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Here's The Coolest Feminist Merch That You Can Get On Etsy Right Now

Since you know that revolution's gotta be properly accessorized.

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3. This Pussyhat pin, to carry on the powerful legacy from last year's Women's March:

BeadoloFlute / Via

Wear it to this year's protests, especially if your knit hat didn't do so well on that gentle wash cycle... Get it from BeadoloFlute for $12.


5. This Wonder Woman pin, for keeping your (s)heroes close to the heart:

ImBookishAndBakewell / Via

Get it from ImBookishAndBakewell for $9.47. Side note: but does anyone else still get emotional watching this vid of Gal Gadot and a slightly smaller Wonder Woman interacting??

8. This deck of "Kween" playing cards, which flips the genders on the king and queen cards.

KweenCards / Via

It's billed as "the first playing cards in history where women are not outranked by men," which means that your War game is about to get a major progressive upgrade. Get it from KweenCards for $20.


9. This Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie quote poster:

CreationsbyCaralena / Via

This Etsy shop also has quote posters for Roxane Gay, Serena Williams, and ruth Bader Ginsburg, if ya wanna make a set out of it. Get it from CreationsbyCaralena for $18.


14. This not-so-retro "Life is Swell" print:

exbf / Via

Love that 1960s domestic aesthetic but not so much the 1960s gender norms? Let us refer you to this most excellent gender roles reversal print. Get it from exbf for $16.

16. This print-your-own intersectionality poster:

MicDropDesignOz / Via

It's available for an instant digital download, which means you can print it in whatever size you need to get the message across. Get it from MicDropDesignOz for $6.

18. And finally, this historic suffragettes protest poster:

HistoricalPix / Via

It's adapted from the official program cover for the woman suffrage procession in Washington, D.C., on March 3, 1913. Get it from HistoricalPix for $29.