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32 Toys For Kids You'll Still Love As A Grown-Ass Adult

Whose idea was it to grow up?? Not mine.

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We asked the young-at-heart people of the BuzzFeed Community what toys they still love as an adult. From Tamagotchis to Slinkies, these oldies-but-goodies made their way out of their parents' basements and onto your screen.

1. A Nerf Gun to redeem yourself after unfairly losing all of those battles between you and your sibling.

Stoller Global Solutions

"I have a Nerf Gun collection that any 8-year-old would be super jealous of!" —jakem46d5981b6

Get it from Amazon for $12.99 or a similar style from Walmart for $9.97.

2. A stuffed animal, because you'll need help filling the void of your missing childhood friend. Did you get rid of them? Traitor.,

"I still collect stuffed animals and dolls! If it’s cute or pretty I want it! Sometimes I buy the new toys because they are so adorable!!" —Melaniipon

Get them from Amazon: the elephant for $23.50 and the hedgehog for $9.20


3. A set of Legos so you can create a masterpiece and become the next Michelangelo — of your living room.


If you step on one of these, be sure to call 911.

"I LOVE Legos. My boys are such big fans of them and I love it. I look forward to Christmas and their birthdays because I know they are going to get Lego sets. I stay up all night and put them together for them. I even have some of their bigger sets put on shelves just to look at. It's not only me — my dad is 58 and he still loves them too." —ericai5

Get them from Amazon for $6.99+.

4. A Tamagotchi that you really can't kill this time. Please. Have some humanity for this little guy and remember to feed him.


"I ordered a Tamagotchi the other day lol." —Sara Heinemeyer, Facebook

Get it from Amazon for $34.99 or a similar style from Walmart for $34.99.

6. A pack of Silly Putty, a.k.a. the OG fidget spinner. Your hands will never be bored, mainly because this will stick to them forever.


"I absolutely LOVE Silly Putty. I think it’s more entertaining for me as an adult. I use it as my personal stress relief and it helps keep my mind distracted from things like smoking or over-eating. You can do a lot with it so it doesn’t get boring. I've actually fallen asleep with it in my hands because it just produces that comforting distraction from adulthood." — johnedwardc3

Get it from Amazon for $3.42 or a five-pack from Walmart for $4.97.


7. A Marble Run race coaster set so you can turn your apartment into a mini version of Michael Scott's tube city. Without the hamsters, sadly.

"Marble run! It is so stinking fun! I discovered it while nannying, and I could not wait to get it for when my nephews visit. Except it makes several appearances when my nephews aren’t visiting! Seriously, it is so fun to make crazy structures that take up the whole room!" —hannahp46c92b283

Get it from Amazon for $18.99.

8. A Bop It! Twist it! Pull it! Repeat until you faint!


"Bop It! It's always fun trying to beat your high score." —maygenh

The new version has even more challenges! It comes with 10 moves: whip it, drink it, selfie it, hammer it, answer it, cradle it, saw it, sing it, golf it, and comb it. In case you weren't already overwhelmed with the original.

Get the new version on Walmart for $34.99 or the original for $24.29.

10. An action figure that isn't just for decoration but more to create an epic battle while shouting "pew pew!" over and over again.,

"Action figures. Not in a classy adult way where they live in boxes on shelves, but in the fun kid way where I change their poses and weapons and pit them against each other every few days." —venurainie

Get them from Amazon: Wonder Woman for $10.60 or The Hulk for $9.79.


11. An American Girl doll, because I know you still own the matching outfits. Who cares if you won't fit in yours anymore?

American Girl Doll

"American Girl dolls. I don't play with them but I like to sew. I find it therapeutic to make outfits for them." —l4a2f7441e

Get them from Amazon for $59+.

12. A Slinky so you can transform your walkup from an inconvenience into a nostalgic runway. Your lucky neighbors.,

"I keep a Slinky at my desk! It's great to fidget with and my co-workers and I like to see what random office things we can get it to 'walk' down." —e44597165f

Get it from Amazon for $5.27 or Walmart for $5.26.

13. A Breyer horse collectible for anyone who still has their blue riding ribbon pinned above their desk.

Breyer Horses

"I have been collecting Breyer model horses since I was 6. I am 41. I don't buy as many now, but I still love them. One of my favorite Christmas gifts lately was the commemorative model of American Pharaoh they did for the 2015 Triple Crown." —rachelsporyh

Get them from Amazon for $11.75+.


