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16 WTF Moments From Indian Reality TV Shows That Left You Shook

Will Smith singing "Aati Kya Khandala" — check. Dolly Bindra screaming her lungs out — check. And "HOW CAN SHE SLAP" — check.

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2. When Annu Kapoor went ham on Kunal Kohli for not giving extra points for the performance of a patriotic song on Ek Se Badkar Ek: Chota Packet Bada Dhamaka.


7. When a contestant got disgruntled over not being selected, abused the judges and lost his shit on Dance India Dance.


14. While Sach Ka Saamna was usually unnerving, it was this episode with Vinod Kambli that had people filing notices against it.


Plus, questions like, "Have you ever made fun of your wife, Andrea, behind her back?" and "Do you believe that Sachin could have done more to save you from your self-destructive behaviour?"