In The Absolute Best Way

She filmed the episode in the hope of "shining a light" on LA's homelessness epidemic, and it seems to be paying off.

Eleição 2018 vai ter disputa Suplicy vs. Suplicy pelo Senado em SP

"Não vai ter problema: os meus filhos poderão votar nos dois", disse Eduardo Suplicy, lembrando que, este ano, há duas vagas para senadores.

23 Times Tumblr Made You Pee-Laugh About Food

She wants you to take the chicken out of the freezer... Who?... The mom coming home in 20 minutes reading this.

Você também provavelmente tem medo destas coisas mesmo que não admita

Dormir com o pé para fora da cama e alguém (ou alguma coisa) te pegar.

War dein Studenten-Essen typisch deutscher Durchschnitt?

Diese Gerichte haben dir häufiger den Arsch gerettet als Wikipedia!

34 Cheap Things From Nordstrom You'll Want To Buy ASAP

Chunky beanies, cozy sweaters, amazing blazers, and more! All for under $50.

16 Emotions Every South Indian Who Grew Up In North India Has Felt

You're either "too south Indian" or "too north Indian" ALL THE DAMN TIME.

How Do You Spoil Your Partner On Valentine's Day On A Budget?

For when you want to spoil your partner but you're also broke.

31 Movie Facts That'll Make Every '00s Kid Say "Wait, I Never Knew That"

Rajkumar Hirani wanted to shoot with real cadavers, Anil Kapoor was too hairy for a water fight in Nayak, and Shah Rukh Khan made Farah Khan vomit during "Dard-e-Disco".

28 People Who Really Didn't Understand How The Female Body Works

"I had a boyfriend who thought that, after giving birth, the vagina stayed that stretched out. Like, it was literally just baby-sized for the rest of your life."

23 Gründe, niemals nach Mannheim zu fahren

Mannheim. Das hässliche Ludwigshafen.

Jamie Jones • 1 hour ago

27 Drop Dead Gorgeous Things You Won't Believe You Can Get At Walmart


カップルは必読…! 同棲すると起きる18のこと


Nigel Farage Just Said He Might Back A Second EU Referendum

"We may just finish the whole thing off and Blair can just disappear off into total obscurity."

Voici comment apprendre à vos enfants à ne pas avoir de comportements racistes

Apprendre à ne pas voir la couleur de peau n'est pas la meilleure approche pour élever des enfants antiracistes.

24 Desi Parents From Bollywood That You're Glad Aren't Your Parents

You wouldn't even dare to dream about dating and Goa trips around some of these.

39 leicht seltsame Dinge, die Paare tun, die zusammen wohnen

Du kannst deinen Partner wahnsinnig machen, indem du einen Raum verlässt, ohne das Licht auszumachen.

29 cosas que la gente quiere que sepas sobre sus estrías

"Representan otra parte de mí que se supone que debería 'odiar', pero me niego".

11 Times Rahul Dravid Proved Nice Guys Don't Finish Last

The hero we always need, but don't deserve.

Choose Between These Foods And We'll Reveal Which "Shrek" Character You Are

"You know what else everybody likes? Parfaits!"

L'actrice Danielle Brooks de «Orange Is the New Black» est la meuf la plus badass d'Instagram

«Les meufs : ne vous comparez à personne d'autre... Devenez juste une meilleure version de vous-même !»





Missouri Governor Admits To Affair But Denies Report That He Blackmailed A Woman To Stay Quiet

The governor admitted to having an affair, but denied a local television report that he took a photo during a sexual encounter with the woman in order to blackmail her.

You'll Only Understand All These Things If You've Been In A Relationship For A Long Time

#19 Fighting over how to squeeze the tube of toothpaste.



26 Rules Every Aussie Girl Followed While Shopping At Supre In The '00s

An outfit is always incomplete without a belt.

Confusion Surrounds The Launch Of NSW’s Multimillion-Dollar Cannabis Hotline

"What’s the point of a cannabis GP Hotline when NSW Health won’t let GPs prescribe cannabis?"

Joe Arpaio Still Thinks Obama's Birth Certificate Was Fake

"We have the evidence. No one will talk about it. Nobody will look at it," the former sheriff told CNN Wednesday during an interview about his US Senate run.

Flash Briefing For January 11, 2018

More gender inequality in Hollywood, more Russian hackers, and more “Black Panther” ticket sales.

A Teacher Assigned Fourth-Graders Homework Asking For "Three Good Reasons For Slavery"

"I feel that there is no good reason, that's why I did not write," one student responded.

Lena Waithe Is Making Sure The Time’s Up Movement Is For More Than Just White Women

"You can't have someone like me at the table and me not be a voice for us."

Show Us A Picture Of The Weirdest Place You've Ever Found Your Doppelgänger

Everyone has a doppelgänger...even if it is some random dude from the 1670s.

23 Reasons Why Saxon Switzerland Is THE Hot Instagram Tip

It's like living in Game of Thrones!

今年こそ減量したいあなたに! インスタ・ダイエットのすすめ


Tributes Flow In After 14-Year-Old Face Of Akubra Hats Kills Herself

Amy "Dolly" Everett was the face of iconic Australian hat manufacturer Akubra. She killed herself last week.

The Guy Who Helped Create India’s Controversial National ID Program Leaked His Own Data, And It’s Still Online

Nandan Nilekani, the entrepreneur who helped create Aadhaar, India’s controversial biometric identity program, tweeted his confidential Aadhaar ID three years ago.

Are These Actual Bands Playing Coachella Or Names I Made Up?

"Oh my GAWD, I fucking LOVE Indecisive Meatloaf!"

Just 15 "Would You Rather" Questions About Food That Are Near Impossible for Aussies To Answer

At least we can all agree that we love food, right? *Laughs nervously.*

21 Dishwashers Who Deserve A Big Fucking Raise

Think of the dishwashers for the love of God.



The Best Tweets From CES Were About The Power Outage. Enjoy.

"I'm borderline impressed at this level of irony."

Chris Hemsworth And Margot Robbie Competing To Be Best Australian Is So Damn Funny

Let's face it, they're both pretty great. And by great, I mean hot.

Can You Put This Puzzle Together?

🎵 Piece by piece. 🎵

Ningún partido que compite en el 2018 tiene propuestas para la comunidad LGBT

Ni PAN ni Morena incluyen en su plan de gobierno la diversidad sexual y los derechos de la comunidad LGBT. El PRI los menciona superficialmente.

A Judge Just Ruled Mick Mulvaney Can Continue To Lead The Consumer Financial Protection Bureau

The judge found that Trump had the power to choose an acting director for the consumer watchdog agency and that a lawsuit filed by a bureau official claiming to be the rightful acting head was unlikely to succeed.

Callodehacha asegura que su programa en Radiofórmula acabará este viernes

El periodista Leonardo Curzio tomará una hora de ese espacio. Aún no queda claro qué se trasmitirá en la hora restante de esa barra.

Logan Paul Loses Business Deals With YouTube Amid Outcry Over His "Suicide Forest" Video

YouTube said Paul will not be in the fourth season of Foursome, and "his new Originals are on hold." His channels will also be removed from the Google Preferred platform.

20 Memes That Will Never Not Be Funny To Makeup Lovers

"Do you ever get one wing so flawless, you don't even want to attempt the other one cus same."

Danielle Dithurbide accedió a ser la portada de Quién con la condición de no hablar de “Frida Sofía”

"No tengo absolutamente nada qué ocultar, a pesar de que el reportaje, en teoría, no sería sobre eso, hablé del tema", dijo a BuzzFeed News México.

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