15. A Game Boy, because the '90s are back baby so go play Super Mario Land until your thumbs bleed.


"I’m still completely into my Game Boy!! Playing the old school games are by far way better than the new complicated ones!!" —katie83

Get it from Amazon for $45.94.

16. A Transformers action figure might make you feel like Shia LaBeouf without the chaos and mass destruction.


"Does falling down the rabbit hole of collecting Transformers count? I never got into it as a kid because it was a 'boy thing' and now over the past two years I've accumulated a whole army of those little shits." —neilforreal

Get them from Amazon for $11.60+.

17. A jigsaw puzzle or peg game to refresh your noggin instead of staring at your phone for once. Youths!

18. A Koosh ball that can still stretch a ridiculously long amount — and bounce off of your sibling's head.

"Koosh. They're back in stores again after many years of hiatus and I got some for my kids to play with. That's my story and I'm sticking to it." —t49e12a934

Get a 12-pack from Amazon for $39.90 or Jet for $8.66.


21. A pack of Lincoln Logs to build yourself a house that you can actually afford. It comes without heat or electricity, but beggars can't be choosers.


"I love playing with Lincoln Logs and building cabins." —emilyclairef

Get an 51-piece set from Amazon for $19.99 or Jet for $19.87.

22. A Shopkins play set of teeny characters who come with accessories that basically define kawaii so you can go on a shopping spree without going broke.

"Shopkins and Petkins! They weren't around when I was a kid but my daughter and I can play for hours with those things. She never has to try very hard to talk me into getting her a new set." —farleymalia

Get them from Amazon for $7.69+.


23. A set of Matchbox cars that'll double as accessories for your desk. No one will hear you quietly say "vroom vroom" as you push them around.

"Matchbox cars. I love building the tracks and zooming my, I mean my kids', cars around. Maybe more than they do!" —Mochavelli

Get a nine-pack from Amazon for $9.45.

24. A Barbie doll who'll probably still have a better wardrobe than you. But that's beside the point.


"I love Barbie. I still have all of mine. She taught me I could be anything: a doctor, veterinarian, or teacher." —Venicesurfergirl

Get them from Amazon for $14+.

25. A stress-relieving toy like a fidget spinner or cube to keep you distracted while your boss asks for help with Excel for the 100th time.,

"I'm a 33-year-old secretary for a government office and on my desk I have a fidget spinner, a fidget cube, two Funko Pops, a stuffed Grumpy Cat, a mini Garrus (from Mass Effect), a mini Spider-man, a Space Invader, and a zombie bobble head LOL." —Brandi Williamson Cowing, Facebook

Get them from Amazon: fidget spinner for $14.99 or fidget cube for $7.99

26. A set of My Little Ponies, because 2017 may be over, but 2018 will probably also make you want a magical escape.


"I still play with My Little Pony toys. I'm 28 and still a kid at heart." —Tammy Taitt, Facebook

Get a ten-pack from Amazon for $14.47.


27. A Squishable so you have something to cuddle with every night, even if it does make you big spoon.

"I'm a huge fan of Squishables! They're this line of giant spherical stuffed animals. They're so cute and excellent as a pillow to lean on or hug when you're a little sad. They are also a great gift for people of all ages who love cute things." —tishalong

Get the hamburger from Amazon for $19.49 or other styles for $18.99+.

29. A Nintendo 2DS to help you avoid eye contact on the subway and focus on all things Mario.


"Not sure if this counts, but I bought myself a Nintendo 2DS last summer. It's ridiculous how much I love it." —Colleen Sweeney, Facebook

Get it from Amazon for $149.99.

30. A classic board game that'll still entertain you and your friends — and spark at least one tantrum.,

"I'm 21 and I still routinely get board games for Christmas. I just love collecting board games — they're always fun for the whole family." —sarahh4a49a63f7

Get them from Amazon: Clue for $8.77 or Candy Land for $12.99


32. A Dragon Ball Z action figure to effectively battle boredom in the real world.,

"I still have DBZ action figures that serve more as home decor. I scream at my nieces and nephews, 'My toys are not playthings! GAH BLESS IT!!'" —Ynez Parlan, Facebook

Get them from Amazon: Shokugan Shodo for $29.94 or Super Saiyan Vegeta for $42.50

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